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War Is A Necessary Evil

If war is necessary, it is a necessary evil. Its evil is sometimes concealed for a time by its glamour and excitement but when war is seen in its reality, there is a little glory about it. At its best, it is hideous calamity. It brings in awful loss of life. In recent great wars, millions of men, women and children were killed, many died of diseases, famines and untold sufferings. A war generally sweeps away the strongest and best men of a country and leaves the aged, the weak and the unfit to carry...

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A Necessary Evil

right to do so. Low wages are obviously the priority issue discussed when contracts are up for renewal and one of the basic reasons for calling a strike. Even though most union officials often seem to go overboard in their demands, it may be a necessary tactic used to wake up the administrators who never want to give even the basic cost-of-living raise. While teachers and nurses are called "professionals" and spend years of time and money to train for these positions, when it comes to dollars...

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There Is No Doubt That War Is An Evil One

There is no doubt that war is an evil one. It is the greatest catastrophe that can befall human beings. It brings death and destruction, merciless slaughter and butchery, disease and starvation, poverty and ruin in its wake. One has only to think of the havoc that was wrought in various countries not many years ago, in order to estimate the destructive effects of war. A particularly disturbing side of modern wars is that they tend to become global so that they may engulf the entire world. There...

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Government Is a Necessary Evil

8 November 2011 ENG 221 Dr. West A Government is a necessary evil Authors have debated the role of governments for hundreds of years. Two of these authors, are Thomas Paine and Henry David Thoreau. "In Common Sense by Thomas Paine, he expresses his opinion on how the government is a "necessary evil", and in the 21st century the government still appears to be evil." Thoreau also expresses his concern with a government in “Civil Disobedience”. Both of these authors had valid opinions, and...

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Why War Is Necessary

in it's existence, there has always been and always will be war. History all throughout the world holds numerous acts of war dating all the way back to the early years of civilization, up until even today's most recent problems. I believe war is a perfectly necessary action, especially when a hostile force makes unjustifiable attacks that put the safety of our country at jeopardy. This does not mean that every issue's solution has to be war. Simply, this means you deserve to be able to protect yourself...

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Facebook is a necessary evil

“Facebook is a necessary evil” Discuss? Facebook in simple terms can be defined as a social networking website that enables around a billion people worldwide to connect with each other via the internet. Following its initiation Facebook was labelled as an essential tool for communication whereas these days it has mostly been used as a tool for practising of evil deeds in the society. Recently Facebook has been used as a tool for unnecessary evil in the society with main examples social uprising...

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WHY IS WAR A NECESSARY EVIL There is no double that war is evil, human suffering in the biggest man-made disaster. It brings death and destruction, hunger and dieses, and run in its wake. If looking back to the havoc war only brings destructive effects to social and economic of this world. However, according to Richard Gabriel nations normally just customarily measure the ‘costs of war’ in dollars, lost production, or the number of soldiers killed or wounded. Rarely do military establishments...

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“the Law Is a Necessary Evil.” Discuss.

individuals as well as between the individual and their society. These rules establish rights, duties and privileges that are consistent with the values and beliefs of the society. Nevertheless, is law a “necessity,” is it an “evil” or is it merely a “necessary evil?” Law is necessary in the society as a control mechanism. Since society has so many variables, what is one man’s right may be another man’s wrong. According to Prof. H. L. A. Hart, “Man needs to be regulated by laws as he does not live in...

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Law Is a Necessary Evil

LAW IS A NECESSARY EVIL A law is “a rule of conduct or procedure established by the Custom, Agreement or Authority” by which a society is governed. Law is different from the other type of rules which govern certain types of behavior. Rules in regards to the Sports or other Games could not be treated as Law. This is principally because not everyone is governed by the Rules of the Sports, only those who participate in the Sports are governed by such Rules. The existence Law in a society means that...

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Capital Punishment Is A Necessary Evil

“Capital Punishment is a Necessary Evil” Oppose Head of the English Department, Mrs. Daria Sorhaindo, class teacher of form 4-C, Mrs. Sarah Douglas-Perez and my fellow classmates. My group members Jaide Phillip, Sinead Stephen, Kelly-Ann Liverpool, Maya Reid and myself, Iyka Dorival bid you a warm good afternoon. Today, my group will express our views on capital punishment. Is it a form of punishment that is a truly necessary in our society? Or should we move to more humane methods? Is capital...

