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Use Of Computers In Medical Field

age of technology and science. The use of technology and science has revolutionized our way of life. There are few things in history that have influenced our lives more than a computer. Today, there cannot be any field that is absent of the influence of computer applications. From farming to rocket science, computers have a huge role to play. The use of the computer has been on the increase for some time in many fields. Medicine is one of the many fields that have made tremendous strides in...

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Uses of Computer in Field of Business

Uses of Computer in Field of Business Computer in business: Information Technology (IT) has played a very significant role in taking business to new height. Before computers, the time taken to complete a task was more and however as computer started to be used in business establishments, the processing of work got more stabilized. Some of its uses in the field of business are given below: Keeping records: Computer programs such as QuickBooks and other accounting programs...

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The Use of Computers in Nursing and Medical Education

The Use of the Computer in Medical & Nursing Education Computers are as common as stethoscopes and pens and paper in nursing and medical education. Both personal computers (PC) and hand-held devices (PDA) are showing up in classrooms and at the patient's bedside. Computers in Nursing "The use of computers in health care is no longer a question for discussion and debate. Their application in nursing is a reality in many centers ..."@Cite(HannahKJ88a ", p. 263"). With this...

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Computer Fields

11/7/01 Introduction For my term paper the field I chose was computers. I chose this field because I love computers and it s a field on the rise. When doing my research about computers, I tried to stay focused on a few different types of fields. I did this because I thought that doing every different type of field would not help me chose the right field for me. Computers is such a big field that it was almost no problem picking a couple of computer fields to talk about in my term paper. Preparation ...

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computers in medical field

OSI MODEL Virtually all networks in use today are based in some fashion on the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) standard. OSI was developed in 1984 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), a global federation of national standards organizations representing approximately 130 Countries. The ISO created the OSI to make the IOS more efficient. Where, ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. OSI stands for Open System Interconnection. IOS stands for...

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Use of Computers in Medicine

Uses of Computers in the Medical Field By: Tashauna Roberts Introduction In today’s society, there is a wide range of computer use. Almost everywhere you go today you are required to have some sort of basic understanding of how a computer is operated. In my report, I am going to tell you how computers are used in the field of medicine. There is a wide variety of use and need for a computer in the medical field. Their uses include storing patient related data, scanning and imaging the body, and...

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application of computers in defferent fields

Use of Computers in Banks Computers are used in banks for a variety of reasons. They help bank personnel operate more efficiently and effectively. Computers are used to track certain transactions and they help process other customer information as well. Without computers, it would be very hard for a bank to offer good customer service day in and day out. Computers help a bank save time and money, and can be used as an aid to generate profits. Customer Information Banks use computers to track customer...

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Use of Computers in Education

Use of Computers in Education Computers have become an inseparable part of our lives to a great extent. Particularly in the field of education, their uses are manifold. Let us understand them further. Over the years, computers have changed the way the world works. They have proved to be an asset not only for the corporate sector, but also in other sectors such as medicine, architecture, communication, research, sports and education. Speaking of which, computers have taken over the field of education...

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use of computer

10/18/13 What are the uses of computers in defence GO Ask us anything ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE AUDIO EDITING AND RECORDING CLOUD COMPUTING Sign In | Sign Up MORE Answers.com > Wiki Answers > Categories > Technology > Software and Applications (non-game) > What are the uses of computers in defence? What are the uses of computers in defence? See what questions your friends are asking today. Legacy account member? Sign in. Categories Anti-Virus Software Audio Editing...

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Medical Administrative Assistant Field

Medical Administrative Assistant Field In the field of Medical Administrative Assistant, there is a multitude of career choices to branch off into. Of these many fields, the three that I choose to discuss are Medical Billing, Medical Coding and Medical Assistant. All three careers are of high demand in the medical industry and each requires the need of basic classes, with a couple of varied courses, depending on the field. Basic requirements for all include a high school diploma or GED. Most...

