"What Are Some Of The Risks And Challenges In Trying Something New" Essays and Research Papers

What Are Some Of The Risks And Challenges In Trying Something New

 Trying New Things Marcus Williams Ivy Tech Community College My brother and I are similar in a number of ways, but we’re completely opposite in how we feel about trying new things. He resists and often fears it, while I crave it. Trying new things has always been beneficial for me in the past. I enjoy exploring and testing my boundaries because you never know what you might like. Although I have to admit I didn’t always live my life by this philosophy...

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What Is Risk Taking

What is Risk Taking? What is risk taking. Risk concerns the deviation of one or more results of one or more future events from their expected value. Risk taking can have many definitions but in my opinion risk taking is doing something that is out of the ordinary, something that you don’t feel comfortable doing. Risk taking could be different for many people, what I see as taking a risk could be something normal for someone else. To me trying to wrestle an alligator is taking a risk but to people...

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To What Extent Is ‘Making a Lot of Money’ the Main Motivating Factor for Entrepreneurs?

To what extent is ‘making a lot of money’ the main motivating factor for entrepreneurs? In the overall topic of entrepreneurship I believe there are seven factors or words that are important and must be understood here are some definitions of these words: • Entrepreneur - An entrepreneur is a person who has owns and starts up an enterprise, or venture, and through doing this they take full and significant accountability for the risks and the outcome of the business whether it does well or...

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Risk Management: New Challenges and Opportunities for Insurance Sectors

Risk management: new challenges and opportunities for insurance sectors Dr. S.Manimaran B.E.,MBA, M.Phil.,Ph.D., Head of Department of Management Studies, Professor and PSNACET.Dindigul. V.RAMESH. MBA, Executive engineer. Neyveli lignite corporation ltd. Neyveli Risk management Risk management can be described as like the other management procedures of identification, assessment and prioritization of risk. Actually risk management is very much equal to walking on the rope. As defined in ISO...

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BIGGEST CHALLENGES AND BIGGEST OPPURTUNITIES INTRODUCTION In this we are going to discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by the managers while entering the industry in the current economic climate. what is the type of source? It is an online publication and it is mainly for the things faced by the managers entering the industry.in this we will discuss about the skills and the acceptance of the managers while entering the industry. In the current economic climate...

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What Is Risk? (Report)

1 Introduction 2 What is risk? 2.1 Material world and risk 2.2 Case study 1: allotment 2.3 Case study 2: sun exposure 2.4 Risk society and Ulrich Beck (1992) 3 Understanding and knowledge 3.1 Geoffrey Rose (1850) 3.2 Epidemiology 3.3 Uncle Norman and last person 5 Conclusion 6 References Title: Risk and understanding through expert knowledge and lay dispute Introduction This report will look at how modern society is a risk society, how expert knowledge...

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Disney, Future Challenges

By producing a new movie and introducing new characters, Disney is ready with a complementary line of toys, costumes and actions figures, followed by the DVD game and movie, characters presence in the Disney’s parks and in television show. All the line of products depends on the interest and popularity of the movie and new character to the large public. This is one of the general challenge and major area of concern: unpredictability of investments. The company starts to invest in new line of toys...

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What are the potential risks and benefi

 What are the potential risks and benefits of migration for European states and societies? Migration has been in existence since humans appeared in the world. However our forbearers had different purposes for moving from one location to another than the contemporary humans. Their reasons for leaving a territory were changing climate or infertile soil1. The motivational factors for modern migration differ from that. They are in tight correspondence with globalization. Through this phenomenon there...

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Essay on New Risk Mitigation Strategies

Essay on New Risk Mitigation Strategies and Resilient Supply Chain Question: Organization must be confident in the capabilities and resiliency of their supply chains. The lessons learned over the past several years from natural and human-caused disruptions demonstrate that supply chains cannot be taken for granted and that old approaches to risk mitigation and risk transfer require an upgrade to meet today’s challenges. Identify and describe the new risk mitigation strategies and how corporations...

