Business System Analysis and Design Notes

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Data flow diagram, Use case Pages: 5 (1481 words) Published: March 22, 2013
*IS:arrangement of people,data,processes,information technology that interact to collect,process,provide as output the info needed to support the organization. Types of IS: TPS,MIS,decision support system,communications and collaboration system,expert system, office automation system & executive info system

Types of Stakeholders:System owners (middle and executive managers, supervisors),System users (clinical& service workers,technical and professional workers; suppliers,customers,employees),System Builders (network admin,security admin,data base programmer,system programmer),System Designers (web archs,graphic artists,network architectures),External service provider (sales engineers, technology engineers, system consultants),Project manager,System analyst:is a problem solver,he/she studies business probs and opportunities,then transform them into info that will be used by technical specialists.

System analyst:specialist who studies problems and needs of an organization to determine how people,data,processes and info technology can best accomplish improvements for the business.

Skills by System Analyst:Working knowledge of information technology(The analyst must be aware of both existing and emerging information technologies),Computer programming, experience and expertise,General business knowledge,General problem-solving skills,Good interpersonal communication skills,Good interpersonal relations skills,Flexibility and adaptability,Character and ethics.

*Info sys architecture:provides a foundation for organizing various components of any info sys you care to develop.a unifying framework into which various stakeholders with different perspectives can organize and view the fundamental building blocks of information systems.

Views of knowledge
System owners view: Interested not in raw data but in information.(Business entities and business rules) System users’view: View data as something recorded on forms,stored in file cabinets,recorded in books and spreadsheets,or stored on computer.Focus on business issues as they pertain to data.Data requirement System designers’ view: Data structures,database schemas,fields,indexes,and constraints of particular database management system (DBMS). System builders’ view: SQL,DBMS or other data technologies

Views of process
System owners’view:Concerned with high-level processes called business functions.A cross-functional information system System users’view:Concerned with work that must be performed to provide the appropriate responses to business events.Business processes,Process requirements,Policy,Procedure, Work flow System designers’view:Concerned with which processes to automate and how to automate them.Software specifications System builders’view:Concerned with programming logic that implements automated processes.Application program,Prototyping

Views of communication
System owners’ view: Who?Where?What?
System users’ view: Concerned with the information system’s inputs and outputs. System designers’ view: Concerned with the technical design of both the user and the system-to-system communication interfaces. System builders’ view: Concerned with the construction, installation, testing and implementation of user and system-to-system interface solutions *Basic principles of system development: Get the system users involved. Use a problem-solving approach. Establish phases and activities.Document through development. Establish standards. Manage the process and projects. Justify systems as capital investments. Don’t be afraid to cancel or revise scope. Divide and conquer. Design systems for growth and change. The need to improve: Performance Info Eco/controlcosts Control/Security Efficiency Service Phases for system development: scope definition, problem...
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