Critique of the Nikon Coolpix S8100 User Manual

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Critique of the Nikon Coolpix S8100 User Manual
Nikon provides an extensive user manual for the Coolpix S8100 user manual. The user manual is located at the following web address: The manual serves as the first point of reference for users of the camera. This critique will determine if the manual used good writing techniques to make the instructions understandable for users. The key components of an instruction manual are a title, hazards, table of contents, introduction, list of required tools/equipment, glossary of terms, steps, additional components, and corporate contact information page (Gerson & Gerson, 2008). All user manuals are different. But, based on the component list, the Coolpix S8100 user manual contains the main elements of a user manual.

Coolpix S8100 User Manual Sections
TitleMore on shooting
For Your SafetyMore on playback
Table of ContentsEditing images
IntroductionMovie recording and playback
The Parts of the CameraConnect to televisions, computers and printers Main Features and Operation ControlsBasic camera setup
First StepsCaring for the camera
Basic photography and playbackTechnical Notes and Index

Coolpix S8100 User Manual Sections

There are 16 sections in the user manual. The sections are identifiable with the use of bold and highlighted lettering. The formatting is the same for each section. The formatting enables users to find topics quicker. The formatting also keeps the manual neat and helps with the transition from one topic to another. Title

The title page contains a descriptive title and graphic, which explains to the user the reason for the instructions.

For Your Safety
The For Your Safety section is the hazards section of the manual. A triangle with an exclamation mark is the icon that is associated with all warnings in the manual. The hazards page clearly shows an image the warnings symbol. The For Your Safety section...

References: Gerson, S. J., & Gerson, S. M. (2008). Technical Communication: Process and Product (6th ed.). : Prentice Hall.
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