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Topics: Problem solving, Logic, Diagram Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: December 9, 2013
Number system is one topic that is ubiquitous in CAT. Number system is one topic which finds universal application and its concepts are used in almost all the topics. Keeping its importance in mind, make sure you study its concept in details and use as much reference material as possible. We have provided a list of books you can use. Refer to these books and online resources to learn more. We have uploaded some Concept Notes for the topic here. Make sure you refer to these and explore the topics given here further. Please keep in mind that these are introductory articles and you would need to work further on these topics. We will be constantly adding more articles on the topic. Please feel free to pass your suggestions. The first type of questions we explore in this section are based on various seating arrangements and what would be the sequence of individuals in any such arrangement. The trick to solve this questions is to make a small diagrammatic representation of the given problem and then to fill in the information given. This is the flowchart approach to solve these questions and this works best. Solving these questions verbally can leave you in a tangle. So make sure you draw a small little diagram every time you solve these sets.Explore the logical reasoning sets here. Though a topic that does not directly appear in CAT, puzzles form an important part of a student’s preparation strategy. Solving a lot of puzzles will definitely enhance your logical reasoning abilities and these one-question problems can actually act as stepping stones for solving full-fledged LR sets. Explore some puzzles here.
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