• Zipcar
    The Zipcar idea was brought to the US by Antje Danielson. Antje had recently traveled to Germany where she saw the car sharing concept in action. She felt this same idea could be adopted in urban areas of the US. Robin Chase would be Antje's business partner who would ultimately bring her idea to
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  • Is Zipcar a High Potential Venture
    Based on Criteria’s of Evaluating Venture Opportunities there are several key indicators that shows that Zipcar is indeed a high potential venture. Below are the criteria in brief 1.0 Industry & Market Market: The revolutionary concept certainly provides an alternative to public transport. Furt
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  • Zipcar Case Analysis It Strategy
    Questions One: Analysis of Zipcar’s business model using Porter’s five forces model Threat of New Entrants In my own observation, Zipcar is a perfect description of an almost hundred percent automated business. They have fully utilized all IT resources available to them, and have succeeded in
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  • Case Study of Zipcar
    Response of ZIPCAR By Yongjun Zhao Submitted to Dr. Keith Harman Oklahoma Baptist University International Graduate School in partial fulfillment of the requirements for CIS_5203 Information Technology 24/03/2011 OVERVIEW This is an interesting, short case about how a new type of
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  • Zipcar
    Zipcar Upon receiving first round financing of $1.3 million, Zipcar is, as CEO Robin Chase describes, “poised for action”. The measures that the company intends to take moving forward will likely determine its future viability as the dominant player in the relatively untapped market of car shar
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  • Zipcar
    Porter’s five forces applied to Zipcar Threat of new entrants: Potential new entrants include existing car rental firms, companies that currently supply cars to car-sharing businesses (such as Volkswagen), and new start-up car-sharing ventures. As Zipcar is operating in only Boston, there are op
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  • Zipcar
    1.- Zipcar was founded by Robin Chase, CEO of the company, and her cofounder Antje Danielson. Both, Chase with her knowledge in business and management and Danielson with her car experience and connections in the car industry, developed a business plan, got financial support and started Zipcar. But
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  • Zipcar
    Zipcar is in its early stage of development having created and tested the basic service and associated technology pertaining to car sharing and has also acquired customers. Chase has developed an aggressive growth model to create a profitable firm, however, there are certain key issues that need to
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  • Easyjet Casestudy
    ABSTRACT Our group will do a report about easyJet’s case-study. First of all, we will get information about EasyJet from the textbook and the Internet. Secondly, we will do the SWOT analysis and find out the reasons for EasyJet’s success by making marketing mix. Thirdly, with all the informat
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  • Zipcar
    Zipcar Executive Action Summary Zipcar has a challenge beyond profitability. It needs to innovate in two ways: technology wise, and consumer service wise. As of September 2000 Zipcar has managed to start operations and gain subscribers in a constantly increasing rate. However we will analyze some
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  • Zipcar Case Assignment Questions
    Assignment Questions: (1) How do you characterize the service Zipcar provides? Zipcar is the world's largest American membership-based car sharing and car club service offering company providing car reservations to its members, billable by the hour or day. It is an alternative to traditio
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  • Zipcar Analysis
    ZipCar Case Write Up Diagnosis The ZipCar concept shows several favorable data points as a sustainable venture. The data (mostly positive), however, is not the main show-stopper to date. In order to make ZipCar fundable, Robin Chase needs to (1) recruit a capable management team, (2) substantiate
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  • A Strategic Analysis of Zipcar
    | Report to the Management:A Strategic Analysis of Zipcar | | | Student ID Number: 0898244, 0889876 | 11/30/2011 | Table of Contents 1.0) Abstract………………………………………………………………………...2 2.0) Introduction………………………
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  • Sm Zipcar
    Case Summary: The case presents a scenario with two Zipcar customers who have both reserved the same car. Sal Fishman reserved it until 3:30, which was exactly when Anita Karr had arranged to pick it up. The problem is that Sal is in the middle of an interview that is going better and longer than
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  • Zipcar Case
    In the Zipcar Case, Chase is an emerging entrepreneur, with hopes of starting a successful company. They come up with the idea of timesharing a car, which will eventually get the name of Zipcar. Chase and her friend Danielson had initially funded the startup and forgone a salary for the company.
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  • Zipcar
    Should We Invest $1Million to ZIP CAR * SITUATION (October 14, 2000) You are all executives of Venture Capital Company. You should decide the $1Million investment for the ZIP CAR. We request Harvard University for the detail analysis of the ZIP CAR status. The Followings are brief summary
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  • Service Operations Zipcar
    Zipcar 1. What service attributes does Zipcar offer its customers? What is it asking its customers to give up? • Convenience – customers can make reservations online without having to purchase a car but rent one and pick up in a nearby area/neighborhood. Customers just needed to pay monthly fe
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  • Zipcar Case Study Analysis
    [Case: Zipcar] Zipcar’s SWOT and financial analysis a) Strengths Firstly, Zipcar seized 80% of US market share, making it the strong player in the market. Secondly, as the company is able to acquire its competitors (Flexcar-US, Streetcar Ltd-UK), they can reduce the competitors as well as gain tho
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  • Zipcar
    FRANCES X. FREI Zipcar: Influencing Customer Behavior Do No In Brookline Sal Fishman glanced nervously at his Iron Man-branded “expedition” watch as 3:30 pm approached. He was confident that the watch had helped him communicate vitality and focus during his two-hour interview with re
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  • Zipcar Case: Influencing Customer Behavior
    ZIPCAR CASE: Influencing customer behavior By offering car sharing, Zipcar offered a different way other than rental, car ownership or taking taxi with competitive advantage of low cost, service speed and convenience. Zipcar targets at people groups similar as car rental companies, specifically peo
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