Biology Analogy

Topics: Cell, Endoplasmic reticulum, Lysosome Pages: 15 (287 words) Published: December 4, 2014
Nucleus Nuclear Envelope

Chromosomes Endoplasmic Reticulum

Golgi Lysosomes Vacuoles

Mitochondria Cell Membranes

Cell Wall White House Airplanes

Humans Subways UPS/Mail

Restaurants Landfills Power Plants

Borders Government
U.S v Cell

The Nucleus's function is to control the cell.
The White House is similar to the
Nucleus because the president
controls the U.S in the White House.

The Nuclear Envelope's
function is to allow material
to enter and leave the cell.

Airplanes are similar because
they allow humans to enter and
leave the U.S.

The function of the Chromosome is
to carry hereditary information for traits.

Humans are similar because they
contain the hereditary information
for the next generation.

The ER's function is a network of
canals to carry proteins.

Subways are similar because they
are a network of canals to carry humans.

The function of the Golgi is to
package and modify proteins
for export in vesicles.

UPS and Mail are similar because
they package things to export
to other people around the U.S.

Lysosomes function is to break down
materials with enzymes.

Restaurants are similar because
people digest foods in resturants.

Vacuoles function is to store food,
water, and waste.

Land Fills are similar because they
store waste and trash that the U.S has
The Mitochondria's function is to
produce energy.

Power Plants are similar because
they produce energy to provide
for homes and other places.

Cell membranes function is to regulate
what enters and leaves the cell.

The Borders are similar because they
regulate who enters and leaves the U.S.

The Cell Wall's function is to provide
structure and support of the cell

The government is similar because
the government provides support and
structure for people to live by.
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