"What Tables Are Needed In A Database That Can Help A Motor Vehicle Maintenance Center Improve Its Services" Essays and Research Papers

What Tables Are Needed In A Database That Can Help A Motor Vehicle Maintenance Center Improve Its Services

Introduction Huffman Trucking is in need of a system to help maintain its large trucking fleet’s maintenance, purchases, and vehicles. What is being purposed is a relational database that will greatly improve the record keeping for its fleet. This system will allow for reports to be generated to ensure that all vehicles have been properly maintained and record the daily operations of the maintenance department. The types of reports that can be generated are: * Parts Inventory Purchase *...

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Huffman Trucking Fleet Maintenance Database Solution

into a multi million-dollar company with over 1,400 employees and hundreds of vehicles. Huffman Trucking needs a better way to track the maintenance on their fleet of tractors, trailer and the roll-on/roll-offs. The fleet has to undergo periodic maintenance. Plan Putting the equipment's maintenance history, the parts used and vendor information into one database will save Huffman Trucking time and money. The database can include parts inventory information, parts catalogue information, the vendors...

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Team A Service Request WK4 V2

Service Request SR-ht-003 DBM/380 Principle and Importance of Normalization The database normalization is a technique that is used to organize the contents in the tables for transactional databases and also data warehouses. The normalization is a portion of designing the database with success, without this the database systems may be inaccurate, inefficient, slow, and they may not create the data that is expected. Following a SQL Server installation that is successful a database will...

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Fleet Truck Maintainenace Database Paper

Maintainenace Database Paper Its mind numbing to reflect the amount of technical change that has taken place in only a short period of time. In this current age, innovation has opened doors to a wide capacity for data collection and management. An example is the amount of business use with Microsoft Access. Businesses have gained from Access’s technical capabilities by using it to offer a wide range of ways to add value and efficient to any facility. Today we use Access databases to organize the...

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Fleet Truck Maintenance Database for Huffman Trucking: A Summary

Fleet Truck Maintenance Database for Huffman Trucking Entities and Attributes Summary When using a database, the most important step is knowing how to use the table elements. The table defines the structure of the database based on its entities and Attributes. The entity is the object being stored and the Attributes describe information about the entity and its reason being documented. When using this table, one needs to first know how to access the database, table and forms...

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Databases in My Organization

Databases in My Organization CIS319: Computers and Information Systems Abstract Databases have been in use since the early days of computing programs. An Information Technology services company, such as Getronics, not only utilizes databases for information and record management, it earns revenue by providing database management services. Getronics uses Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as its database software. The clients that contract Getronics for Information Technology services rely and...

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Entities and Attributes for Fleet Truck Maintenance

Huffman Trucking Maintenance Department, Smith Consulting developed entities and attributes for their Fleet Trucking Maintenance database. Unfortunately, the creator of the database was not available and the development of the database system was not able to be completed. D Team realizes that the development of a reliable database system is needed to provide for the tracking of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for their fleet. Therefore, a database along with forms, tables, queries, and reports...

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Nissan Sales and Services Way

NISSAN SALES & SERVICE WAY BPM case study user [Nissan] 22-Feb-12 Case Study: NISSAN SALES & SERVICE WAY Current Strategy: The PEST Analysis of Indian automobile industry clearly indicates the strategic importance of Indian automobile industry in the global arena. This is one market which can change fortunes for any automobile company including Nissan. Nissan realized this and decided to enter the market...

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Huffman Database Design

Huffman Database Design 1 HUFFMAN TRUCKING COMPANY, DATABASE DESIGN Huffman Trucking Company, Explanation of the A Team Database Design DBM/380 Database Concepts University of Phoenix Prof H. Heifets July 7, 2009 Huffman Database Design 2 Huffman Trucking Company Background The concept of a database design gives a thriving company...

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The Reason Why Crm Can Be Used in the Automotive Industry Together

The reason why CRM can be used in the automotive industry together is three reasons for this - the demand for automotive business, automotive market, and now re-division of the rapid development of science and technology. From the customer demand, customer than before and the purchase of products using a more reasonable number. Customers have been satisfied just to buy products, but more concerned about is whether they can get better service, and that such services should be personalized. From a...

