"What Are Some Of The Global Strategies That Companies In The United States Have Implemented To Offset Many Of The Economic Issues Such As The Rise In Gas Prices And The Property Market Decline Also" Essays and Research Papers

What Are Some Of The Global Strategies That Companies In The United States Have Implemented To Offset Many Of The Economic Issues Such As The Rise In Gas Prices And The Property Market Decline Also

Global Social Issues and Change Can anyone remember where they were at on September 11, 2001 when America was attacked? On Tuesday at 8:45 a.m., as American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center, the building shook, and the world came crashing to a halt. The stock market ceased, the airplanes stopped flying, the trains stopped moving, and people stopped working, the world was silent as all eyes were on America. This caused the horrible act of war to begin, which in return began...

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Economic Issues Plaguing the U.S Domestic Auto Industry

 Economic Issues Plaguing the U.S. Domestic Auto Industry Danika G. Brown Lakeland College Economic Issues Plaguing the U.S. Domestic Auto Industry Starting in the very recent recession, the decline of the United State’s domestic auto industry is a sight to see. “The mutual market share of the United State’s “Big Three” car companies fell close to 20% in a decade, from 70% in 1998 to 53% in 2008.” (Snyder, 2012). Within the past several years, China is currently building...

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CHINA vs. UNITED STATES; The top greenhouse gas emitter in the world: A result of economic success due to globalization and foreign trade

 CHINA vs. UNITED STATES The top greenhouse gas emitter in the world: A result of economic success due to globalization and foreign trade. Iffat Ara Parveen INTRODUCTION Globalization refers to the process that involves businesses or other organizations to develop international influence in order to operate at an international scale. (Held & McGrew, 2005). The foreign trade due to globalization makes producers have an access to larger, international markets leading to international specialization...

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Natural Gas: the Best Choice for Tomorrow’s Energy

Natural Gas: The Best Choice for Tomorrow’s Energy What comes to mind when you think about energy? I bet most of you probably think about electricity, heat, and basic everyday things that we use that require some sort of energy. Let’s think about that for a moment. How are things like electricity and heat produced? Many of the commodities that we all in enjoy in this world like electricity, heat, and many other things are produced by an energy source. These sources for a very long time consisted...

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Impact of Global Recession and Financial Management Challenges and Strategies: for Indian Economy

Impact of global recession and financial management challenges and strategies: For Indian Economy ABSTRACT:- ▪ The world is witnessing one of the most critical changes in global economy, communal, regional and national conflicts which is the worst recession of the century. This has made an impact on every sector and there is a need to battle these crises with a new mindset. ▪ The current slowdown, which world is witnessing, is cyclical, which happens every 10 years. The last time it...

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Expository Essay on Gas and Oil Prices

How Oil and Gas Prices Affect the Economy Stacey Melton Eng. 101 September 5th, 2010 Karen Glass How Oil and Gas Prices Affect the Economy While supply and demand affects oil and gas prices, the United States and surrounding countries may be suffering economically due to their intense dependence for crude oil. The effects on our economy today are somewhat extreme. Population growth combined with current unemployment rates have temporally brought on a recession. According to Dictionary...

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Relationship Between Economic Growth and Environment

relationship between the economic growth and environment is and may always remain a complex matter. Some perceive the emergence of new pollution problems unsuccessful when dealing with global warming. There are others however, that have a more optimistic view. They see tremendous progress made in improving air quality in major cities and note ever improving human condition which was made possible by the advances of technology. The limited natural resources of the planet had many years been viewed as...

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Gas Prices

Fluctuating Gas Prices Kyle Bonzelaar Davenport University Gas prices have been on a rapid rise the last few years and not many people are happy with it. It limits those on a budget for how much they can do and how much they are willing to drive. Lately, gas prices have been fluctuating in price and going up but are more recently going back down, which gives people a little more flexibility at times in their schedule. It lets people do things such as travel and more, that they were not able...

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Natural Gas World Market

Major Natural gas producers Graph.2 Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF) Natural gas Demand & Price Natural gas could be the 100% replacement of crude oil’ Conclusion 1. Introduction Natural gas is a very important energy source in the world and it is the cleanest and most hydrogen rich of all the hydrocarbon energy sources and it has high energy conversation efficiencies for power generation [1]. In olden days natural gas was only producing...

