AP I exam study guide

Topics: DNA, Cell, Gene Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: August 25, 2013
AP I exam study guide

1.Define: anatomy, physiology, ion, homeostasis, replication, translation, transcription, triplet, codon, gene. 2.List and define the organizational hierarchy of matter (cells, tissue, organs etc) 3.Be familiar with electron shells and be able to determine how many electrons would be in the outer shell of an atom. 4.List and describe the properties of water and explain their importance for living organisms. 5.Be familiar with the pH scale and state the pH of the human body. 6.Know the components of the plasma membrane.

7.List the inorganic molecules.
8.List the organic molecules, their structural units, atoms, subcategories, importance to humans. 9.Know the four levels of structure of a protein and be able to describe them. 10.Explain the difference between a saturated fat and an unsaturated fat. 11.Compare and contrast active and passive transport and be familiar with the subcategories. 12.Given a scenario, predict the direction/outcome of osmosis. 13.List the organelles and state their basic functions.

14.Know the characteristics and function of enzymes.
15.List the components of the cytoskeleton.
16.Describe inclusions.
17.Know the three types of RNA and their functions.
18.Compare and contrast DNA and RNA.
19.Know the steps to synthesizing a protein and what organelles are involved. 20.Be able to determine the complementary base pairs of a given sequence. 21.State the stages of cell division in order and know how the nucleus/chromosomes look during each phase of cell division. 22.List the three types of cell junctions and the function of each. 23.List the four major types of tissue and know the subcategories of each. 24.Given a particular type of tissue, state its general functions and/or where it would be found. 25.Know the layers of the epidermis in order and what cells would be found in each of the layers. 26.Know the layers of the dermis and where the fingerprints vs tension lines are found. 27....
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