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General Motors

INTRODUCTION General Motors, the world's largest automaker, has been a global sales leader for 75 years and currently employs 327,000 people while manufacturing autos and trucks in 33 countries. Nevertheless, GM (as well as its American competitors Ford Motor and Daimler- Chrysler) are now under great stress and have suffered from high costs, tougher competition from foreign competitors and a decline in the popularity of their most profitable pick-up trucks and sport utility vehicles. GM faces continuing...

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Tata Motors' Acquisition of Daewoo-Case Study

balance sheets and rising global ambitions. In this essay I am going to use a specific acquisition example based on the article named “Tata Motors’ Acquisition of Daewoo Commercial Vehicles” to illustrate the Indian Acquisition problem. Statistically, there are 12 per cent to 14 per cent of Tata Motors’ revenue is from overseas at current status. And Tata Motors sets its communicated target at 25 per cent to 30 per cent, which means that the company aims to reach 25%-30% revenue from overseas in three...

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Performance Motors Limited

BCG matrix Ansoff’s Matrix Strategy selection and result * Implementation and recommendation Strategy of change Scope of change Performance Motors Limited: For the following the report, I will be pointing out the current strategic position of the organization, what strategies it currently employs, and what other strategic options it can make for the future. In modern day business, almost all organizations operate according to the context of an external environment, which is usually made...

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Ford Motors

Running head: FORD MOTOR COMPANY Ford Motor Company Fay Bennett BUS 490 May 12, 2010 Ford Motor Company 1. Define and discuss Ford’s business-level strategy. Ford’s business-level strategy is to design, develop, manufacture, and service cars and trucks worldwide that meets and satisfies its customers’ needs. The company follows cost leadership business-level strategy. The "One Ford" plan is the foundation of the company’s actions to achieve its mission and vision. Ford is one team...

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How Much Can the Internet Help Gm?

How Much Can the Internet help GM? 1. Analyze GM using the competitive forces and value chain models. Porter's competitive forces model Porter's value chain model 2. Evaluate the current business strategy of GM in response to its competitive environment. What is the role of Internet technology in that strategy? How successful is that strategy? The current business strategy of GM in response to its competitive environment is based on the belief that by intensively weaving Internet...

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Tata Motor

Case 2 Tata Motors 1. Describe the economic characteristics of the global motor vehicle industry. The 2008 financial crisis began in the American subprime mortgage crisis, eventually evolved into a global financial crisis. Most countries because of the impact of the financial crisis, leading to a sharp slowdown in consumer’s vehicle demand. Also, because of the financial crisis, the global motor vehicle industry experienced a full-scale market competition. Some small car companies to be phased...

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Wolf Motors

MOTORSSUPPLY CHAIN CASE PRESENTATION Matt Archey Kevin Drakes GurpreetKingra Nitin Sharma MBA -513 2010-04-10 2.Executive Summary About the Case About Wolf Motors Key Aspects of Supply Chain Supply Chain Model/Relationships Discussion/Conclusion 3.About the Case This case throw light on the fourth dealership of Wolf Motors, which was the first auto supermarket in the network of dealerships of the Company. John Wolf, the president of the company was really excited about this new dealership...

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The Ford Motor Company Was Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. It Is a Public Company

The Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. It is a public company that is also global; distributing consumer goods in the Automotive and Transportation industry to include not only vehicles but vehicular motor parts as well as financial aspects to dealerships to offer contracts to distribute goods with the ability of installment payments. As the Ford Motor Company started out with only ten employees, it has grown to employ over 350,000 employees worldwide, this is to include being...

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Management and Organisational Problems Created When Toyota Motor Sales, Usa, Relied on Its Corporate Customer Information System and Management Decisions Taken to Solve This Problem.

Lexus customers only. The seriousness of this problem can be assumed by this fact that those cheques were send to those customers as well who never owned Toyota Lexus since a while. And the worst part was that they came to knew about this problem when one of the cheques was received by the Auditor of Toyota Motor Sales USA who no longer owned the vehicle. Following is a case study which emphasises on the value of money for the customer services and also on the importance of accurate data administration...