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Risk Management

Risk Management and Control ------------------------------------------------- Case Hydro One Table of Content 1. Introduction 3 2. Hydro One’s Strategy and risks 3 3. Major drivers to get started with ERM at Hydro One 4 4. Different stages of Hydro One’s ERM process 4 5. Up- and downsides of the ERM process 5 6. Framework 5 6.1 Establishing the context 5 6.2 Risk assessment 5 6.3 Risk treatment options 6 6.4 Communication and consultation 6 6.5 Monitoring and reviewing...

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Risk Taking

Risk Taking In our lives, it is important to exercise self-command. However, we should not be so concerned with the future that we stifle the present. The question becomes what balance should we strike between self-command and risks? What kinds of risks are acceptable or unacceptable? In this essay, we will use two examples of risks to show the distinction between the two and arrive at a conclusion as to the balance one should have between risk and self command. The first example we...

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Applying Risk Management

Applying Risk Management Steve Panaghi University of Phoenix CMGT/430 March 31th, 2013 David Fedorchak Risk Assessment and control deals with identifying, analyzing, and planning all types or risks. It must also account for any newly rising risks and keep track of them and what they can do to a system. This paper will explain some possible risks and how to avoid them, but only as an example that can be extrapolated to the entire concept of Risk Management. It will also cover ideas that...

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Some People Prefer to Spend Their Lives Doing the Same Things and Avoiding Changes.Others However Think That Change Is Always a Good Thing.

Changes are always inevitable in life and it provides challenges, which makes one fulfilled and energetic. In today’s era all things have developed with technical and scientific breakthroughs more rapidly than our expectations. This has become possible because of adapting new ideas and innovations. Our day to day lives have become very convenient; something or the other keeps changing and everyday some thing new keeps cropping up. Furthermore due to a demanding lifestyle the world needs to adapt...

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Violino Security Risk Mgmt Frameworks

page=1 IT risk assessment frameworks: real-world experience Formal risk assessment methodologies try to take guesswork out of evaluating IT risks. Here is real-world feedback on four such frameworks: OCTAVE, FAIR, NIST RMF, and TARA. By Bob Violino May 03, 2010 — CSO — Assessing and managing risk is a high priority for many organizations, and given the turbulent state of information security vulnerabilities and the need to be compliant with so many regulations, it's a huge challenge. Several formal...

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Who Risks Nothing, Does Nothing

to go. Taking risks is something that is generally not encouraged, not just in Zambia but all around the world. A friend of mine showed me an article by Brian McBrearity, a reformed Wall Street asset manager – now working in the SME development and financial services field, titled “Zambia Journal: No Risk, No Reward.” He worked in Zambia for some months and in the journal he tries to share his experiences. The article stated that “there seems to be a cultural rejection of risk and aggression in...

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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments A risk assessment is an examination of what work could cause harm to people. This will help to see whether there have been enough precautions taken or a need for more to prevent harm. Employees have a right to be protected at from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures. Accidents and ill health can affect a business if output is lost, machinery is damaged, insurance costs increased and possibly even having to go to court. It is a legal requirement to...

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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management Enterprise Risk Management in Banks The idea for risk management in banks has been increasing and has a growing need because there are multiple necessities that the banks must comply with and each company has their own method to handling it. Risk management has been around since the 1800’s because of the fact that there was always some awareness that risk is a plausible event in the daily aspect of banking. While risk management is different from enterprise risk management...

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At Risk Readers

At Risk Readers Introduction Did you know that learning to read is a challenge for almost 40 percent of kids? There are only just a few students who do not have some type of short coming when it comes to reading. Looking at National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) scores only one third of students read at the proficient or advanced levels. One third read at a basic level and the last one third are reading below that basic level. (1) Who are at risk readers? There are students that...

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What Are the Strengths and Challenges of Teams at Work?

What are the strengths and challenges of teams at work? Team work has been the biggest development in management of human resources for organizations in the past few decades (Mohrman, Cohen and Mohrman, 1995). It has been implemented in a wide variety of spheres and the growth of the popularity is still ongoing. It is obvious that these changes have not happened without a reason, there is something to team work that is attracting every manager like kids to an ice-cream car. Before I continue...

