Biology Lab for Mitosis and Meiosis

Topics: Chromosome, Mitosis, DNA Pages: 3 (474 words) Published: April 9, 2013
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1. List two events which occur during prophase of mitosis:
1. An aster is formed by fibers radiating from the centrioles of the cell. 2. Chromosomes are formed when the chromatin threads coil and then condense, and these chromosomes are two identical chromatids bound together by a centromere.

2. What is the main occurrence involving the chromosomes during anaphase?
 The main occurrence involving the chromosomes during the anaphase is known as the splitting apart of the centromere of the chromatids splitting to create a single chromosome which possess a single DNA molecule.

3. What is the term for the DNA form in a nucleus when a cell isn’t undergoing mitosis (ie when a cell is in interphase)? The term for the DNA form in a nucleus when a cell isn’t undergoing mitosis is known as chromatin.

4. Why is mitosis important for multicellular organisms?
 Mitosis is important for multicellular organisms for many reasons. For an example, one reason is that wounds and cuts can be healed and repaired by adding new cells in the cell division. Another reason is so that chromosomes are equally distributed among two daughter cells which helps in maintaining the similar amount of genetic material in all the body cells.

5. List one way mitosis and meiosis are similar.
 One way mitosis and meiosis are similar are that they are both types of cell division, and both produce new cells. They can do this process by going through the same exact stages which are known as prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase, except mitosis goes through the phases once and meiosis does so twice.

6. List three ways mitosis and...
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