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Tata Motors Crm

SAP® Customer Success Story Tata Motors “SAP has a clear superiority in the market. It has a large presence and good support, so we chose the SAP ERP Solution for our company. The results have definitely exceeded our expectations” Probir Mitra, CIO, Tata Motors. AT A GL ANCE Company Name n Industry n Product & Services n : Tata Motors Limited : Automotive SAP® Solutions & Services TATA MOTORS SAP® ERP helps Tata Motors to serve their customers better and faster SAP® ERP...

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Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation

Chapter I ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND Business Profile Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation is located at Lawaan, Roxas City. The company is using manual operation in storing the forms that Costumers fill up and brochure for the Costumer to choose the motorcycles they wanted. The Wheeltek Motor Sales Corporation sells only branded motorcycles such as Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. Those brands have different models. At present, the said company has 136 branches all over the Philippines. The main...

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 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING CASE ANALYSIS SEMINAR : TESLA MOTORS INC. FREDERIC Jerry ABASSI Hafiz MBOUI Celjhussia WANG Xuxing INTRODUCTION : In 1827, the french mathematician and physician Jean-Baptiste Fourier come up with the notion of greenhouse. Therefore was introduced for the first time the notion of global warming. In 1967, whether 140 years later two scientists made the first global warming previsions: doubling of the carbon dioxide at the beginning of the twenty-first...

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Case: Marketing and Service

business, both with regard to the sales (“front end”) and service (“back end”) departments. Carol wonders whether a turnaround is possible. Auto World has been financially deteriorating for the past 18 months. The business has been losing money as a result of several factors, including, on the sales side, a decline in new car sales caused in part by rising interest rates, squeezed margins due to promotional activities, and rising fuel prices. Service revenues are below average compared to other similarly...

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Motor Vehicle Policy of Public Order and Safety Office of Urdaneta City

MOTOR VEHICLE POLICY OF PUBLIC ORDER AND SAFETY OFFICE OF URDANETA CITY ____________________ A RESEARCH PRESENTED TO THE FACULTY OF THE COLLEGE OF COMPUTER STUDIES URDANETA CITY UNIVERSITY ____________________ In a Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Bachelor of Information Technology ____________________ by Jun Kelvin E. Negranza Gerald G. Jose Khevin D. Comesario Dominador Q. Oliban Jr. Mark Jumil Almera October 2012 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page TITLE...

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Ford Motor Company Written Case Analysis

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2 2. Case Question 2-8 2.1 Define and discuss Ford's business-level strategy. How can the company's value-chain activities be better linked to create value for the company? 2.2 How can Ford successfully position itself in terms of the five forces of competition? 2.3 In what ways can the company effectively manage customer relationships to increase strategic competitiveness? 2.4 What conditions...

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INTRODUCTION Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903, in Dearborn, Michigan. It is one of three leading automotive manufacturing companies in United Sates and grew to reach revenue of more than $144 billion with 370,000 employees and operation spanned 200 countries. In the 1970’s, the automobile market for the major auto-makers, General Motors (GM), Ford and Chrysler was crunched by competition from foreign manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda. The automakers faced the need to continue...

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Database concepts | Assignment 1 | | Robyn Wright | 3/27/2013 | | Contents Introduction 2 Task 1 3 1.1 Definition of database management system 3 1.2 5 Advantages of database management system 3 1.3 3 Business functions database management system could do 3 1.4 5 database management system packages 3 1.5 10 Factors when choosing a database management system 3 Task 2 5 2.1 Create a database if it does not yet exist 5 2.2 Show if the database has been...

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Case Study Building Shared Services

 Case Study Building shared services and Integrating IT business units IST7100, November 13th 2014 Varsha V Rao Wilmington University TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract 3 Introduction 4 Issues with case study 4 Discussion Questions 5 Conclusion 9 References 10 ABSTRACT The following paper describes the case study of RR Communications from the view point of Vince Patton the CEO who deals with issues like different IT business units mainly Internet, mobile...

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Assignment 2- Database Modeling and Normalization

Assignment 2- Database Modeling and Normalization Dr. Amir Afzal Strayer University- CIS 515 August 7, 2012 Abstract Selling high end electronics is big business and being a commissioned employee in that field if your sales are up means big money. Prices for electronics range from the low hundreds into the thousands. It really depends on the person style, specifications they are looking for, trust in the brand, and the depth of their pockets, how much a person is willing to spend for...

