ANn Cooper Essay

Topics: Rhetoric, Nutrition, Agriculture Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: February 6, 2014
Jude Garate
Mr. Kerns, Period 3
Ann Cooper TED Talk EPL Essay

Ann Cooper recently went to a convention in Los Angeles to discuss the issue of school lunches and their lack of nutritional value. Throughout her speech, she used the three rhetorical appeals repeatedly in order to persuade the listeners on why we need to do something about the food we’re feeding our children at school.

Before Ann digressed into the conversation, she established her own personal credibility by making an appeal to Ethos, or an ethical appeal. At the beginning of her speech, she introduces herself as the head of nutrition for all schools in the Berkeley Unified School District. She also establishes another few entity’s credibility when she cites a government ad that Time collaborated with the USDA with. By naming the Companies behind the brand she shows us that even the government and a world-renown magazine company were doing nothing to stop the pollution which was being used in the environment, on agricultural products, and on livestock.

When someone attempts to make an appeal to pathos, they attempt to evoke an emotional response from the audience, or as Aristotle once said, “...putting the audience into a certain frame of mind.” In Ann’s speech she sparks her listener’s emotional interest by coaxing that kids will die sooner due to the foods they are being fed early on in school. She also adds the insight that if we don’t raise our children to have a healthy diet then we fail as parents. Above all things an adult doesn’t want to be titled as, being labeled a bad parent is one of the worst things you can say.

The last most used rhetorical appeal is ‘logos’, which relies on the use of rational analysis & persuasive language. Ann frequently provides examples of logos by reminding us that 70% of our nation’s total antibiotics use is due to animal husbandry. She also introduces a multitude of other statistics, such as 40-45% of all children may be...
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