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Zipcar: “It’s Not about Cars – It’s about Urban Life”

Zipcar’s service is the benefit of having a car, without actually owning one yourself. Zipcar first started out with the focus on the green-minded customers using promotional pitches such as “We <3 Earth.” It wasn’t long before CEO Scott Griffith decided to expand the service to urban customers living in cities too big to own a car, but still needed a reliable, comfortable, and stylish way to get around.

Zipcar strategically places its car pods (a dozen or so vehicles located in a given neighborhood) close to its customers, about a ten minute walk away, making it a quick and easy approach to get on your way and down the road. Zipcar’s service does not just benefit the customer with the quick and easy solution to having a car without actually owning one; Studies show that every shared Zipcar takes up to 20 cars off the road and cuts emissions by up to 50 percent per user, making its service not only quick and easy but environmentally responsible too.

1. Evaluate Zipcar based on the benefit-oriented positioning.
Zipcar wants to be a well-positioned brand that appeals to a customer base with unfulfilled needs. By appealing to people living in densely populated neighborhoods in cities such as New York or San Francisco, Zipcar offers customers the important benefit of convenience. By eliminating urban car ownership, having to service a car, or fighting through congested parking lots, Zipcar lets customers focus on driving. Zipcar allows customers to make reservations minutes to months in advance using phone, computer, or downloadable app on a smartphone. By thoughtfully placing its pods within walking distance, Zipcar gives customers “Wheels when you want them.” Zipcar emphasizes the convenience even more by not only giving customers one or two cars to choose from, but an impressive portfolio of choices to choose from. Big, small, stylish and fancy cars are a few of the varieties a customer can...
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