Four Dimensions of Human Resource Management Practice

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Managing the human resource environment
Human resource environment is a great factor which can directly affects employee's morale and productivity if not properly managed. After internal and external environmental factors are well taken care of, employee can concentrate on their task at hand. A positive and friendly environment makes work more enjoyable for the employee and it help to develop sense of belonging to the organization.

Areas of the management of human resource environment includes Strategic human resource management which combined human resource practices with organization's business policies to helps the organization to achieve it's goal. It involves a pattern of planned human resource deployment and activity which can improved the organization's productivity.

Next, we need to ensure that the organization's human resources management practices are complied with federal, states and country's law. As the organization is set-up for business. Policies are being developed to support it's operations. We need to determined if these policies are legal with the legislative and regulatory agencies of the country. This is critical to the organization as legal issues can affects organization's operation and become a burden to organization's success and survival.

Lastly, we look at design and review of jobs that can motivates and satisfies the employee and therefore, increasing productivity and maximizes customer service with better quality of work. With motivated and satisfied employee, there will not be much changes of the company's human resource as people are happy with their work and unlikely to leave the organization. This result in a reduction in resources need to train new employee annually.

Acquiring and preparing human resources
As customer needs for new product and services, organizations need to forecast the number of employees need and type of workers that meets the demand. Organization have to measure it's present human resources...
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