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ASL Challenge Paper

community and anyone who is interested to learn can join in easily, but only if they can hoop over some of the languages major challenges. In the article “Why is Learning American Sign Language a Challenge?” by Professor Mike Kent, he discusses the top 5 ASL challenges he has come across. The first challenge being social dominance patterns and attitude. This challenge is definitely a struggle for many new learners. People think that the deaf are nothing more than handicapped human beings that can’t...

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Risk and Currently Used Form

Joe and His Birds Many often use the idiom “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” in everyday conversations. But what does this commonly used phrase actually mean, and where did it come from? According to www.phrases.org, it means that it is better to have a lesser but certain advantage than the possibility of a greater one that may come to nothing. The origin of this proverb refers back to mediaeval falconry where a bird in the hand (the falcon) was a valuable asset and certainly worth...

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Virgin Group: Finding New Avenues for Growth

Virgin Group: Finding New Avenues for Growth Virgin is a leading international investment group and one of the most respected and recognized brands in the world. It has been one of the fastest growing companies in the world since its inception. Conceived in 1970 by Sir Richard Branson as a music mail-in service, the company has gone to grow as one of the largest companies in UK. Today, Virgin group has more than 400 companies worldwide in 34 different countries and with global...

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Challenges of New Business Start Ups

CHALLENGES OF NEW BUSINESS START UP, THE UNTOLD STORIES” In a bid to preview this article, I will share with you my views on what a start up is, common challenges experienced and my untold story. I would however start with this quote by Ajaero Tony Martins a successful entrepreneur and investor: "Starting a business is like building a ship and embarking on a voyage, armed with a plan, a map and a team. You will have to sail against storms, unpredictable weather and uncertainty. If your ship sinks...

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Challenges in the Implementation of New It Systems

Implementation of new information technology systems can be both a daunting and exciting task for many companies. Most of these new systems promise seamless integration of all the information flowing through the organization. For most companies, the opportunity to solve the problem of business integration is very exciting. However, for every story of successful implementation of IT systems, there are also horror stories of failed implementation (Davenport, 1998). Davenport (1998) agrees that system...

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Challenges of Management

5. THE CHALLENGE OF KNOWLEDGE WORKER PRODUCTIVITY Main Idea The most important contribution of management in the 20th Century was to increase manual worker productivity in manufacturing by around fifty-fold. The key management challenge of the 21st Century is to bring about a similar increase in the productivity of knowledge workers. Supporting Ideas All the economic and social gains of the 20th century, including the emergence of the "developed" countries, were made squarely on the back of increases...

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Entrepreneurship Challenges and Opportunities in India

Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 1, Special Issue, December 2011 14 Entrepreneurship Challenges and Opportunities in India Dr.N. Santhi and S. Rajesh Kumar Abstract--- True entrepreneurs are resourceful, passionate and driven to succeed and improve. They're pioneers and are comfortable fighting on the frontline. The great ones are ready to be laughed at and criticized in the beginning because they can see their path ahead and are too busy...

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Challenges in Starting a New Business

Starting a new business can be very exciting as well as challenging. It can be exciting because it might be a transition from being an employee to owning a business and becoming one’s own boss where there is freedom of doing things without anybody’s influence. The idea of being a business owner can be very exhilarating in itself. Bateman states that ‘The control and ownership of a business is a very powerful feeling. Having ownership is like an adrenalin flow. It gives you more energy – you start...

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Assimilating to a New Culture

Arriving in a new country or culture is something that all experience differently. Some it is all excitement at the new experiences and opportunities afforded by the change, for others it is largely fear at the changes they must under­take, learning different ways to function in their new environment, but for most it is a combination of the two, sitting somewhere between fear and excitement, expectation and trepidation. As we become a more globalized society one would think that it would be easier...

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A Brief Looking Into What Is News Reporting

CHAPTER -1 NEWS AND CONCEPTS News is one of the best know commodities in today’s world news is selective version of world events with a focus on that which is new and unusual. The concepts of news must have existed even before the beginning of the era of mass media called personal news. The news and interesting information constitute news. News may be defined as any accurate fact or idea that will interest in a large number of readers. News has certain other ingredients...