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The Death Penalty: a Necessary Evil

The Death Penalty: a Necessary Evil Life is the most wonderful gift that God gives us. He also gives us the power to do what we wish with that life. We can keep it and guard it, or we can take it away. It follows that murder is the worst crime anyone could ever commit. It is a crime that no one can ever make right because once you take a life away you can never give it back. Penalties exacted from criminals are made to fit the crimes committed. The worst crime possible should therefore...

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Capital Punishment - a Necessary Evil?

Capital Punishment - a necessary evil? View PDF | Print View by: Smrithy Word Count: 933 0 comments “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a life for a life” Is it ever justifiable to execute criminals? Is Capital punishment the penalty (sentence of death) for committing a crime or is execution in the simplest of terms a state-sanctioned killing? The principle of capital punishment is that certain murderers deserve nothing less than death as a just, proportionate and effective...

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How War Is Necessary

10 War has been with mankind for many millenniums. The reasons for wars in mankind’s history have all been various, however one big reason for war is that countries want to grow bigger, by taking over one another. Throughout history, rulers would not be satisfied with the amount of land that they had or wanted to spread their beliefs around the world. So, they did it by trying to take over others. However, some didn’t want to give up their land or change, so they fought. Fighting these wars are...

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Advertising - a Necessary Evil?

Advertising - a necessary evil? By Brigitte Heyer "Advertising is the art of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it." Stephen Leacock Every business needs advertising, like it or lump it. Although there are some geniuses around who have the knack to get it right, for most people effective advertising is a long, and often costly, learning experience. You soon learn what does and doesn't work, and try bravely to withstand the lure of clever, well-trained reps working under...

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Was the Vietnam War Necessary?

Vietnam War was not necessary Donna Baker COM/172 Version 3 October 29, 2012 Donna Hooley The Vietnam War started in 1954 with the defeat of the French and ended in 1975 with the fall and withdrawal of Saigon. The United States’ (U.S.’s) involvement in the Vietnam War started in 1963 with support of weapons, military training, advisement, and supplies until 1965 when U.S. troops went into battle with the North Vietnamese (Szczepanski, n.d.). American troops did not pull out of the war until...

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Stereotyping, a Necessary Evil

Stereotyping, a Necessary Evil Society generates numerous stereotypes this is a fact. Stereotyping is seen in everyday life as well as the class room, work place and court room. As a member of society I engage in stereotyping, not to say I only judge and am judged by others, but I also create my own. Every man has a different path in life witch teaches him his own personal lessons that govern their life. My personal stereotypes are products of my experiences, which I use. Why Society embraces...

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Animal Experimentation: a Necessary Evil

Animal Experimentation: A Necessary Evil It is time for society to realize that no one benefits from the suffering of animals used in expensive and useless experiments. Animals may not be able to speak like humans but it does not negate the fact that they are capable of suffering. The human species has taken the liberty of deciding what is valuable in the world, and therefore they prize themselves as the highest level of the food chain. The human species has used animals for transportation, food...

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Women: a Necessary Evil

Women: A Necessary Evil Shane Ali-Kanhai Daniel Mcclarnon CLT 3378-08 The origin of mankind has been one of the most controversial issues among different cultures throughout history. Themes such as the creation of Earth, the first appearance of man, and the meddling of the gods have sparked debates among scholars for centuries. Among these arguments, the creation of women has played a big role in the facade of the world today. In several cultures one woman fueled the debacle of man's...

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Gas Taxation: the Necessary Evil

Nine years later, the gas tax became permanent through the Revenue Act of 1941 in order to help fund the war effort and increased by half a cent per gallon. In 1959, President Eisenhower raised the tax to four pennies per gallon to fund his creation of the interstate highway system. As of 2005, the federal gas tax alone is 18.4 cents on the gallon. Unfortunately, gas taxes are a necessary evil and not only hit Americans at a Federal level, but at local and state levels as well. (Alter, 2008). Oregon...