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Globalization and Decline of State

Introduction. A considerable issue in the discipline of International Relations is the role of state. It is generally acknowledged that the constant transformation of society and economy has been oc-curring throughout the history. These changes could not pass side the condition of state in the world politics. According to Creveld (1999), since the middle of the seventeenth century, the institution of state has been the most dominant actor in international relations. However, over...

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Oil & Gas Price Evolution

What Moves the Oil and Gas Price? Why are oil prices and gas prices so dramatically increased in the last view years? Oil and gas price will maintain the current level or rise in the next years because of the world economy, an increased demand on oil and its production costs, the gas demand, and the investment in developing alternative energy sources. How long will the oil reserves last? It is currently estimated that the oil reserves in the United States will last for 20 to 30 years...

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Global Financial Crisis for Four Important Economic Sectors in Indonesia

Global Financial Crisis for Four Important Economic Sectors in Indonesia The global economic crisis that occurred in several countries of the world in economy sector has resulted in higher volatility in weaker economic growth. European region in the global have monetary crisis that caused by the national debt of Greece, also Ireland and Portugal have same problem, and eventually affected almost the entire European Union, the political deterioration of Countries in the Middle East, the nuclear...

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Bp Strategy Toward Environmental Issues

BP Company: strategy regarding and non renewable energy 1-What are the main feature of BP’s past business strategy toward climate change and the energy production based on non renewable natural resources? What were the main rives behind this strategy? Before 1997, BP’s management was not involve in climate change issue caused by the use of fossil fuels and did not want to recognize the link between economic activity and global warming. Indeed, the company was a member of the Global Climate...

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Making Markets Work for the Environment

[pic] MAKING MARKETS WORK FOR THE ENVIRONMENT IETA, founded twelve years ago after the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, is a global trade association dedicated to the use of carbon pricing, emissions trading and market mechanisms to combat climate change cost-effectively.  From offices in Geneva, Brussels, Washington, San Francisco and Toronto it helps achieve the design, implementation and operation of carbon markets and emissions trading systems that work smoothly from the perspective of business...

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Explain the Key Demand Side Drivers of Price for Oil.

1(a) Explain the key demand side drivers of price for oil. In recent years, the fluctuations of oil prices have gotten the attention of the whole world. From $20s in 2003, it hit a mid-term peak of $148 in mid 2008, then fell to $30 during early 2009, and now back to $70-$80. Economic principles have demonstrated that the rise of oil price is a function of lack of supply and greater demand. We know that oil is lack of supply since there’s no major oil field found in the last 40 years and oil...

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Global Business Analysis

Support Globalisation: Some argue that falling barriers to international trade and investment are the twin engines driving the global economy toward greater prosperity. Increased international trade and cross- border investment will result in lower prices for goods and services. They believe that globalisation stimulates economic growth, raises the incomes of consumers and helps create jobs in all countries that participate in the global trading system. Anti- Globalisation: In December 1999, more...

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Mixed Economy and Economic Freedom

Chapter 4 Study Guide The Economic Environment 1) The recent global economic financial crises have led to proposals of more or less regulations? 2) Income, purchasing power, market size, and market type are all key elements of the political or the economic environment? 3) From the 1980s to the most recent global economic crisis, did countries turn away from the principles and practices of free markets or adopt the principles and practices of free markets? 4) There is no universal scheme to...

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Is the Experience of the United States, as Described in the Case, Consistent with the Pattern of International Trade? Explain International Trade Theories and Illustrate the Pattern of Trade with Information Provided by the Case.

experience of the United States, as described in the case, consistent with the pattern of international trade? Explain international trade theories and illustrate the pattern of trade with information provided by the case. 1. According to case, United States invented most of the information technology that we use today. In the 1980s, the locus of growth in the sector shifted to personal computers and the innovations of companies like Intel, Apple Inc, or IBM had developed mass market for products....

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Wal-Mart Current Market Conditions

Wal-Mart: Current Market Conditions Paul Kahler, Dawn Smith, Sean McClintock, Danny Truong University of Phoenix ECO365/Principles of Microeconomics Matthew Angner October 25, 2010 Wal-Mart: Current Market Conditions Market trends in the retail market are not difficult to track. “Any major initiative Wal-Mart undertakes has enormous supply chain implications worldwide” (ThomasNet News, 2010). The analysis for this paper is to look at the approach of Wal-Mart in a very competitive industry...