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How Great Websites Help Improve Your Business

We are all consumers; the things we buy, the reasons we buy them, regardless of how much we spend, do not make sense.” Notice our customer is one of the key points in doing business. Harley-Davidson sale person continuously ask potential customers what that they really wanted and produce that product and sell it to them at a profit. Harley-Davidson brings motorcyclists together to create social network. Today there are 1,300 Harley dealers worldwide, 650 of which are in United States. The group are...

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Why Good Database Design Is Important in Performing Data Operation?

Why good database design is important in performing data operation? A good design is significant in performing data operation. Without the good design, it is difficult to make relationship with other database and it will not run competently and also securely (Knight, 2011). This report will discuss the important of good database design, which are crucial for the business in performing operation and making a decision. Firstly, with the good design, data will be stored in consistent form. Appropriately...

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Benefits of a Database and Information

Benefits of a Database and Information-Gathering Techniques Brian Morrow Professor Cohen CIS 111 May 5, 2013 A database management system is a system in which data is stored, processed, and retrieved. These systems are known for security accuracy and consistency. A well-planned and developed database is very efficient and meets the current and future needs of the organization to which it services. This type of system allows the organization to collectively store and manipulate data. One...

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Study of Machining & Repairing of Electrical Motors, Transformers, Generators & Other Machines

A Report Summer Internship-2013 (June 23, 2013- July 22, 2013) Topic: Study of machining & repairing of electrical motors, transformers, generators & other machines Submitted by: Amarjeet Kumar EEE/10/23 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I am thankful to the NIT, Arunachal Pradesh to give...

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Marketing Strategy of Ford Motor Company

Marketing Strategy of Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company was built on superior products and that still exists today. They have an exceptional line of cars and trucks, which ranges from the Model-T to today’s Ford Focus and F-Series, the best selling car and truck in the world. Their current product line up is the strongest in their history and is still getting stronger. This year they added the new Ford Explorer, Thunderbird and Expedition in North America, Ford Fiesta in Europe, the new Lincoln...

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Service Request SR-ht-03

Service Request SR-ht-003 TechTarget says “Computer databases typically contain aggregations of data records or files, such as sales transactions, product catalogs and inventories, and customer profiles” (TechTarget pg. 1). This is exactly what Team A plans to accomplish for Huffman Trucking. Huffman Trucking is looking for fleet truck maintenance database to help keep track of all of their truck maintenance needs. The database began on April 1, 2013 and has a scheduled completion date on April...

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Consumer Buying Behavior of Hybrid Vehicles

Table of Content Title 2 1.0 Introduction 2 1.1 Background of the Study 2 1.2 Problem Statement 2 1.3 Research Objectives 3 1.4 Significance of the Study 3 1.5 Scope of the Study 4 2.0 Literature Review 5 3.0 Research Methodology 7 3.1 Theoretical Framework 7 3.2 Generation of Hypothesis 7 4.0 Conclusion 8 Reference: 9 Title Factors that affect consumer purchase decision of hybrid vehicles (Green Vehicles) in Malaysia. Introduction 1 Background of...

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Ford Motor Company Cisco


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Tata Motors

Maharashtra, India Which deals with different types of Products and services, they have mainly 8 business sectors, they are information technology and communications, engineering, Materials, Services, Energy, Consumer products, Chemicals. My project is on the India's largest automobile company Tata Motors Ltd which comes under engineering sector of Tata Company. The purpose of Tata motors is to “Improve the quality of life Improve the quality of life of the communities we serve of the communities...

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

desired destination, a life threatening danger awaits drivers, that is motor vehicle accidents. Motor vehicle accidents occur everywhere at anytime. In order to understand the result that causes deaths on motor vehicle users, three areas of analysis should be considered. These areas are magnitude, distribution and determinants of motor vehicle accidents. A factor that can lead to an increase in the awareness behind motor vehicle accidents is the comparison of a high-income country to a middle-income...

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Database Environment Week 2

 Database Environment: Week 2 Joe Snuffy DMB/380 October 6, 2002 Database Environment Intro The Tampa Art Museum needs to track the artwork, artists, and locations where the art is displayed or stored within the museum. Currently The Tampa Art Museum is using an inaccurate set of spreadsheets to keep track of art, artist, and location data within the Museum and it is very cumbersome for end users. The Project teams Goal is to create a reliable database to streamline operations...

