Capital Facilities and Land Use Planning

Topics: General obligation bond, Revenue bond, Land use planning Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: June 9, 2013
PPD 244 – Land Use Policy 5/21/13 10:44 AM
- aligning land use planning policy with capital facilities policy - “adequate public facilities ordinances (APFO),” or, “concurrency” | coordinating growth so it occurs at the same time as facilities expansion PROCESS

1. ID areas of development priority (boundaries, tiers, zones) 2. Capital Improvements Program (CIP) | how are we getting the money and how we are going to spend it | water, sewer, parks, schools, highwaysbig ticket items * 1 and 2 are linked through APFRO/Concurrency | existing and programmed facilities * similar to Ramapo and Montgomery County

- urban growth boundaries
- using capital facilities to guide where growth goes
- if you don’t guide this  scatteration, traffic congestion, schools with too many students, water problems, etc. * capital facilities = infrastructure
- levels of service is a supply measure that tells us the capacity/quality of service that we want to maintain in our city SUPPLY
**Refer to handout about standards**
- use gallons per capita per day for water demand ; usually 150 gallons per capita per day ; all water used in a city divided by person ; includes water demand 55 gallons for domestic use, 20 , 50 for commercial use, 25 for public/miscellaneous use - wastewater is about 60-75% of the water demand

- coordination between water district and wastewater district Transportation
- Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZ): 1. Trip generation  2. Trip distribution  3. Modal split  4. Trips assignment - Trip generation handbook (national)
- borrowing money through municipal bonds
- govt. should borrow money to pay for huge items that take a long time to build and whose benefits take a long time to accrue • municipal bonds are tax-exempt | advantage to purchasers | interest is tax-free • city pays back principal + interest to purchaser over a long period of time | pays over 20-30 (long time) years...
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