• Technology and the General Manager
    Overview W. H. Walton established Walton International in 1958; the company specializes in electronic devices for the U.S. military (Huntington & Maidique, 1979). By 1978, the company had grown to $300 million in annual revenues and had diversified into supplying a variety of specialized electron
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  • Dollar General Case
    There can be a number of reasons for a company to go public or private. There are benefits, as well as disadvantages that go along with either course of action (Exhibit 1 for details). When firms decide to go private, they are no longer listed on any stock exchange market. The pressure of keeping ac
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  • University of St. Thomas: Using Modules to Teach General Chemistry
    University of St. Thomas: Using Modules to Teach General Chemistry Presented by The Institute on Learning Technology part of the [pic] Mark Connolly (mrconnolly@facstaff.wisc.edu) Fall 2002 This case study also is available from the Learning Through Technology web site, w
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  • Study on General Banking Performance
    INTERNSHIP REPORT ON TMIB-AKTEL PROJECT: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION LEVEL SURVEY-2002 INTERNSHIP REPORT ON TMIB-AKTEL SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Khalid Afzal Lecturer Session: 1998 Department of Management University of Chittagong PREPARED BY: Muhammad Sajjadul Islam Chowdhury Exam
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  • General Knowledge
    This edition published in 2007 by Arcturus Publishing Limited 26/27 Bickels Yard, 151–153 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3HA Copyright © 2007 Arcturus Publishing Limited Revisions by 2007 Puzzle Press Ltd All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval s
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  • General Principles of Good Governance
    General Principles of Good Governance 1. Service to Others Service to others allows us to practice doing what Jesus would do and it connects us to those we serve and give us a kind of satisfaction that self-interest can never offer. When we serve others we are reminded that nothing
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  • General Knowledge
    Table of Content Sr.# | Mountains | 1. | Important mountain passes | 2. | Oceans | 3. | Famous sea ports | 4. | Famous straits | 5. | World rivers | 6. | Geographical discoveries | 7. | Cities on river banks | 8. | World countries | 9. | General knowledge | 10. | Important geo
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  • General Management & Entrepreneurship
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  • Dollar General Business Strategy
    A PRINCIPAL’S ROLE IN OPENING A NEW SCHOOL       By       MITCHELL V. MCGHEE   B.S.Ed., The University of Georgia, 1984   M.Ed., Georgia State University, 1991   ED.S., Georgia State University, 1996               A Dissertation Submitted to the Graduate Facul
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  • General Banking
    [pic] [pic] Background of the study The ending project of the BBA course is to prepare a dissertation or internship report. For this purpose I choose Jamuna Bank LTD to make internship report. Now the w
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  • General Management
    Management: Its Nature and Scope | Management studies are of recent origin but management is as old as man’s need for organizing work and activities. Management now has become a ‘discipline’. Numerous Management Gurus have emerged. They have been defining, redefining and commenting on the
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  • General Management
    Table of contents: Introduction 3 Management process 4 Managerial skills 5 Managerial Challenges 7 Work life balance 8 Conclusion
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  • St. Catherines General Hostipal Case
    Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Overview 3 St. Catharines General Hospital 4 Objectives of Funding System 4 Stakeholder Analysis 5 Factors affecting costs 6 Salaries and Medical Staffs 6 Benefits 7 Supplies and Drugs 7 Reasons of Cost Differences among Physicians 7 Areas to
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  • Barbara Norris: Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit Fall 2010
    Organizational Behavior Case Assignment Barbara Norris: Leading Change in the General Surgery Unit Fall 2010 1. What are the key issues that Barbara Norris faces at the GSU? Why are they important to the organization? Barbara faces a bewildering array of obstacles to success in the General Su
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  • General Clerk
    AR 2006 – 2007 Singapore Airlines achieved a profit attributable to equity holders of $2.13 billion for the financial year 2006-07, up 71.6% from the year before. The highlight of the year was the launch of the Airline’s new generation cabin products, specially designed to enhance the inflig
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  • General Ohs/Whs Knowledge
    [pic] BSB51307 Diploma of Occupational Health & Safety LEARNER GUIDE |HBA Learning Centres Pty Ltd | |1300 721 503
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  • Ohs General
    OHS Part A Injury in the Australian Defence Force The Australian Defence Force (ADF) employs approximately 30,000 full-time and 17,000 part-time personnel. This report will discuss the five main causes of injury to workers and raise the potential causation factors. Workplace illness and inj
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  • General Banking
    Chapter One Introduction Introduction 1.1 Origin of the Study Practical orientation works as a bridge between the academic and the practical knowledge. The internship program is a compulsory part of BBA degree and it is a preparatory step towards a career. It constitutes of pract
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  • General Banking
    General Banking Parities and Credit management of Jamuna Bank. A study on Rajshahi Branch 1 Chapter One Introduction Department of BBA University of Information Technology & Sciences General Banking Parities and Credit management of Jamuna Bank. A study on Rajshahi Branch 2 Int
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  • General Knowldge
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