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Amah Mutsun Ohlone
Professor Lightfoot is going to be working on collaborative archaeology with this tribe at Pinnacles National Monument this summer.

Refer to 11-24 Notes

Related reading, authors, Cuthrell, Striplen, Lightfoot (from 11-22)

IDEA: Native landscape management practices

collaborative project in Quirosote Valley, area inside the Ano Nuevo State Reserve

- desire to have better understanding of such practices, how CA Indians enhanced biodiversity and productivity of plants/animals through prescribed burning

Main points:
1. Use fire history or fire ecology, fire scar dendrochronology 2. Use palynology/charcoal
3. Archaeology: CA-SMA-113
1. poop. high status position, cook for large # of people 1. Observe cultural rules
1. living site - shovel hurts it
2. No artifact collection on sacred mound house itself 3. No alcohol
4. Kella: menstruating women were not allowed to work on a sacred/holy site (social taboo of stakeholders) 1. Field strategies
1. Topo maps
2. geophysical survey
1. magnetometer,
2. conductivity
1. surface collection
2. penetrating excavation (surgical operations)
Gina Michaels
* worked on the market street china town at San Jose, article on pecked-marked vessels * she worked with the ceramics
* KEY points:
* she was an example of **stylistic analysis;
* she was able to analyze these ceramics that they were hand-scratched asian symbols on a number of ceramics(some were blessings, names?). * practice reflected in tenement homes and ppl living in stores * new hybrid practice in new living situation

multiple lines of evidence
2 sets of multiple lines of evidence that we use to evaluate the interpretation: 1. archaeological lines of evidence
* includes
1. matrix, provenience, association, context, chronological analysis, materials themselves, look at how materials relate to one another. 2. ecofacts, features, macro scale, etc
1. also think about Schiffer
* Construct multiple interpretations about past
1. different research questions --> different interpretation 2. Not all interpretations equally valid
1. other lines of evidence - historical anthropology
* historical documents/oral traditions or even more recent materials such as paintings. * address excluded pasts
* can provide a selective view of history (wealthy, educated, etc) * can be biased
1. Native narratives - refer to definition

Employing multiple sources of evidence:
1. Discrepancies?  Divergent views of past
2. Pomo
1. Russian treatment of Pomo
1. Russians said they treated them well
2. Pomo say sexual abuse, addiction to alcohol, etc.... 1. Dangerous work
1. account mentioned women died when hair got caught in grinder.... 1. Faunal remains: showed Pomo given poor cuts of beef Museums (relation to archaeology; museum research)
* Patricia Erickson reading ? 11/10 or 11/12?
* exhibits are usually the public’s first intro to archaeology and the past 1. Curation of arch. materials and repatriation issues, NAGPRA 1. what to do with human remains?  who owns the arch. materials in museums? 1. Little consultation with stakeholders, emphasis on native past as if extinct today 1. disenfranchisement of stakeholders in storing, making collections, etc. 2. little collaboration on interpretation

1. Colonial legacy, perspective of dominant culture
1. Erickson article: critique - museums tend to be associated with dead cultures/dead people 1. little emphasis on living communities...
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