Why Trying New Things Is Important

Topics: Learning, Risk, Change Pages: 1 (464 words) Published: February 8, 2012
Hello everyone.
We all have to understand that the world is changing in every minute that’s passing, so it’s hard for us to remain unchanged ourselves. Some people remain faithful to what they do well whereas others prefer to have changes and try new things in order to increase your knowledge and understanding. First of all, whilst you’re learning new things, you cannot afford to get left behind. This is one disadvantage. Being students, you need to build up your knowledge to be qualified to pass your exams and carry on with your future career. For example, if you’re worse at maths, you will think there is not much point in studying it. Instead of studying maths, you do chemistry exercises which you’re good at. Consequently, your maths is getting worse and worse. The moral is, trying something new (concentrating on maths instead of chemistry) will start of a drag but end up getting you amazing grades, this turns out to be a great advantage! Taking risks isn’t all that bad. Some people may become very successful due to their risking attitudes while others may fail. We are frightened that we are unable to do the work so we give up. But, if we don’t give it a try how can we be sure we cannot be successful? Whenever we miss a chance, hardly will it come again. It’s no matter whether we will fail or not. It’s a matter of what we will learn from it. I believe it is okay if we don’t succeed at our first attempt, the advantage here is we can gain experience and do better next time. Finally, trying new things and taking risks, in general, help to make our society progressed. There is a lot of evidence about this. Many inventions were achieved after many attempts. Moreover, we have been changing constantly all our lives. We can exist because we know how to deal with change. This has been an advantage because our knowledge of the world and how it works has grown and we’ve discovered how to make things which benefit everyone. On the other hand, it has been a disadvantage...
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