Adobe After Effect and Sony Vegas Pro

Topics: Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas, Editing Pages: 2 (549 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Method in video making
In this video making, we use two editing video software which is Adobe after Effect and Sony Vegas Pro. All this software we have installed it in our computer. Firstly, we used adobe after effect. First of thing that we do is, create a new composition in adobe after effect. Then, set the settings of new composition project. And then, click ok after set the settings to move to the next step. Secondly, we choose to put in all the material that we have in the composition to make a complete video. We also make a new shape to make an animation to our video. In the timeline panel, there has anchor point, position, scale, rotation and opacity. This entire tool we have used to make the video. All the pictures and materials that we have collect we edited it with stop watch icon and we change it at the key frame. All the step was the same and repeated and we applied it to all our pictures and animation. Next, we make a new layer for the text. We put the text layer in the composition to put in our hadith and all the words. We have edited the text by changing the settings at the character option, character spacing and others to adjust the words. After that, we use Sony Vegas Pro to make our film move in any way was to do it at the time of showing. Some of the shots in our music video project are a little long without any camera movement. So we need to create some movement. Although the act on of zooming is usually left to the camera operator, we can also create powerful camera moves in the editing stage. We put in the video and then choose Event Pan/Crop, it will contains the scene with a large F over the frame. In the Event Pan/Crop, it has position, rotation, key frame interpolation, source, and workplace. Al this features we use to edit and change the video to make it more alive. A keyframe is a piece of data that the system uses to set up the position of our Event Pan/Crop parameters, or any automation data we chose to change throughout the...
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