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Issues relating to the Management of Multi-National Corporations

 IBO 1007 Introduction to Management Assignment - 3 Issues relating to the Management of Multi-National Corporations There has been a significant evolution in the importance and operation of multi-national corporations globally in the past century. Multi-national corporations are companies or enterprises that manage production or deliver services in more than one country. A multi-national corporation has its management headquarters in one country, known as the home country, and...

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Economic Analysis

 Economic Analysis Keva Paul ECO/561 August 18, 2014 Mr. J. Carl Bowman Economic Analysis An economic analysis of a business proposal allows the company to take a closer look at any given product to determine whether or not improvement(s) is/are needed. An economic analysis will also help a company to determine if resources are being allocated in the most effective manner. This week’s assignment required that an economic analysis section of a business proposal be completed. Included is...

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Pharmaceutical Companies

discussion about pharmaceutical companies, intellectual property, and the global AIDS epidemic. Do pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to distribute drugs for free or low cost in developing countries? Why is intellectual property such a big deal? What impact would South Africa’s decision to levy duties on drugs in the country have on the international distribution of drugs? Was the change that provided patent protection for pharmaceutical companies an appropriate change or a dangerous...

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Global Markets

most important benefits and risks associated with diversification into global markets. There are benefits and there are risks associated with diversification into global markets. Diversification into global markets means a company is seeking to have the control in one central area instead of in many different areas because ultimately they are seeking to control their costs. The main advantage of a global market is that a company does not need to make a lot of variations of a product. They can instead...

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Why Do Gas Prices Fluctuate?

 Why Do Gas Prices Fluctuate? In the United States, most drivers are well aware of the persistent erratic gas price changes over the past few years. One day the prices might be at a lowered price, and the next day the prices could possibly be raised to an even higher price than it was before. This might lead to individuals being confused as to why these sudden price changes are occurring. Some people who may not understand what is going on might feel as if they are being cheated or ripped off...

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Global Communications Ethical Filter Worksheet

Gap Analysis: Global Communications Technology changes every day and with those changes, should come new ideas and new services and products for each company in the telecommunications market to offer. When companies do not keep updated with the market, they will fall short, stock prices will fall and layoffs will become necessary. Global Communications was once a leader in local, long distance and international telephone markets. Stock prices were trading for $28 per share and over the past three...

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External/Industry Analysis: Workforce Housing in the Oil and Gas Industry

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 1 External/Industry Analysis: Workforce Housing in the Oil and Gas Industry Steve McKeon Westminster College INDUSTRY ANALYSIS 2 Introduction The external analysis is designed to help companies identify specific trends and events that may have an impact on their business. This concept is not difficult to understand, but many companies have fallen victim to their own complacency. This is why the external analysis is so important and must be evaluated on a regular...

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Global Economy

How is the current Global Economy? Introduction of Global Economy The global economy has been formulated to many definitions. As a basic one that has been defined as the increasing integration of fragmented national markets for goods and services into a single global market. For instance, in a national market, the materials, labors, whole process of production, selling service and so on that are all within a country. By contraries, in such a global market, companies may from country A, conduct...

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Strategic Management and Costco Company

operational adaptation to changing markets. Through inquiries, the influence in the recent economic trends, provide strategies that have use or could use in the adaptation to changes in the market related to issues of economic trends, such as recession and economic downturn. Costco Company’s research paper will further discuss the tactics that has implemented or could implemented to achieve strategic goals and the role of human resources management in helping the company achieve its business goals. ...

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Drivers of China Foreign Policy Since 1978 and Its Global Consequences

Drivers for China’s foreign policy since 1978 and its global consequences China has become a key player in the international field. With its growing economy that has the potential to soon be the biggest in the world and its large number of inhabitants, every of its movement has gained high importance around the globe. Evaluating China’s foreign policy helps to understand its attitude and intentions towards the other nations and the goals that are wished to be achieved inside ‘the territory of...

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Exxonmobile: Social Responsibility in a Commodity Market

a Commodity Market Company Case 5 MKT 550 Chris Boisvenu Introduction This particular case deals with ExxonMobil and its social responsibility in a commodity market. ExxonMobil is the world’s largest publicly traded international oil and gas company. They hold an industry-leading inventory of global oil and gas resources. They are the world’s largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products (ExxonMobil, 2013). This case deals with the everyday struggle of raising gas prices and the toll...

