435 Week 3 Outline

Topics: Employment, Motivation, Better Pages: 3 (494 words) Published: July 31, 2013
I.Introduction-summary of scenario
II.Evaluate at least two work motivation theories and how they can be applied in order to improve employee recruitment and retention at JC’s Casino. a.Distal/Proximal motivation theories
b.Reinforcement Theory
i.Thorndike’s law of effect
ii.Incentive systems
c.Goal-setting Theory
i.Goal orientation
ii.Factors for Goal Setting (p. 209)
III.Examine possible occupational stressors that are negatively influencing recruitment and retention. What improvements would you suggest to alleviate these stressors? Job Stressors
Role ambiguity and role conflict
Work load
Social stressors
oInterpersonal conflicts
Organizational politics
IV.Examine the role of job satisfaction and its influence on retention at the casino. Provide recommendations for improving job satisfaction of the employees and how that can play a part in successfully improving retention. Job Satisfaction

Effects of Job Satisfaction
Organizational commitment
oAffective commitment- emotional attachment
oContinuance commitment-needs employment and benefits/limited choices oNormative commitment-employee with values.

Environmental Antecedents
Job characteristics-the context and nature of job tasks
oSkill variety- how many skill needed for job example would be KSAO’s oTask identity-the amount of work that is performed by employee oTask significance-how the job impacts others
oAutonomy- having freedom to perform job task
oJob feedback- performance appraisal shows that employee are doing a good job oJob scope- overall assessment of 5 characteristics
Job satisfaction at high with new employees
Job satisfaction at declines with old employees
oPay satisfaction is based on distribution and equity not actual level of pay •Justice
oDistributive justice
Allotment of rewards
oProcedural justice
Rewards at work are allocated
Personal Antecedents...
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