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Hospitality Service

Hospitality Service Excellence The academic circles have not formed a standard definition for service failure, but scholars have put forward their own understanding from different angles: Hays and Hill defined service failure ascontact situation that make customers unsatisfied(Julie Hays& Arthur, 2001). Keaveneypointed out that if the customers feel unsatisfied about the service system, then service failure occur (Crittendenet al. 1995).Keaveney has divided service failure into two types: the...

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Fusion Centers

FUSION CENTERS Cecilia Pina 05/16/12 compSc 100: Mon & Wed 4pm-5:50pm “A fusion center is an effective and efficient mechanism to exchange information and intelligence, maximize resources, streamline operations, and improve the ability to fight crime and terrorism by merging data from variety of sources.”(1) Let us break this down, fusion is the act of fusing or combining and center is a point or place in which...

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Data Table Analysis

Data Table Analysis W3 Assignment ACC 542 June 21, 2010 Instructor Data Table Analysis Data tables are essential to the success of Kudler Fine Foods. The information provided in these tables is available for the end user to determine how much inventory is available and to determine when to reorder inventory. If the information within a data table is incomplete, the information will not be of value to the end user. An evaluation, recommendations for improvement, pivot tables, and hierarchy...

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Ford Motor Case-Operations Management

Ford Motor Company Report Course: MGT 203 Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903. It in addition to the Ford and Lincoln brands, and also owns the stake in Aston Martin in the UK and Mazda in Japan. In 2010 Ford sold Volvo to Geely Automobile. Ford discontinued the Mercury brand after the 2011 model year. It produced over 260 million vehicles and it was the second largest industrial company in the world. There are 370,000 employees in Ford with the revenues...

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Ford Motor Company Case Study

 Ford Motor Case Study Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Issue Identification 5 Environmental and Root Cause Analysis 6 Alternatives and Options 8 Recommendations 10 Implementation 11 Monitor and Control 12 Exhibits 13 Executive Summary After reviewing Ford Motor supply chain, we became aware of its very complex nature. Due to this complexity we are forced to search...

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 1) Which account is designated as the owner of a relation? What privileges does the owner of a relation have? Ans: An "owner" account is given to those in control of specific relations. They have select, modification, and reference privileges on that given relation. 2) How is the view mechanism used as an authorization mechanism? Ans: A multiuser database system must selectively permit users to share data, while retaining the ability to restrict data access. There must be a mechanism to provide...

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Tata Motors

Dao Tran MGMT405 12:30-1:45 Dr Yan Case #3 Tata Motors 1. What inspired Tata Motors to build the Nano? Why was there a need for an inexpensive car in India? The idea of Nano–The People’s Car was inspired by the middle class Indians who bought and transported their entire families on scooters. To most middle class families in India owing a car is a far cry. Rattan Tata, Tata Motor’s Chairman said that the tiny car is aimed at keeping the families of India’s growing middle class from having to travel...

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New Vehicle Technology

New Vehicle Technology challenges first responders N.V.T. seems to be the buzzword with extrication these days. Today's vehicles are safer, smaller and more fuel-efficient. The recently imposed legislated improvements to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 214 and most recently 216, deal with side and roof strength and also the integrity of motor vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) is the governing body that imposes these standards backed by the American...

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Database Environment Paper

 Database Environment Paper Shirley Gutknecht DBM/380 Craig Rose 01/19/2015 A database used for storage of information to be accessed at a later date for a specific use such as in this case, an Art Museum, must utilize many views for user. These views should include what a visitor of the guest would want to see, an employee of the art museum, or an administrator or contributor to the museum. You must also analyze the need of each person. For example, a guest may want to see information on whose...

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Term Paper on Distributed Databases

companies’ databases. In addition to a company’s own employees, these include the company’s customers, potential customers, suppliers, and vendors of all types. It is possible for a company to have all of its databases concentrated at one mainframe computer site with worldwide access to this site provided by telecommunications networks, including the Internet. Although the management of such a centralized system and its databases can be controlled in a well-contained manner and this can be advantageous...