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Animal Rights: A necessary evil or a necessary blessing

8 October 2013 Animal Experimentation: A Necessary Evil or a Necessary Blessing Arguments involving controversial animal rights especially in animal experimentation have existed since the eve of its usage. Animal rights activist’s assertions and arguments are, for the most part, morally and ethically based, and unfortunately unfounded and uninformed. Animal experimentation ought to be sustained because it has brought tremendous advancements in technology and medicine, it saves a greater amount...

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law enforcement agencies a necessary evil

 Are law enforcement agencies viewed as “a necessary evil” or protectors of the citizens? Discuss with reference to the effectiveness of these agencies.   Before we begin to discuss the “categories” in which law enforcement officers are placed we need to define, law enforcement agencies. What is a law enforcement agency? A law enforcement agency is described as any unit or agency which enforces the law. They are various law enforcement agencies throughout the world. However,...

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A necessary evil

lady's home, and to shake your head in disgust at the invasion of Iraq. What you may fail to realize, however, is that these acts are one in the same. When it comes down to it, it's all about taking something from someone else by what ever means necessary. It's nothing new, in fact, it's the darker side of human nature. It's our past, present and future... Scene Two (Past) Our past leaders have primed us with examples of rape and pillage, which over time has lead to the extinction of Ideological...

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Banking Licenses for the Nbfcs: a Necessary Evil?

Banking licenses for the NBFCs: A necessary evil? NBFCs are financial institutes that offer all sorts of banking services, such as loans and credit facilities, retirement planning, money markets, underwriting, and merger activities without holding banking licenses. The number of non-banking financial companies has expanded greatly in the last several years as venture capital companies, retail and industrial companies have entered the lending business. Many a times these institutions are not allowed...

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Why the American Civil War Was Necessary

History Term PaperThe Civil War, also known as, "The War Between the States" , was necessary, made many positive steps for the great nation to unify again and to incorporate slaves as citizens of that nation. The South refused to compromise about slavery and they decided to create their own establishment, The Confederate States of America. President Abraham Lincoln's goal coming into the war was to unify all the states and to relieve African-Americans (World Book). I agree with both of those statements...

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Humans Are Naturally Evil

HUMANS ARE NATURALLY EVIL The question regarding to the nature of human beings being related to the word evil has been a topic for controversial discussion and debate among scholars and philosophers alike. According to the ardictionary.com, the word evil is defined as Having or exhibiting bad moral qualities; morally corrupt; wicked; wrong; vicious; as, evil conduct, thoughts, heart, words, and the like ,anything which impairs the happiness of a being or deprives a being of any good; anything which...

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War is necessary in human society Introduction War, in the broadest sense, is a violent contact of distinct but similar entities (Wright 3-6). Different people may have very different opinions towards war. To some people, war is a plague which ought to be eliminated or a mistake which should be avoided; to others, it is an anachronism which no longer servers any purpose. However, there are some who take a more receptive attitude toward war and regard it as an instrument which may be useful, and...

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Was Slavery a Necessary Evil?

“Was Slavery a Necessary Evil?” km Slavery wasn’t a necessary evil, proven by the fact that quality of life for African Americans and poor whites improved after the Civil War. In the early North American colonies, there were plenty of poor whites and their were also many poor european countries but, despite this fact Africans were captured from there countries and families, devastating many lives. The inhumanity of this is only the beginning of a long period of exploitation and harsh labor...

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Ethics of War

rights and wrongs of it for almost as long. The Ethics of War starts by assuming that war is a bad thing, and should be avoided if possible, but it recognises that there can be situations when war may be the lesser evil of several bad choices. War is a bad thing because it involves deliberately killing or injuring people, and this is a fundamental wrong - an abuse of the victims’ human rights. (www.bbc.co.uk) The rationale of ethics in war is to help in making a decision on what is right or wrong...

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The Problem of Evil

Studies in the Philosophy of Religion THE PROBLEM OF EVIL "God is the omnipotent and wholly good creator of all things" "There is evil in the world" a) EXPLAIN THESE TWO STATEMENTS AND SHOW WHY THEY ARE SAID TO BE CONTRADICTORY (20) The problem of evil is usually seen as the problem of how the existence of God can be reconciled with the existence of evil in the world. It's regarded as a logical problem, because it is based on the apparent contradiction involved in holding onto three incompatible...

