Roles of Mangers and Individuals

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Roles of Managers and Individuals Paper
Ellen Wilcox
October 6, 2014
Anthony Interlandi
Roles of Managers and Individuals Paper
Change occurs in an organization most often as a reaction to internal or external pressures. Creating change in an organization is a process and requires structure to make change happen. Change can come in the form of policies, procedures, structures and systems. Assessing the roles of managers, individuals, and two types of change agents will be examined, as well as the manager’s role in combating resistance and championing change. Various Roles of Manager’s and Individuals

Change management can be viewed from two perspectives the management team that is initiating organizational change and from the recipients of change. Views of change management vary dramatically between the executives demanding the change versus the front- line employee who may be unsure why a change is needed. There are six images of managing change; each provides a different approach, change director, navigator, caretaker, coach, interpreter, and nurturer. It is the role of the change management team to decide which tool and technique will be used to achieve the desired results. The manager must plan for change, manage and reinforce change, manage resistance, create training and educational programs, and create incentive and recognition programs. Strong leadership skills and communication plans are important for the success of change. Individual’s roles are to keep an open mind and understand the vision as expressed by the organization. Individuals should involve themselves and work toward the common goal of the organization. They can do so by assisting in the control of their areas. Front-line workers should remain active and supply feedback to their superiors in the change process.

Change Agents
“A change agent is anyone who has the skill and power to...

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