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Kudler Fine Foods Data Table Analysis

is committed to providing her customers with the best selection of fine foods and great wines. Evaluation of the design elements The Inventory Table contains the components that make up an Item. It is used for managing inventory and determining the availability of ingredients that go into prepared items, such as bakery products, etc. First, the table organizes the financial data into department, then financial account codes, item, and then sums the total amount of transactions for the code and...

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Database Final Exam

establishing data relationships: a. A relational DBMS (or RDMBS) is a data management system that implements a relational data model, one where data are stored in a collection of tables and the data relationships are represented by common valves, not links. Pg.247 b. Data are stored in a collection of tables and the data relationships are represented by common values not links. String | CARACTER (CHAR)CHARACTER VARYING (VARCHAR or VARCHAR2)BINARY LARGE OBJECT (BLOB) | Stores string...

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Tata Motors Going Global

TATA MOTORS—GOING GLOBAL The wave of liberalization, privatization and globalization, which started sweeping India since the early 1990s, gave Tata Motors (established in 1945) a new direction in the path of globalization. The Tata Motors firstly, realized that if it wants to grow then it cannot afford to keep its business connected solely to the fortunes of one country. Secondly, with the dismantling of import restrictions in the near future or it the rupee begins to gain ground then India may...

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Help Desk Software Tools

A help desk is a resource that a majority of companies use today. Help desks are designed to provide users with information and assistance for technical support of hardware or software. Many help desks involve a support person working to assist customers to solve a problem directly or forward the problem to someone else. Often, services are provided by call centers or over the Internet. This paper will review three help desk software packages: Aegis Service Desk, which is local software, CRMdesk...

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Motor Vehicle Manufacturing in Australia

Motor Vehicle Manufacturing in Australia INDUSTRY ANALYSIS Overview Thomson (2003) explains that the manufacturing of motor vehicles is a global game. Thomson (2003) argues that Australia does not really have domestic businesses that manufacture motor vehicles as the three major car makers (GM Holden, Ford and Toyota) are all subsidiaries of foreign companies. However, this is not the case, GM Holden for example produces many cars a year in Australia for Australian consumers as well as...

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Gender and Crime Motor Vehicle Theft

In the United States it is very clear that when it comes to motor vehicle theft statistically males are way more likely to commit this crime over women. A gender difference is very evident when looking at this topic. This data is important because it shows that there is something very different between men and women when it comes to different types of crime. Usually men are committing more violent crimes then women just because it’s not in a females nature to be as aggressive which makes sense. When...

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The 7 Problems with Vehicle Tracking

st The 7 Problems with Vehicle Tracking Stewart Adams Business Development Manager September 2011 Contents Introduction They all appear to be cost prohibitive Vehicle Tracking is seen as intrusive Quantifying the return on investment The contract period was cumbersome System reliability of all of the components Too difficult to integrate into back office systems Too Many Third Parties Involved 3 3 3 4 4 5 6 6 Introduction Having been involved with Vehicle Tracking over the years and...

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Toyota Motor Corporation Csr

Toyota Motor Corporation Before I have chosen Toyota Motor Corporation as a company for my case study, I knew it would be one of the Japanese companies. I am very interested in Japan and Japanese people. To me, they seem like a hard working nation of a very competitive spirit, which constantly seeks for improvement. Every time when I would see a group of Japanese business people at airports or at any other location, they would often have their lap tops in their laps and would be doing something...

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Tata Motors

Tata Motors The Indian Automobile industry The automotive sector is one of the core industries of the Indian economy, Continuous economic liberalization over the years by the government of India has resulted in making India as one of the prime business destination for many global automotive players. The automotive sector in India is growing at around 18 per cent per annum. The cumulative annual growth rate of production of the automotive industry from the year 2000-2001 to 2005-2006 was 17 per...

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Motor Vehicle Safety Laws and Public Health

Motor Vehicle Safety Laws and Public Health Tiffany N. McClintock HCA 415 Community & Public Health Instructor: Sara Matusak April 1, 2013 Federal Laws “The U.S. Congress responded with the National Highway Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act and the Highway Safety Act of 1966, creating a new federal program to address motor vehicle safety” (Waller, para. 5). This act allows the federal government to implement laws regarding motor vehicle safety. This act created the National Highway...

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