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Dortione Brown
Write for college October 11, 2012
The effect of a longer school day
The effect of a longer school day can be painful for students but for teachers as well. Extending the school means more teaching and learning to be involved. According to the dropout rate article “Extending the school would continue to raise the dropout out rate throughout Chicago because kids wouldn’t want to go to school for longer hours”. Others think student’s grades will rise and that the learning that they are getting will be helpful for the future. Making the school day longer will increase the minutes an each class and the learning for students will double and lead to more students out the streets and grades rising also they believe that will increase the number of students graduating. However there are believers who think that will take an whole on students who work and by the time students get out of school they will be worn out. During the longer school day teachers will need to find lesson that motivates students to do that work and find a way how they can relate what they are teaching to student’s lives. A longer school day will put mostly pressure on teachers because they have to stay after longer an most teachers have families to take care and pick up throughout the day an that might mess up their schedule with their families and love ones. In order to make the longer school day effective and not increase the dropout rate teachers and administration would have to make learning more interesting that students will really enjoy coming to school to learn and come to school every day.

Key words
The key words I use to help me find quality research about the effect of an longer school day were teacher preparation of a longer school hours, the effect of longer school day hours, and teacher motivation.

Source 1
Author Steve Chapman
Main idea the age of dropout
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