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1.1 Origin of the Report
This report has been assigned by Ms. Homayara L. Ahmed, Course instructor, Manpower Planning and Policy to be submitted on January 19th 2007.

1.2 Objectives
The primary objectives of this report are
1)To forecast the total human resource requirement of GrameenPhone up to 2015. 2)To apply different statistical techniques to predict human resource of the organization. 3)Measure the importance of such a system in the development of the human resource of the business organization

1.3 Scope
Human Resource Management is practiced in our country in different names such as Administration, Personnel Administration, and Human Resource Management etc. The area of discussion of this report is to predict human resource need of GrameenPhone (GP) in a local environment. The forecasting is done up to year 2015.

1.4 Methodology
1.4.1 Theoretical Part
The theoretical part of this report was prepared with the help of different Human Resource Management/Personnel Management text books. The main focus of this report is on real HRM practices though the theoretical discussion came only to fulfill the objectives.  1.4.2 Empirical Part

Information for the empirical part of the report was collected from primary as well as from secondary sources. In conducting the study and analyzing the data we have followed a deductive approach. Oral interviews were used as the data-collection instrument. The collected data were fed into computer and analysis was done with the help of computer through SPSS package.  

1.4.3 Data Collection Method
This report is based on primary data collected through face to face interviews with the contact person. Secondary data collected from publications of GP, found in GP library were also used. These publications proved to be a good source of information. A questionnaire was also used to gather required information about the organization. Textbooks from IBA, Dhaka University libraries and handouts given by the course instructor were mainly consulted in understanding different theories and principles and formulating questions. In these ways relevant information were collected then first organized and then analyzed to draw conclusions.

1.5 Limitations
a)We used regression analysis to forecast the total human resource of GrameenPhone. We assumed that human resource depends on time since the firm is still in growth stage and will be in this stage for next few years. b)We assumed that turnover depends upon number of employees of the organization. c)It was presumed that the proportion of human resources of different departments will be the same in future. d)In our study the part-time employees and the interns were not considered. Their presence may modify the workforce requirement. Chapter-2

Industry Overview
2.1 Telecom Industry around the world:
Worldwide mobile usage has been increasing since people came to realize its usefulness in day to day life. With the increase of demand the business growth went up rapidly and the size of industry has gone bigger than any other industries people traditionally could think of.

Figure-1: Growth of Telecom Industry forecasted to 2015

Fixed line growth
1980-90 = 54%
1990-00 =100%
2000-05 = 20%
2005-10 (expected) = 20.8%
2010-15 (expected) = 28%

Mobile growth
2000-05 = 49%
2005-10 (expected) = 172%
2010-15 (expected) = 35.4%

2.2 Telecom Industry in Bangladesh:
Telecom services used to be providing by Exclusively Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board (BTTB) – a Govt. Functionality. For cellular /mobile telephone, the following private companies have been allowed to operate Pacific Bangladesh Telecom Ltd.

GrameenPhone Ltd.
Sheba Telecom (Now Banglalink)
Telecom Malaysia International Ltd. (AKtel)
TeleTalk (BTTB Mobile)
In 2005 the total Telecom industry base was of 8.2 Million customer where the market players had shares like following.

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