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The More the Risk, the Higher Your Confidence

Risk it Have you ever thought about how often we part by urging each other to be careful? ‘Take care’, we say or ‘Look after yourself’. It seems friendly and well meaning and of course, we want to see our friends again. However, we might actually be doing them a disservice. We are sending them a message that they should not take any risks. That is a similar message to the ones we have probably been receiving ourselves since childhood. While no sensible person would urge us to take risks with fire...

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the computational scientists have been with Synaptic for years. Many maintain close personal friendships with their colleagues. Some even circled back to the company after attempts to pursue other job opportunities. SITUATION AND INTERACTIONS Because of the nature of their research, computational scientists frequently interact with the IM personnel, and there is some overlap in responsibilities. Traditionally, computational research projects are initiated in the Computational Biology group. Due...

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Critical Lens Essay Yann Martel makes a conveying point through his quote “You must take life the way it comes at you, and make the best of it.” This quote means one must take the challenges that they encounter in life and find a way to get around them. One would agree with this statement. It is in fact true that despite the conflicts one encounters in life, one should stay optimistic and deal t=with the outcomes in a positive manor...

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Something New

are used to prepare for, protect against, respond to and recover from disasters of all types. A B C D Capabilities-based planning Civil defense All-hazard Terrorism-specific Identify the Emergency management strategy described. Manage uncertain risks by identifying and building the resources necessary to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from a wide range of possible threats. A B C D Capabilities-based planning Civil defense All-hazard Terrorism-specific Identify the Emergency...

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Risks and Challneges of the Eu Expansion

Risks and challenges of the EU expansion I. Introduction For several years now the European Union is discussing a possible enlargement, because several European countries have applied for membership in the EU. These are especially the former communist countries in Eastern Europe, that have clearly turned towards the west since the fall of the iron curtain. These countries are Bulgaria, the Baltic countries Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, Poland, Romania, the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic...

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What Is Entrepreneurship

course the whole world. It determines how the nation and the world live, work, learn, and lead in this century and beyond”. It is a purposeful activity that includes initiation, promotion and distribution of wealth and service. Entrepreneurship is a risk taking activity and challenging tasks which needs utmost devotion, total commitment and greater sincerity with fullest involvement for its growth and personality by the enterprising individuals. This field has been neglected for so long partly because...

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Challenges and Strategies for personal success

Challenges and Strategies for Personal Success Graduate students are determined to succeed in their careers. Determination is the quality that makes someone achieve, or continue to try and do, something that they perceive to be difficult. Personally, I am determined to get my masters of nursing and family nurse practitioner degree. While I know that the road to graduation will be long and difficult, I look forward to walking across the stage knowing that I have achieved my dream. This class...

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Leadership, Balance and Promotion Challenges

military service, I have encountered many problems in my career. The fact is that they are really not problems as the military is concerned, in this paper I will refer to them as challenges. Challenges that are a part of everyday life in the military, and the difference between a successful and unsuccessful leader. Challenges that we must take on with the utmost passion and sincerity if we are to be successful in the ever changing military world. It is said by many great leaders that in order to be...

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Describe the Strategic Challenges Facing Apple Computer

Apple Computer, Inc. Frances Woodyard Jacinta Acquay BUS 499 - Business Administration Capstone 1/29/2012 Describe the strategic challenges facing Apple Computer. The fast pace of technological change and competition are the challenges that Apple Computer is facing. Its strategic moves into communication devices and portable devices for downloading music and movies the company is in stiff competition from all venues. With no entry barrier in this business Apple has competitors, with lower...

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Identify some challenges that diversity at the workplace might bring.

QUESTION 2: Identify some challenges that diversity at the workplace might bring. ANSWER There are challenges to managing a diverse work population. Managing diversity is more than simply acknowledging differences in people. It involves recognizing the value of differences, combating discrimination, and promoting inclusiveness. Managers may also be challenged with losses in personnel and work productivity due to prejudice and discrimination and complaints and legal actions against the organization...

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challenges of entrepreneurs

Challenges of the Entrepreneurs Starting A common denominator for all entrepreneurs is the challenge of starting a business, be it through inventing something, looking for a new idea within a business, finding the right opportunity to break into a business, or buying into a franchise. And all of these takes planning — organizing all the aspects so that you reach your goal. Capital/Funds This is by far the greatest of all challenges facing entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs...

