Study Guide Week 3

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Module/Week 3: Mankind and Sin

Textbook Readings:

Towns: Chs. 8 & 10

Chapter 8
1.What point does the author illustrate with an elephant and 4 blind men? …Comparing it to the way people describe and see life and the world

2.Do Moslem leaders claim that Christianity and Islam are alike in that Allah was “the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ?”


3.What are the 4 questions that Darwinians have not been able to answer?

-Where is the missing link
-How can man evolve to be the apex of living beings if the fact suggest the process of evolution goes the other way -Where life originated.
-Refuse to believe or even explore data that suggest intelligent design.

4.What question did the old Presbyterian catechism address first?

-What is the chief end of man? Answer: To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

5.What do Christians believe the source of suffering to be?

-Conditions in this world, not from God.

6.What two reasons does the author suggest that we can know that Christianity actually explains life as we know it?

1-Christianity is a consistent belief system. It answers all the questions of life and answers perfectly correspond to one another. 2-Christianity is a belief syatem that provides satisfying life systems for all who follow Jesus Christ and it works in all cultures of the world.

Chapter 10
1.What is the relationship to works and salvation?

Faith is prompted by God’s love to do good works.

2.Why do Christians do good works?

1-The love of God
3-The command from the Bible

Etzel & Gutierrez: Chs. 11–15

1.Does the image of God refer to something a human is or something a human does?

Something a human is

2.Being created in the image of God should help to point one another to whom?

King of Kings

3.Is the image of God mentioned in both the Old Testament and the New Testament?


4.What ideas are included in the six different Greek words in the New Testament that talk about sin?

Theses words include the ideas of missing the mark, trespassing against someone else, doing something that is wicked, and failing to perform an obligation. The most popular is the word Hamartia, which means to “miss the mark”.

5.What does the heart represent in the Bible?

The heart stands for the inner being of man, the man himself.

6.What are the three aspects of the human personality?

The intellect
The emotion
The will

Online Excerpts:

"The Fall of Man"

1.Satan began his temptation of Eve by placing doubt in her mind concerning what?

The word of God and then bringing her to the point of outright disobedience.

2.T/F: Prior to the Fall recorded in Genesis 3, Adam and Eve were all-knowing.


3.How much time did Adam and Even spend in Eden before they sinned?

Scripture does not tell us. Possibly only several days.

4.What did Adam and Even do when God began to question them concerning their sin?

They passed off the responsibility to someone else. Adam blamed Eve, she in turn blamed the serpant.

5.When Satan tempted Even in the garden, he appealed to what three avenues of temptation?

-The lust of the flesh
-The lust of the eyes.
-The lust of life.

"Origin of Humanity"—Pg. 556–560

1.What are 4 reasons to question evolution?

1, This theory of evolution, though often presented as fact, is up to this present time only an unverified hypothesis.

2, Science has utterly failed to discover any missing links between man and the supposed animals from which he originated.

3, Furthermore, evolutionist argue that evolutionary trends occur through the process of mutation.

4, Scientists have utterly failed to demonstrate or identify the origin of life (organic) from inorganic substances.

2.What is the difference between an open and closed system? (Evolution) Man desended generally from the lower primates through natural...
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