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Computer and Medical Field

 No Content Page 1 Introduction 2 2 History 3 3 Computer Software 4 4 Computer Hardware 6 5 Function and Application In Medical Field 8 6 Advantage 10 7 Disadvantage 12 8 Precaution 13 9 Conclusion 16 10 Reference 17 INTRODUCTION The first use of the word “computer” was recorded in 1613 in a book called “The yong mans gleanings” by English writer Richard Braithwait. It referred to a person...

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Use and Importance of Computers in Education

Use and Importance of Computers in Education Many technological advances have been made throughout history making life easier, one of which is the computer. Computers have changed the world, as a lot of things can now be done through computers. Computers are everywhere at school, at work, and at home. Many daily activities either involve the use of or depend on information from a computer. Over the past decade, the number of schools with computer and the Internet access has grown exponentially...

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Computer and Its Uses

partitions, experimenting with a simple and very efficient stochastic optimization algorithm. Remarkable performance gains over input partitions as well as over existing related methods are demonstrated through a range of applications, including a new use of consensus clustering to improve subtopic retrieval. Definition[edit] Given a set of  elements  and two partitions of  to compare, , a partition of S intor subsets, and , a partition of S into s subsets, define the following: * , the number...

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Computers in Medical Field

A computer has become an essential commodity in every hospital. Everything is computerized today, from open heart surgeries to X-rays to various clinical tests. Everything is carried out efficiently and effectively by the computer. There are many advantages of computers that make it a must have by every medical professional. This article tells you about the use of computers in the medicine that would help you understand the wide array of computer applications used across the medicinal practice. ...

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The Importance of Confidentiality in the Medical Field

Confidentiality in the Medical Field Most jobs have a confidentiality policy. In the medical field, confidentiality is extremely important. If the wrong person were to gain access to someone’s medical records, they could use that against them. It can potentially harm that person’s personal life. Keeping a patient’s information and medical records confidential is a must. The importance of confidentiality stressed in HIPAA and HITECH act protects the integrity of medical facilities and a patient’s...

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Uses of Computers

Use of Computers in Banks Computers are used in banks for a variety of reasons. They help bank personnel operate more efficiently and effectively. Computers are used to track certain transactions and they help process other customer information as well. Without computers, it would be very hard for a bank to offer good customer service day in and day out. Computers help a bank save time and money, and can be used as an aid to generate profits. Customer Information Banks use computers to track customer...

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RFID in the Medical Field

RFID is now being used in the medical field to track and monitor the use of medical devices and also to locate medical personnel and patients. A company such as AwarePoint uses RTLS or real time locating systems to help their clients run their businesses efficiently and effectively. This company relies on RFID to provide its service to its clients. Awarepoint provides workflow automation and tracking solutions for acute care hospitals. Awarepoint automatically manages patient flow in clinical...

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Medical Field

What is surgery?   Surgery (from the Greek kheirurgia, meaning 'hand work') is an ancient medical specialty. It is the branch of medicine concerned with treating or investigating diseases, injuries or disorders, using manual or operative procedures. There are many different specialties within surgery, each of which focuses on a different area, as follows: Cardiothoracic Surgery- This branch of surgery concentrates on the heart (cardio) and chest area (thoracic). Cardiothoracic surgeons perform...

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Medical Field

Title: Keep Patients Waiting? Not in my Office [pic] Class: MGMT 363 Productions and Operations Management Date: Week 8 Research Assignment December 12, 2011 The medical field is a very busy industry since people seem to always be very sick. There are many different doctors that are in need especially at different times of the year. In this one case, this doctor is all about making sure that his patients are being well taken care of and most importantly being taken...

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Robotics Within the Medical Field

 Robotics Within the Medical Field Healthcare has come a long way during the past 10 years in the sense that people can be helped more accurately and precisely. Robotics has stormed the medical scene and is now starting to be implemented in a vast amount cases and studies. While they are not common they are certainly being tested more now in the attempts to better serve every single patient. They have robotics that allow for the doctor to use a surrogate around the hospital, robots...

