Change Management

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Organisation Development and Change Chapter 1
A General Introduction to OD

Give, integrate, and practically apply a comprehensive and systematic knowledge base of key terms, principles and theories in change management and organisational development; •Mastery of the application of research methods, techniques and technologies appropriate to change management and organisational development as well as to undertake research and write up a research report under supervision; •Identify, gather, organize, critically analyse, evaluate, interpret, and deal with data on complex and/or real world problems and issues in the work context, drawing systematically and creatively on the theory, research methods and literature of change management and organisational development; Module Outcomes

Use advanced information retrieval skills such as identification, critical analyses, synthesis and independent evaluation of quantitative and/or qualitative data as well as to undertake a study of the literature and current research in the field of change management and organisational development •The capacity to operate effectively individually as well as a group member using change management and organisational development knowledge and theories against the background of code of conduct of the discipline in a complex, ill defined context •Use Breakthrough Thinking and Polarity Management to solve problems and manage polarities (dilemmas) and provide an overview of future OD issues and polarities globally, but specifically in South Africa Learning objectives

After completion of this study section the student should be able to: –Define Organisational Development (OD) –Recognize the need for change –Highlight the relevance of OD –Discuss the goals of OD programmes –Distinguish between OD, change management, and organisational change –Distinguish between reactive and proactive approach to change –Distinguish between organisation reform and organisation transformation

Provide a brief discussion on the history / evolution of OD Something to think about ...
 “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, But where he stands in times of challenge and controversy” – Martin Luther King Jr.  “Change is the essence of growth; growth is the essence of life; CHANGE is LIFE” - unknown Introduction: Changes over recent years

Mobile phones sold –0 = 1982 compared to 4 million in 1995 – Today? •Cost of computing drops 30% every year and – microchipsdoubleinperformance-18months •First industrial robot was introduced in the 1960’s – By1982 •32 000 were in use in the USA - today there are over 20 million •Of the largest 100 UK companies in 1965 –only 32 remained on that list in 1995

In 1945 45 % of UK employees worked in manufacturing – andin1996itaccountsforlessthan22% •

Market demand
– demand decline for certain products
Market supply
– mergers in retail companies
• Technological – increased availability
(new tech.)
• Political – changes in leadership of
• Environment – earthquakes, fire, flood,
storms – “green” movement
Managing change: Forces acting on organisations
• Economic
– Changes: exchange rates • Social
– changes in taste (health consciousness)
Environmental pressures for change
• Fashion pressures • Mandatedpressures • Geopoliticalpressures • Marketdeclinepressures • Hypercompetitionpressures • Reputation and credibility pressures Organisational pressures for change
• Growth pressures
• Integration and collaboration pressures
• Identity pressures
• New broom pressures
– New brooms (are) • Likely to be able to generate energy for change • Unhampered by adherence to past practices / successes • Can focus on problems - not mentioned = sacred cows • Able to tackle problems – not part in that problem • Power and political pressures

Definition: Organisation Development
“Organisation development is ... – a system wide application and – transfer...
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