Identifying and Describing Information Systems

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Identifying and Describing Information Systems
James Horcher
March 10, 2010
Sriram Rajagopalan

In order to describe and identify an information system it is necessary to define what an information system is. According to The Database Company an information system is “a database within a computer system that has the ability to gather and provide meaningful information.” (, 2006) This information does include all departments of a business community. In order to include all aspects of the business the information system used must have different applications for different departments and also different level of security. A Manufacturing department would use an application that keeps track of the parts used, quantity of finished product and maintenance schedule of the Manufacturing department. If parts used are not being kept track of, this would result in raw material shortages. Machinery to produce a final product may break down due to the fact that routine maintenance is not completed in a timely manner. The Accounting department uses a different application of the information system. This application keeps track of cost of supplies, utilities paid, finished product costs, and the like. If these costs are not maintained the business would soon go out of business due to cost overruns. The Shipping department would use an application that keeps track of shipments in and out of the business. This would help if shipments were damaged, late or lost. An example of this would be that supplier A has shipped needed supplies a week ago and the supplies have not arrived at this point. The shipping department can use their part of the application to track where the shipment is, and when it would possibly arrive. HR would use an application to keep track of information about employees, taxes, benefits, salaries, etc. The different types of application that HR...
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