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The Benefits of the Use of the Computers in the Environment

THE BENEFITS OF THE USE OF THE COMPUTERS IN THE ENVIRONMENT The influence of computers is universal. Computers are used in applications ranging from running a farm to monitoring all environmental effects. Because the development of computers has been largely the work of scientists, it is natural that a large body of computer applications serves the scientist and the field of science. Computers have not only helped in increasing awareness amongst the environmental issues, but have also made the...

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Uses of Recorder in Medical Field

USES OF RECORDER IN MEDICAL FIELD Aditya Shakkarwar Roll no.-B44 Registration No.: 11110103 4th Sem, Department of ECE Lovely Professional University, Punjab adityashakkarwar@gmail.com Abstract- It is often necessary to have a permanent record or the state of a phenomenon being investigated .in necessary to monitor continuously the condition state or value of the process variables such as flow, force, pressure, temperature, current, voltage, electrical power etc. INTRODUCTION A recorder thus...

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Computers in Healthcare

Computers in Health Care In all aspects of life—home, work, socially—a basic understanding of computer operation is by and large a necessity. Even the medical field has become dependent on computers, both to record vital patient information, but also for billing, researching maladies, and prescribing medicines. This report takes a look at how and why health care professionals use computers, where computers are used in the health care system, and how all this new technology is affecting the medical...

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Importance of Computers in Medicine

Computers play a key role in almost every sphere of life. They facilitate storage of huge amounts of data, they enable speedy processing of information and they possess an inbuilt intelligence, which if supplemented with human intellect, can work wonders. Owing to their intelligence and speed, computers function on a level close to that of the human brain. Computers can hence be employed in different fields like engineering, data processing and storage, planning and scheduling, networking, education...

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Computers Computers have made life easier for the human race. Americans today take for granted the great impact the computer has on their lives, making things easier, faster, and more convenient for them. Computers helped the world a lot and helped us take a large step into the future. Almost anything you know is run or made by computers, industry, cars, jets, and ect. Computers are the most important innovations in history, without computers the world would not be able to function in the...

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Function of digital computer A typical digital computer system has four basic functional elements:  (1) input-output equipment. (2) main memory. (3) control unit. (4) arithmetic-logic unit.  Any of a number of devices is used to enter data and program instructions into a computer and to gain access to the results of the processing operation. Common input devices include keyboards and optical scanners; output devices include printers and cathode-ray tube and liquid-crystal display monitors...

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Importance of Computer

Computer is an electronic device used in almost every field even where it is most unexpected. That is why this age is called as the era of IT. And now we cannot imagine a world without computers. It is made up of two things one is the hardware and other is software. All physical components of computer like keyboard, mouse, monitor etc comes under the hardware whereas all the programs and languages used by the computer are called software. These days computers are the tools for not only engineers...

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Nursing and Computers

Use of Computers in the Nursing Profession Nikkia Jones CIT-100-Research Paper Instructor- Dr. Nancy Grant Outline I. Introduction II. Advantages of computer use III. Disadvantages of computer use IV. Conclusion V. Works Cited The medical field comprises a vast base of knowledge. Computer storage serves as the best way to house all this information. There are many types of computers that can help with diagnosing illnesses, doing procedures to treat illnesses, and...

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Marketing research in medical fields

need for low cost , high quality imaging service.The miniaturization of signal processing electronics continues to reduce the size of a ultrasound devices. Medical companies are manufacturing abroad in order to maximize product quality while keeping costs down. Global diagnostic imaging market is now sharing a significant pie of the medical device industry with increasing awareness about the early screening of disease. This has also compelled many players to invest in research as the market is witnessing...

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The Impact of Computers

Computers are commonly used items in many areas. It is an important thing to people, especially the people who run organizations, industry, etc. . . Almost anything you know is run or made by computers. Cars and jets were designed on computers, traffic signals are run by computers, most medical equipment use computers and space exploration was started with computers. Most of the jobs today require the use of computers. These 'mechanical brains' made a huge impact on our society. It would be hard...

