Cell Organelle Chart (Structure/Function)

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Relationship between S/F


- Nucleus composed of chromatin, nucleoplasm, a nucleolus, and a nuclear envelope - Has large pores (nuclear pores/nuclear envelope)
- Nuclear envelope has a double membrane
- Diameter of 5 micrometers
- spherical shape

- controls all cell activity by directing which enzymes are made for specific functions - stores the genetic material of the cell (DNA)
- directs the chemical reactions in cells by transcribing genetic information from DNA into RNA (called DNA replication) - DNA replication allows cells to transfer information from one cell to the next during replication.

- Nuclear envelope is the gateway to the cell (also known as nuclear pores)and allows substances (such as vital proteins) to enter and exit the nucleus


- super microscopic - composed of DNA (looped around histone proteins) - thread like material (that coils to form chromosomes)
- immersed in nucleoplasm

- packages and winds DNA up
- chromatin plays a role in mitosis
- DNA replication
- prevents DNA damage
- controls gene expression
- Chromatin’s thin threadlike structure helps it undergo mitosis where it forms into chromosomes. - packages and winds DNA up so that it has a smaller volume. A smaller volume allows the DNA to fit in the cell


- Usually in the form of chromatin
- Composed of DNA
- Set number per species (ex. 23 pairs for humans)

- Contains and stores genetic information
- package DNA during nuclear division
- responsible and essential for replication, division and creation of daughter cells, that contain correct sequences of DNA and proteins

- Due to the fact that chromosomes are made of chromatin, they are able to unravel during mitosis and DNA replication


- largest structure in nucleus
- located in the center of the nucleus

- produces rRNA where...
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