Apol Quiz 7

Topics: Jesus, Qur'an, Islam Pages: 3 (477 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Quiz 7
Question 1
3 out of 3 points
Christian “faith” is best described as a blind leap.
Selected Answer:​False
Question 2
3 out of 3 points
Islam was founded by:
Selected Answer:​Muhammad
Question 3
3 out of 3 points
To be an effective witness a person must have formal Bible college training. Selected Answer:​False Question 4
3 out of 3 points
Muslims believe that the Bible was corrupted by Jews and Christians Selected Answer:​True
Question 5
3 out of 3 points
Evangelism and apologetics are both grounded in the divine commandment found in Matt 28:19 (The Great Commission). Selected Answer:​True
Question 6​
3 out of 3 points
When sharing the Gospel Christians should take time to listen the person to better understand their life situation. Selected Answer:​True
Question 7
3 out of 3 points
It is the Holy Spirit that convicts the unbeliever’s heart. Selected Answer:​True
Question 8
3 out of 3 points
Muhammad’s visions would eventually be compiled into Islam’s sacred text, the Qur’an (Koran). Selected Answer:​True
Question 9
3 out of 3 points
Christians do not need to be concerned about the manner in which they present the gospel message. Selected Answer:​False
Question 10
3 out of 3 points
_____________________ literally means to give a reason for our faith. Selected Answer:​Apologetics
Question 11
3 out of 3 points
Sharing the gospel message requires a lot of details and therefore you should always allow at least 30 minutes. Selected Answer:​False
Question 12
3 out of 3 points
A godly person is someone who is willingly submissive to God’s ways. Selected Answer:​True
Question 13
3 out of 3 points
People can have saving faith without understanding the gospel. Selected Answer:​False
Question 14
3 out of 3 points
In Islam, Jesus is considered to be a prophet but not the Son of God. Selected Answer:​True
Question 15
3 out of 3 points
Teaching or sharing biblical truth is beneficial to our spiritual lives Selected...
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