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Rising Gas Prices

There are many different elements that contribute to rising gasoline prices. The major cause for increasing gasoline prices has to do with refining capacity. Even if oil were inexpensive, we would still have a problem converting it into the gas that fuels our economy. That is what keeps the gas prices high. When gas supplies are short, due to an “inability to refine crude oil into gas efficiently,” prices increase. This is a component of supply and demand economics. In a positive aspect...

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Must Multinational Companies Go Global to Survive?

UGB 114 – Understanding the Global Environment Individual Essay Must Multinational Companies go Global to survive? Mark Winter/Chris Bushell Sophie Hawksby – 099008202 Hand in date – 14/01/10 Word count - 2298 Must Multinational Companies go Global to survive? For the purpose of this essay I will use the following definition of Globalisation, according to The International Business Environment – ‘Globalisation is the creation of linkages or interconnections between...

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Rise and Fall of Oil Prices

The Rise and Fall of Oil Prices POSC 101: Introduction to Politics & Government Professor Taehyun Nam December 6, 2012 Professor Taehyun Nam POSC 101 6 December 2012 The Rise and Fall of Oil Prices In the previous writing assignment, I wrote about how the high price of oil has affected my life as a commuting college student. Therefore, now I would like to explain the causes that contribute to the rise and fall of oil prices in the world economy. Oil is arguably one of the most...

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Tanzania Is Poised to Become a Large Exporter of Gas After Recent Discovery of Large Gas Deposits. How Would Gas Export Make Tanzania Vulnerable to the “Dutch Disease”?. What Policies Can Be Introduced to Offset This Effect?

In Tanzania the gas was discovery on lately 1970s but the exploration has not begun yet at that time. The gas exploration start on early 2000s and the production was begun on 2004 by generate gas from Songo Songo Island using to produce electricity power and some gas were direct to the manufactures sector industry like cement industry. The current data show that Tanzania have reserve of 30 Trillion cubic feet of gas from its onshore field and offshore field like Kiliwani, Songo Songo, Mnazi Bay...

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Case study- Global strategy

Clarisse Lanugan Rose Vi Crisostomo Jennica Tahinay Case Study- Global Marketing Strategies Introduction On paper, global marketing is undoubtedly a great concept. The idea of leveraging a marketing strategy across multiple markets seems to be nothing but beneficial. It saves effort and resources, and ensures a high degree of consistency between all in-market branding and activities. However, the question of whether global marketing works is a frequent conversation topic amongst marketers...

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Ford Motor Company and the Changing Market

Ford Motor Company and the Changing Market xxxxxx xxxxx mm/dd/yyyy instructor Ford Motor Company and the Changing Market Past analysis on Ford explored financial statements; identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats; explored trends within the global market; and benchmarked Ford against other automotive industry leaders. Building on these findings it is necessary to discover the influence that the local, national, and worldwide economy has on the business. Many fluctuations...

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Economic Impact on Aviation Industry

The economic situation has proven to have impacted the airline industries in many ways. For instance, changes in price of an airline industry may also change the demand and elasticity of the services offered by the airline company. In this regard, the outlook of the airline industry can still be considered to have strong growth in spite of changing economic conditions. For airlines, the economic situation for prices, wage inequality and even monetary aspects will hold many challenges and only those...

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Global Warming Due to Human Actions? 

Is global warming due to human actions?  Introduction Global warming refers to the increase in the average temperature of both the earth’s near surface air and the oceans. The temperature increase began in mid twentieth century and is predicted to continue into the future. For example, during the last hundred years ending in 2005, the earth’s surface air temperature has increased drastically (Thomas, C. D, 2004). Basically, global warming is the recent increase in the average air and ocean...

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Chinese Property Bubble Burst

WHAT HAPPEN IF CHINESE PROPERTY BUBBLE BURST? A. Introduction 1. Definition Chinese property bubble was a real estate bubble in residential and commercial real estate in China. 2. Causes The Great Recession in 2008 still affects the worldwide economy, especially big countries such as US, Europe, China; results in a sharp drop in international trade, rising unemployment and slumping commodity prices. It causes the property bubble; however, the beginning started early in 2005, deflate in late...