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what makes a good teacher

WHAT MAKES A GOOD TEACHER? In this essay I want to talk about ten of the qualities that make a good teacher. My method is absolutely unscientific. Readers who want to know what exerts say about good teaching should stop reading right now and open to a different page of Inspiring Teaching. Readers who want to know what Pete has noticed about good teaching are welcome to read on. My evidence is personal, memorial, observational, and narrow. I have known teachers in Indiana, Pennsylvania, Arizona...

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What Makes an Event News Worthy?

obtain their “News”. Whether a person is interested in local news, international news, or even entertainment news, they are able to stay abreast on current events via newspaper, social media, television, or basic word of mouth. Despite the population believing they receive most news stories, there are thousands of events that occur every day that do not make it to the public eye. Who determines what is news? Who determines what is news worthy? Although many viewers think the news is a telecast...

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Financial Risk Management

Financial risk management is not a new area of corporate finance but it certainly is not the most glamorous or favorable area to be in and is gaining more attention in the current economic crisis. Risk management is a part of many different lines of work, but all have the same purpose; identifying risk is imperative to success so that you can also discover ways to mitigate or avoid the problem and make sounds decisions. “Financial risk is the loss expectation arising from adverse security prices...

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Challenges in a Global Supply Chain

Discuss the challenges that a company may experience with a global supply chain. Introduction Businesses and supply chains have become substantiality global over the last decade. Between 1995 and 2007, the number of transnational companies has more than doubled from 38,000 to 79,000 and foreign subsidiaries have nearly tripled, from 265,000 to 790,000. (Ref: IBM report “the smarter supply chain of the future”) In addition to spreading geographically, supply chains now involve more companies...

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Challenge of the idea of 'the novel'

How, and to what extent, do the texts on this unit challenge the idea of “the novel‟? The conventions of “the traditional novel” are almost completely disregarded in twentieth century avant-garde fiction. According to Hutcheon, a healthy piece of postmodern fiction ‘paradoxically uses and abuses the conventions of both realism and modernism, and does so in order to challenge their transparency’ (1988, p. 53). Despite this, what effectively happens with avant-garde literature is that each...

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What are some of the issues that arise

Organisational Development What are some of the issues that arise in an OD consultant-client relationship and how do you prevent and solve same. Claudine Benjamin UWI November, 2014 The consultant in the OD consultant-client relationship is expected to provide the client with professional expert advice in a specific field by assisting the organisation in an objective manner to identify, analyse and, upon request, assist in implementing solutions to specific problems. There have been several schools...

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New Balance Sustainability Issues

Ethic and Sustainability Issues New Balance had faced many new challenges in terms of ethical and sustainability issues. The challenge for the company was to recognize how to incorporate an effective Corporate Social Responsibility program for stimulating a successful global business, while increasing the contribution of New Balance to developing an upright and sustainable world. New Balance is enduring a commitment to environmental principles in its business operations to have the least minimal...

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Rising Sea Levels in New York City

DNY: Landscapes in New York 11/12/14 Term Paper – Rising Sea Levels and PlaNYC Ban Ki-moon once said, “Climate change does not respect border; it does not respect who you are - rich and poor, small and big. Therefore, this is what we call 'global challenges,' which require global solidarity.” This quote shows how we as a world must work together to try and slow down climate change because it is something that is affecting us all, and eventually will distress us all in a very drastic manner, due...

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To Be or Not to Be What

To Be or Not To Be What? While Hamlet’s, “To be or not to be” soliloquy is one of the most famous soliloquies throughout all of literature, the meaning of what Hamlet is trying to convey is commonly misunderstood. While it appears Hamlet is speaking on the manner of life or death itself, his ideals are more logical then how they might be presumed. To have Hamlet speak of suicide at this portion of the play would be irrelevant. It would denature the growth Hamlet experienced throughout...

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Entrepreneurial - Myths about Entrepreneurs Challenges and Risks

Entrepreneurial - Myths about Entrepreneurs Challenges and Risks Entrepreneurs are often thought of in terms of the risk they assume. Even the dictionary describes an entrepreneur as one who assumes business risks. However, like all prudent businesspeople, entrepreneurs know that taking high risks is a gamble. Entrepreneurs are neither high nor low risk takers. They prefer situations in which they can influence the outcome, and they like challenges if they believe the odds are in their favor....