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Iraq War

Iraq War, Unjust or Just On March 19th 2003, President George W Bush opened his address to the nation by saying “My fellow citizens, at this hour American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.” (CNN) Bush’s address was the beginning of a costly and long war that resulted in hundreds of thousands of causalities and a hefty increase in national debt. As the U.S slowly recovers from the tragedies...

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Was Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War Necessary

of the Vietnam War was due to the retaliation of South Vietnam, Australia and America against North Vietnam and the Communist regime. However, Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War was not necessary as the justifications behind sending Australian troops to Vietnam were not suitable enough. The reasons behind the unnecessary deployment of the Australian troops were the alliances between the members and protected nations, the Domino effect and the assumption of the Vietnam War being the next WW3...

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On the Origin of Evil

On the Origin of Evil Where does evil come from? This is a question that I find most interesting. In our modern day civilization educated by liberal institutions everybody speaks as if they are certain of what evil is. So what is it? At first glance the thing that sticks out to me when I hear this question is: Asking where evil comes from is like asking where hunger comes from. Where does the desire for procreation, for sexual reproduction come from? Is a lion evil? I am sure it could be viewed...

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 In “The Apology” Socrates reveals a profound defense that no one knowingly does evil. Socrates defense does not rely on the right to freely expressing ones ideas, but rests entirely on revealing the ignorance of his accusers. This defense begins after Meletus declares that Socrates solely corrupts the youth by himself; everyone else in Athens helps the youth. Socrates creates an analogy and compares Meletus statement to horses and horse-trainers. Socrates exposes that horse-trainers must have...

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Advertising Has Gone Too Far and Is Now a Necessary Evil.

“Advertising has gone too far and is now a necessary evil.” This essay will discuss the topic “advertising has gone too far and is now a necessary evil”, especially referring to advertising directed at children. For the sake of this essay, “advertising” is defined as any public promotion of something, mainly products directed at children. “Gone too far” is defined as crossing the line of moral values and is now harming the safety and welfare of society. “Necessary” is defined as needed and inevitable...

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The State Is a Necessary Evil

ALAGBE OLUFUNMILOLA DORCAS “The State is a necessary evil. Discuss. State, can be defined in political science, as generally a group of people inhabiting a specific territory and living according to a common legal and political authority; a body politic or nation. In this definition, the term state includes government; in another usage, the two terms are synonymous. [Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2009. © 1993-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserve]. George Washington said that government is not...

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Just War Essay

Just War In general, war is a very controversial and complicated series of events, but war still is a very sad last resort for humans. The statistics of how bloody and dreadful war can show the gruesomeness of this act. In armed conflicts since 1945, ninety percent of casualties have been civilians compared to fifty percent in the Second World War and ten percent in the First. The planning and execution of war remains controlled by men, but women and children are the main victims of violence...

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Evils of war

I always perceived war to be glorious and honourable. However, as time passed by and change has come about, my thinking has also transformed. No longer is war the glorious thing it once represented to me. Instead, it has become a monstrosity, a miserable excuse for murder, monetary gain, bloodshed and a means of justifying pride in one's country. Soldiers are just like the pawns of their governments in the war moved on the chessboard battle-fields; they think that it is glorious to die for one's...

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World War Ii: Good or Bad War?

While no war is a “good” war, sometimes to maintain the security that is necessary for the residents of the country war has to break out or be joined. In the case of the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, German U-Boats attacking our vessels, and Italy protecting the other two countries, these “evil” powers were indeed risking the safety of the citizens of the United States. As any parent would want to protect their children the best they could, Eisenhower knew that declaring war was the only way to...

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Just war

Reflection Paper 1: Just War Many people ponder to the question: when is war just? We also ponder if war is necessary and when is it necessary and if there are other ways to settle the discrepancy. Throughout time war has brought on a lot of pain, pressure and countless number of casualties. And to me I believe it is not fair to innocent worldwide citizens. To experience or to hear about such destruction and chaos brings a shiver down my spine. Why do countries have to go to war? Why can’t they settle...

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Is War Ever Justified

IsIs War Ever Justified     War, although being described by those who have survived it as hell, is in my opinion a necessary part of life in some sense in order to expand in many ways like socially, economically, and politically. In terms of social changes brought on by war, war often teaches us lessons about how to better our behaviour and attitudes in terms of our association both domestically and foreign. In World War 2 (1939 - 1945), America and Germany’s interaction and hostilities soon...

