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Golden Rules of Safety

Golden Rules of Safety
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1. Purpose of the Golden Rules of Safety
The Golden Rules of Safety address the eight highest risk activities, that as a company, we perform. Many of our 2000 incidents directly involved these areas. The purpose behind the Golden Rules is to provide employees and contractors with a comprehensive understanding of these risk areas. The Golden Rules are standards that we will not violate. By enforcing and emphasizing these areas, added awareness and understanding of the hazards will be developed.

2. Eight Golden Rules Basis
At the center and embedded in the eight Golden Rules is the understanding that all activities must be done in accordance to our safety principles, policies and elements of Getting HSE Right (gHSEr).

1. BP’s safety policy states no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. This is accomplished through our 13 elements of gHSEr. All 13 elements play an important role in ensuring a safe work place and compliance with the Golden Rules However, the most applicable gHSEr elements are shown below. • Element 2 – Risk Assessment and Management

Management of risk is a continuous process and the cornerstone of all the HSE Elements. We continuously identify the hazards and assess the risks associated with our activities.  In addition, we take appropriate action to manage the risks and thus prevent or reduce the impact of potential accidents or incidents. This is done through Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Project HSE Reviews (PHSER), planning the well on paper, pre-tour meetings and discussions of simultaneous operations. In addition, this includes ensuring the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment for all tasks. • Element 3 - People, Training and Behaviors

This element states : People’s behavior is critical to bp’s success; therefore, our workforce is carefully selected and trained, and their skills and competencies regularly assessed. Personnel are properly trained and competent to perform the task.

The minimum training required for traveling offshore for contractors working more than 12 days for bp and all GOM bp employees is water survival and an orientation for working offshore and a helicopter briefing.

The complete training requirements vary depending on the job that will be performed.

Everyone working on our locations should be trained and familiar with behavior based safety. The behavior based program used on our operated facilities is the DuPont STOP program. This program emphasizes the importance of make observations about safe and unsafe behaviors. Paramount to this program is the responsibility of everyone on our location to stop any job if they feel it is not safe.

• Element 11 - Crisis and Emergency Management
Emergency management plans are maintained to cover all of our facilities, locations and products. These plans identify equipment, training and personnel necessary to protect the workforce, customers, public, and bp’s reputation in the event of an incident.

Examples of how the Golden Rules will impact our day to day operations The following outline each of the 8 Golden Rules and gives examples of how they impact day to day operations are outlined in the pages that follow. [pic]

The Permit to Work Golden Rule states:

|Before conducting work that involves confined space entry, work on energy systems, ground disturbance in locations where| |buried hazards may exist, or hot work in potentially explosive environments, a permit must be obtained that : | | | |defines the scope of work | |identifies all hazards and...
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