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Micro Economic Paper Whirlpool

------------------------------------------------- The four economic concepts I employed in my report are: ------------------------------------------------- 1. Cost Control ------------------------------------------------- 2. Pricing Strategy ------------------------------------------------- 3. Fighting competition through innovation & branding ------------------------------------------------- 4. People ------------------------------------------------- I previously worked for...

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The Changing Role of Imf in Asia and Global

The Changing Role of the IMF in Asia and the Global Economy : It is an exciting time for the Fund. We are in the process of implementing a new Medium-Term Strategy, with the aim of adapting the institution to help our members deal with the challenges of 21st century globalization. These include issues like greatly increased capital flows which permit current account payments imbalances on an unprecedented scale; integrated financial markets that are both more complex and subject to more rapid change...

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Cultural Differences and Global Marketing

differences and global marketingCultural differences and global marketing The progress of humanity and human beings can be attributed to one important factor and that is the strong capability of human beings to understand and adapt to cultural differences. Respecting cultural differences has brought the human beings close together and has tied them in a strong bond. The conquering of the cultural differences has also introduced us to a new terminology, global economy, which is a global system of production...

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Ford Motor Company: a Domestic and Global Company

Ford Motor Company: A Domestic and Global Company External factors have effects on many companies operations inside the United States and in other countries. These factors are usually out of the company’s control which are managed as well as the company’s ability can handle. The environmental factors influencing Ford Motor Company’s marketing strategies and decisions are discussed in this paper. Domestic and global environmental issues in culture, demographics, technology, and the physical...

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United States and China Economic Relation

changed to a market oriented system with a major role in the global economy. Today, China is the United States second largest trading partner, its fourth largest export market and second largest source of imports. Total trade with the United States has grown from $4 billion in 1980 to approximately $343 billion in 2006. This impressive growth brings with it several issues that at this time make the economic relation between the U.S. and China full of conflicts. Some of these issues are Currency...

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Abc Company - 1

ABC Company Randall K. Howell ACC 206: Principles of Accounting II Don Fey March 4, 2013 The ABC Company is a manufacturing firm that specializes in making cedar roofing and siding shingles, introducing the new project to build cedar dollhouses by shingle scrap materials for reaching $3 million annual sales within the next 3 years. Explain the overall risk profile of the ABC Company based on current economic and industry issues. In order to help out the CEO I prepare reports that will...

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case study about malaysia gas

MALAYSIA’S GAS SUPPLY-DEMAND GAP  INTRODUCTION ABOUT THE CASE:             According to Datuk Dr Abdul Rahim Hashim, Malaysia's gas supply-demand gap will start growing next year at the time whereby contracted production declines, and Malaysia faced supply challenges with declining indigenous gas production in Peninsula Malaysia, increased extraction rates, commercially challenging reserves.             As the demand and supply of the gas grows, it will make the cost of production and exploration...

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Economic Freedom

recent years that the issue of vast globalization, economic development and its impact on various aspects of state wellbeing is the one that needs to be looked at very carefully. Moreover, direct investments into the country’s development and as a result improved quality of life are an additional incentive to increase the economic freedom level. Throughout the centuries scholars and economists have argued on whether economic freedom based on private property and free markets is the only beneficial...

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PPQ Parts Global Expansion

management and are made aware of the political and economic concerns that may arise during the expansion. This will allow them to be properly equipped with the knowledge and required plan of action to handle such situations as needed.   Currently, there are many organizations that plan to become global companies in order to reach the international markets that have a need for the specific products and services provided. This form of expansion has also been identified as a necessity in order to for...

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Economics of General Motors

Economics of General Motors The role of the automotive industry in U.S economy is quite important. Given the multiplier effect, its impacts on other industries such as glass, steel and rubber, so it is considered an industry that shows some level of welfare in the economy one that has a greater share of production in manufacturing. The automobile industry provides thousands upon thousands of jobs, and in the last century the automobile has revolutionized the world, and become an indispensible...

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Effect of Global Crises on Indian Economy

The credit crunch The global financial crisis (GFC) or global economic crisis is commonly believed to have begun in July 2007 with the credit crunch, when a loss of confidence by US investors in the value of sub-prime mortgages caused a liquidity crisis. This, in turn, resulted in the US Federal Bank injecting a large amount of capital into financial markets. By September 2008, the crisis had worsened as stock markets around the globe crashed and became highly volatile. Consumer confidence hit rock...