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Problem of Evil and Best World

problem of evil Have you ever had questions about why there is so much evil in the world? Why does God allow rape, abuse of children, wars, natural disasters? Then no matter how loud you ask the questions or how many different people you ask, you never get answers that make much sense to you. As I researched for this essay, I found many people that have had the same questions and formulated answers to these questions called theodicies. This essay attempts to explain the problem of evil. ...

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Slavery As A Necessary Evil

Slavery as a Necessary Evil It is inevitable that with the mention of slavery emotions will be aroused within whoever is present. Today most people look at slavery as one of the biggest mistakes our country has ever made. However, some will say they can see positives within the topic. It is the obvious nature and cycle of life that everything is not perfect and mistakes must be made to learn valuable lessons. Appalled by any notion of slavery as being necessary, most people do not see the evidence...

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Theodicy: Free Will and Natural Evil

ways. Theists are generally compelled to express a theodicy in response to the unfortunate, painful, evil events and circumstances found in our world. A theodicy is necessary only if we believe in a God who is inherently good, thus requiring an explanation of the apparent discontinuity between a good God and evil in the world. In order to express my own theodicy, I will discuss the forms of evil in the world and their various manifestations as well as whether or not creation as a whole is a “good”...

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Is War Necessary to Attain Peace?

War is a natural and necessary side effect of conflict. There must be resolution as nothing poisons the hearts and souls of a people more than a never ending conflict. No evil even war at it's worst is more painful to a culture than unresolved major conflicts. There must be resolution and once a conflict reaches a certain point no amount of talk will ever solve the problem. Force must be used, whether implied or actual. Conflict is a vital element of human nature. The day we cease to have conflict...

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The Purpose of War

The Purpose of war Every war brings with it disagreement. With every related event come mixed opinions and emotions. Controversy is a natural part of war. As such it shows its ugly face in the light of our country's most recent war with Iraq. More so than some wars in that we are fighting a it preemptively in hopes to avoid one in the future. If war is eminent, then why not push the hands of fate and run the show our way some may say. But others feel that by assuming danger is in the...

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Holy War

Holy War Essay Holy war. How can the word holy be put together with the word war? In the Old Testament though, holy war is presented in such a good light. You were going to war for Yahweh’s command. Holy war was only engaged when Yahweh summons Israel to war. Holy war was initiated when something became a threat to Israel’s loyalty to Yahweh or something became dangerous to Israelites faith. War and killing was what seemed necessary to protect Israelites from swaying towards the Canaanite religion...

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The Power of Evil: Lord of the Flies

Evil: A noun meaning profound immortality, wickedness and depravity. It’s just a simple four letter word, full of darkness. There is a little bit of evil in everyone, varying in degree and severity, but it’s up to you whether you let it show or not. Everyone has a simple understanding of what evil is, but only through experience can one get a true understanding. In Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, evil seems extrinsic to the boys, being caused by the situation they are thrown into and the island...

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Can War Ever Be Justified

Can war ever be justified? War is an inevitable part of the history of humankind. Unlike natural happenings, war is an action of people inflicted of other people. This issue has raised ethical problems, which are still problematic till today. War is by common sense evil, but can it ever be less evil? There are a number of varying options when discussing the issue of a ‘justifiable war’. Some people argue that war is always justifiable while others argue that it can never be. Some maintain that...

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Civil War

Draft: Civil War The Civil War was unavoidable through political and territorial disputes. The main issue of the Civil War was slavery. The Civil War was fought between two sides over a conflict, dealing with abolishing slavery. The Civil War left six hundred twenty five thousand casualties. Both sides wanted to absorb one another to form their idea of the correct United States. The Civil War could have...

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The evil of Mao

belonging to idealistic and instrumental evil according to my research. Idealistic evil is the saddest evil in my opinion. Idealistic evil is the one who want to make things getting better; however, things never follow what he wishes. Idealistic evil can also be the one who make a wrong decision, but he or she think this is a right decision to other people, so he hurt others, but he think he is doing the right thing. Like the Roy F. Baumeister written in the “Evil: Inside Human Violence and Cruelty”,...