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Adapting to a New Culture

Composition 09 December 2012 Adapting to a New Culture As an immigrant we are faced with the fear of forgetting our culture, it’s values, and the root or our origins. We have to deal with the guilt of leaving our beloved land of birth behind and emerging in a new homestead with all of its uncertainties and cultural changes. Empathy invading us as we fail to comprehend if these adjustments in our life will transform our identities as we strive to adapt and conquer this new journey. Most likely there will be...

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What Is Organizational Capital

Kindley, M. (2001) What is Organizational Capital? – Interview to Erik Brynjolfsson – CIO Insight The recent bursting of the internet bubble, together with its unsustainable and sometimes bizarre business models, has resurrected the debate on the degree to which IT investments contribute to productivity growth. While economist Erik Brynjolfsson is a firm believer in the long-term contribution of technology to productivity growth, he also believes the answer isn't as easy as buying a few computers...

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Risk Leadership

I feel much honored to read the article "Deny the Consent to Be Governed: Risk Leadership Theory" which write by our school scholars Curtis Brungardt and C.B. Crawford. Different from other articles about leadership, I think their perspective is very special. They introduced the risk leadership from the perspective of the leadership development. Such a development vision I first think of the history of China, from the several thousand years of feudalism society to the socialist society, China has...

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Something New Under the Sun: Review

Something New Under the Sun: A Review Nicole Desaulnier 997155821 HIS1111 Topics in North American Environmental History Professor Laurel MacDowell February 03, 2009 Ecclesiastes, written by King Solomon towards the end of his life, discusses vanity in terms of items that bring no ultimate value, that many things on earth have a temporary value. He tells readers that “there is nothing new under the sun” as humankind has pursued individual, short-term profits and gains throughout time and...

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Mobile Phone and New Technology

segments, as well as demographic and media habits information that can be used to profile the segments. Cluster analysis is the task of assigning a set of objects into groups (called clusters) so that the objects in the same cluster are more similar (in some sense or another) to each other than to those in other clusters. We have to revise their recommendations based on the additional quantitative data. PART- A Q1: Based on the three customer personas, which customer segment should Ontela target? ...

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Risk Taking

name- Taking Risks are very difficult for some people. The mind and takes a big part in this “disease”. The id’s basic needs do a lot to overcome these fears. Fear and lack of confidence are what stop many from doing the possible. Fear plays a major roll in many anti-risk taking situations. “Decidophobia is the fear of making decisions “ (Ronald 118). These people have the fear of taking risks because they fear losing control. These people don’t want to become addicted to something like gambling...

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A Structured Approach to Enterprise Risk Management

Ahmed Taha Enterprise risk management Introduction: Enterprise risk management can be defined as a process, effected by an entity’s board of directors, management and other personnel, applied in strategy setting and across the enterprise, designed to identify potential events that may affect the entity, and manage risk to be within its risk appetite, to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of entity objectives. In other words , Enterprise risk management (ERM) is...

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The U.S. News Media: Too Much Freedom? Or Not Enough?

The U.S. News Media Too: Much Freedom? Or Not Enough? What is freedom of the press? * Encapsulated in the bill of rights (first amendment). * “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freed of speech, or of the press, or the rights of people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. “ * You have responsibility for your speech and your publication; individuals...

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Challenges Faced by First Year Students

This essay will examine the challenges and hardships that first year student’s encounter at university. The problems that will be discussed in this essay is in terms of economic, cultural and social issues. Each issue will present two main ideas with an example. In addition it will further elaborate on these issues that first year students face and the reasons why this has become an obstacle for them. This disquisition will conclude that these challenges should be taken into serious...

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What is an American?

What truly is an American? Many people would answer with “an independent thinker,” or something like “a free man” or “a free woman.” Being an American is much more than thinking independently or just being free. Being an American means taking pride in America. Being an American means taking pride in everything about America. Being an American means taking pride in being American. An American is not just a person residing in America, An American is a person residing in America that loves his or her...

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