A Separate Peace chapter 13 vocab

Topics: Henry VIII of England, English Reformation, Robert Aske Pages: 1 (603 words) Published: October 23, 2014
The Act of Supremacy in 1543 made an abundance of people irate, this anger resulted in the Pilgrimage of Grace taking place. There were many people that opposed this movement and many that favored it. The Oath of Honorable Men (doc.1) shows a goal of the Pilgrimage of Grace. It states how you cannot enter the pilgrimage for worldly gain but only for your love of God. It also states, and to expel evil counselors which was a clear goal of The Pilgrimage of Faith. The best way to figure the cause of a movement is to read and understand its oath. A letter written to the king by Robert Aske (doc 5) shows the grievance they want addressed. One of these demands are for the supreme head of the church to be the pope. This is an issue with the King because the pope would not grant him a divorce, therefore the pope cannot be head of the church. By understanding this document we know the problems that Robert Aske had with the king. When King Henry VIII became head of The Church of England, catholic churches started losing land and were Robbed, spoiled, and shorn Of cattle and corn. (doc 4) This was explained by catholic monks. Later in this document it says how they were shorn of their houses and lands. This shows how hostile the king was towards the catholic church after they did not allow him to get a divorce. King Henry VIII was taxing anybody and anything he could according to Robert Aske. Any monies earned from abbey lands are now going to the king. Sea walls, dikes, bridges, and high walls that were once maintained by the monasteries for the good of the Commonwealth are now left untended. (doc. 11) These two quotes show the problems and how corrupt England was under King Henry VIII. Even though he taxed everything, he still couldnt maintain simple things like sea walls, dikes, bridges, and high walls. This is yet another reason why the people rebelled. Richard Mcrisson, writes hired by Thomas Cronwell (doc 7) did not agree with the normal people that rebelled....
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