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Good vs. Evil

Exam Paper 2 12 November 2012 Good vs. Evil in the Middle Earth Tolkien was clear in the books The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings that the struggle between good and evil would be never-ending. Right after the Valar vanquished Melkor, Sauron emerged in the Middle Earth and forged the Rings of Power to bring it all under his control. Not only do the seeds of evil continue to grow in Middle Earth, but also the dark conditions in which they grow continue to spread. As the sources of light...

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Pacifism Durring World War Ii

Pacifism during World War II During the World War II battle some people believed that pacifism was the answer toward stopping it. George Orwell, one of the most important controversial writers during the twentieth century, was stunned and enraged at the people who believed pacifism would help end the war. How can someone expect to win by being pacifist when the enemy cannot be reasoned with? Orwell’s passionate antifascism during War World II led him into conflict with the liberal pacifist movement...

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Just War Theory

Just War Theory and a Thoughtful Realist One important theory within International Relations shows a moral aspect on how to conduct war. This theory is called Just War Theory. Just War Theory is a doctrine of military ethics from a philosophical and Catholic viewpoint. This theory consists of two parts: Jus ad bellum (the right to go to war) and Jus in bello (right conduct within war). Jus a bellum, the right to go to war, explicitly describes how a nation-state should conduct itself before...

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Pacifism vs Just War

There is always a lot of controversy that comes about when the topic of pacifism versus just war is brought up. Questions like “Is God a peaceful God?” or “Is it biblically sound for Christians to fight in battle?” are often argued over but very rarely are answered. We are able to turn to the bible and find answers to the above questions and many many more regarding this topic. Personally I affirm the just war theory. I think this point can be justified using scripture, reason, and tradition. I think...

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Philosophy of War

War is an extremely controversial topic, especially amongst philosophers. It raises many ethical and political questions, the most important, perhaps, being the circumstances under which going to war are justifiable. Views on the law of war vary greatly. Some believe non-violence is the only acceptable approach, while others believe preventive war is justified. In this paper, we will examine and discuss several philosophers and their ideologies pertaining to war. We will begin with St. Thomas...

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Evil and Suffering Rs

Evil and Suffering Part A) 'Evil and suffering is the result of a malevolent God' discuss the problem of evil and suffering in light of this quote. (6 marks) There are two different types of evil. Moral evil and natural evil. Moral evil is the result of human actions that are morally wrong. Examples are murder, war and cruelty. Richard Swinburn said 'Moral evil I understand as including all evil caused deliberately by humans negligently failing to do what they ought to do, and also the evil...

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existence of evil

Evil exists today in the world we live. People will always try to bring good in this world, but evil seems to be in people’s everyday life or in their surroundings. Good and evil are constantly happening to someone or someone is doing good or evil. A lot of philosophers argued that God does not exist because evil exist, and that if there is God then he would have gotten rid of evil. Although other philosophers argue that yes God exist, but so does evil because it is necessary to keep a...

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Outline the concepts of just war and pacifism

Outline the key concepts of Just War and Pacifism. A01 [21] The Just war theory maintains that war may be justified if fought only in certain circumstances, and only if certain restrictions are applied to the way in which war is fought. The theory that was first propounded by St Augustine of Hippo and St Ambrose of Milan ( 4th and 5th centuries AD) attempts to clarify two fundamental questions: ‘when is it right to fight?’ and ‘How should war be fought?’. Whereas Pacifists are people mainly Christians...

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Trojan War

Was The Trojan War Just? The Trojan War was a Greek mythological war waged on account of the beautiful Helen, wife of the Spartan king Menelaus, being stolen from Greece by Paris, Prince of Troy. It is one of the most important, if not the most important, event in Greek mythology. The dispute originated from a quarrel between three goddesses, Athena, Hera, and Aphrodite. They were fighting to see who was the fairest among them. They were sent by Zeus to Paris in order for him to judge them...

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my stance on war

English 101 Evils of Wars Wars break out for various reasons. There are wars between countries or nations and within the nation. The latter is generally known as a civil war and can occur as a result of differences based on race, religion, socio-economic dissatisfaction among others. Whether wars are waged between countries (interstate) or inside the country between different sections of the communities, the effects are very damaging. There are a number of viewpoints for deciding when war is appropriate...

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