• Internet the Advantages and Disadvantages
    "Beam me up, Scottie." This popular line from Star Trek was a demonstration of the advanced technology of the future. Though it was a fictional story, Star Trek became the universal vision of the future. As always reality tends to mimic fiction. Though our society has not quite resulted to living in
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  • First Mover Advantages
    Are there First-Mover Advantages in B2B eCommerce Technologies? Gezinus J. Hidding Loyola University Chicago ghiddin@luc.edu Jeffrey R. Williams Carnegie Mellon University jrw@cmu.edu information technologies may constitute B2B industries themselves when I.T. businesses provide technology products
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    E-commerce E-commerce is Electric Commerce which is a wide range of business activities through internet or other computer networks. It involves trading or selling of products and services from one entity to another. It follows the same basic principles as traditional commerce that is,...
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