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Topics: Criminal justice, Crime, Police Pages: 4 (831 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Administration of Justice Program
Career Planning Assessment and Survey

Welcome to the Chaffey College Administration of Justice (AJ) Program. This program is designed to assist students in preparing themselves for “entry-level and beyond” employment opportunities in the Criminal Justice System (CJS), and ideally for future transfer to 4-year colleges and universities.

Historically, the end goal of a substantial percentage of AJ/CJS students has been entry-level employment upon completion of the AJ degree or certificate. THIS IS THE MEASURE OF SUCCESS THAT THE CHAFFEY COLLEGE AJ PROGRAM IS ATTEMPTING TO CAPTURE. In order to better serve ALL STUDENTS, complete the following survey and narrative block and submit it to your instructor. The results of this survey are CONFIDENTIAL, and will only be used by the Chaffey College AJ Program and Chaffey College Research Department. Your participation is mandatory, and the alphabetically marked narrative portions will be a graded element and you must give a complete narrative answer. This is an “overnight” study, and it must be returned to the instructor during the following classroom session.

Last Name, First Name: ______________________________________ Academic Major. If you don’t have one, write “undeclared:” _______________________ Second Academic Major or Minor: ___________________________________________ Have you taken the college assessment test with the Guidance and Counseling Department yet? Y______ N______ If you have taken the assessment test, do you have an educational plan? Y_____ N_____ If you have an educational plan, are your currently taking courses within the educational plan? Y_____ N_____ Prior to this course, how many courses have you taken in your educational plan? _________, or Does Not Apply (mark an “x”) _______ Have you taken (or are you taking) any other courses in AJ? Y_____ N_____ If so, how many have you taken (or are you taking)? ______

A. Why are...
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