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Chevrolet Company Profile

Chevrolet Chevrolet, also known as Chevy, is a division of General Motors (GM) that was founded by Louis Chevrolet, a race-car driver, and William C. Durant, founder of General Motors, in 1911 (Wikipedia, 2008). With a dramatic influence on the American automobile market in the 1950s and 1960s, one out of ten cars sold in the United States was a Chevy (Wikipedia, 2008). Chevrolet created an image of being the American vehicle by using slogans such as, “Heartbeat of America”, “An American Revolution”...

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The Global Wine Market

Introduction With the development of economic globalization, the global wine market was experiencing a revolution and the competition between the Old World and New World was changing extensively. Many corporations of wine producers form the Old World, for example, France and Italy, etc. found that themselves constrained by restrictive industry regulations, embedded practices and traditions, and complex legislation, and these restrictions of the Old World wine produces provided many opportunities for these wine...

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Ralph Lauren Strategy Paper

Module 2: Mission, Goals, and Strategic Management Process Module 3: External Analysis Module 2: Mission, Goals, and Strategic Management Process Module 3: External Analysis Group: Diamonds Ralph Lauren Corporation Strategy Term Project MGT 695 – 01 Dr. Hochradel Module 2: Mission, Goals, and the Strategic Management Process The mission of Ralph Lauren is to provide quality product, bringing different worlds together and inviting people...

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Global Warming

Argumentative Essay on Global Warming “Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface” (Global Warming) . It has the effect of making the Earth’s surface warmer compared as it was the previous years. Such warming effect is also referred to as the “greenhouse effect”. Accordingly, “the global average temperature has increased about 0.7 to 1.4 degrees F (0.4 to 0.8 degrees C) since the late 1800's and many experts estimate that the average temperature will rise an additional...

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‘What Makes Tesco Successful? Place or Price Strategy?’

What makes Tesco successful? Place or Price strategy?’ Company Background Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen, who sold groceries in the markets of the London East End from 1919. The Tesco brand first appeared in 1924. He started by buying 30 pounds worth of army surplus rations. On his first day of selling this stock at the market he made a profit of one pound. After selling all of this he had made himself some money to work with. He used this money to buy goods, which other stores would not sell...

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The Global Economy and International Trade

The Global Economy and International Trade What Is International Trade International trade is the exchange of capital, goods, and services across international borders or territories. In most countries, such trade represents a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP). While international trade has been present throughout much of history, its economic, social, and political importance has been on the rise in recent centuries. Increasing international trade is crucial to the continuance...

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Market Structures

the United States Postal Service (USPS, 2008) has no close substitutes, competition does not exist. The Postal Service’s universal service obligation (USO) is broadly outlined in multiple statutes and encompasses multiple dimensions: geographic scope, range of products, access to services and facilities, delivery frequency, affordable and uniform pricing, service quality, and security of the mail (USPS 2008). When monopolists are not protected by law from competition, the companies may have to keep...

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"A short history of the Great Depression, from the stock market crash of 1929 to World War II"

ECO2013 "A short history of the Great Depression, from the stock market crash of 1929 to World War II" The great depression was a worldwide event characterized by an economic slum which spanned North America, Europe and other industrialized countries from 1929 to 1939. The incident sparked a catastrophic crash of the stock market on the New York stock exchange in America during October 1929, while the effects lingered, as stocks continued to fall dramatically for the next three years...

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Global business strategies

A global business strategy can be described as the strategies that a business has when they are serving customers around the world or operating in a global business environment (EconomyWatch, 2010). Global business strategies are closely related to the long and short term goals of an organization. Generally, short term goals deal with improving the day to day operations of the business. The long term goals on the other hand, deal with increasing profits and sales to strengthen the organization...

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The Nature and Causes of the Global Economic Crisis

nature and causes of the global economic crisis What is global economic crisis? – The nature thereof. Global economic crisis refers to an economic situation in which most of the countries of the world go through a period of economic breakdown called contraction or recession or slump, which manifest itself in the decline in aggregate output, usually for two consecutive quarters. During this contraction period, the structure of the economies change, resulting in economic hardships such as, rising...

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