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How Computers Are Essential in Criminal Justice Field

how computers are essential in criminal justice field Computers take part in a big role in the Criminal Justice Field. So far computers have allowed us to make it accessible for witnesses to go through and look for a suspect's picture on the screen. Computers have enabled us to be able to do DNA testing. Which now only takes the labs a short time to process, and finding criminals from cases 15+ years ago can now be charged for their actions. There are laptop computers in police vehicles; therefore...

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A Career Into the Medical Field

Choosing a Career in the Medical Field “A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.” ~Theodore Roosevelt (Graduation Quotes, Commencement Sayings, Advice For Graduates, 2012). Education is something one could say gives you a better understanding of the world. Without Education in this day and time you may find a job but a career is much harder to obtain. Although the job market and economy are still suffering...

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Leeches and Medical Use

Leeches and Medical Use Emma Troyer Leeches are one of the best kinds of creatures for therapy. Many people think they kill people by sucking all of their blood. Well, they do suck people’s blood, but not enough to make them die. Leeches are very helpful to the human body in many ways. Leeches are easy to use and there is a plentiful amount to go around. Leeches helped the medical field throughout history in many different categories. Leeches have been around for quite a while all over the...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Computer Use

Advantages of Computers Disabled: Computers have changed many disabled people's lives, especially  those who are unable to leave their house because of boundaries such as wheelchairs.  For people who are confined to wheelchairs, computers give them a chance to experience many things that would not be possible for them otherwise.  They can go to a particular museum web site and learn about a Van Gogh painting, or they can go to a science web site and learn about NASA and the space shuttle...

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Wearable Computers

WEARABLE COMPUTERS INTRODUCTION: Due to rapid growth and development of Virtual Reality(VR) applications and their associated hardware, the personal computer(PC) has become a tool of daily-use in this 21st century. By combining PC with VR technology and telecommunication the stage is set for the creation of a new type of ready to-wear PC i.e. Wearable Computers. WHAT IS WEARABLE COMPUTERS ALL ABOUT?? Wearable computers are computers that are worn on the body. This type of wearable technology...

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Medical Billing

Medical Field Medical field is one of the biggest fields. When I mention the word medical, the first thing come up to your mind are doctors or nurses. Some people that never work in a medical office, they don't know there are much more position in medical file you could work at, like medical assistant, technician medical coder or biller. Someone like me, don't like to deal with patient. Medical biller and coder is a good opportunity for me to work at. But what are medical biller and coder? Job...

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Computers for Personal Use

* A personal computer (PC) is a general-purpose computer, whose size, capabilities, and original sale price makes it useful for individuals, and which is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer operator. * Software applications for most personal computers include, but are not limited to, word processing, spreadsheets, databases, Web browsers and e-mail clients, digital mediaplayback, games, and myriad personal productivity and special-purpose software applications...

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Pediatrician: Medical Field

become a Pediatrician when I’m older. She talks a lot about how she loves her patients and how much she loves her job and helping others. To become a Pediatrician it all begins with a Bachelor’s degree in a selection courses, then followed by going to medical school where it leads off to a Pediatrician. The best part of this job is dealing with children; children bring so much joy at times. Also knowing your making them feel better and healthy and knowing your making a difference in society. The worst...

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Computer and Health

Computer and Health Athena B. Dela Cruz English 2 Writing in the Discipline March 2013 I- INTRODUCTION Today computers are used on a production, in the off schools and flats. Children, which can’t read and write yet, already strongly use this wonder machine, playing on it for hours. Most people always use computers for some important purposes. It is not uncommon that many daily occupations demand the full time use of computer. A computer is a programmable...

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The Use of Computers in Business

acquire, retain, and satisfy customers. Modern marketing has evolved into a complex and diverse field. This field includes a wide variety of special functions such as advertising, mail-order business, public relations, retailing and merchandising, sales, market research, and pricing of goods. Businesses, and particularly the marketing aspect of businesses, rely a great deal on the use of computers. Computers play a significant role in inventory control, processing and handling orders, communication...

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Impact of Computer on Medical Field

IT were geared towards number crunching. The heart of any computer is the central processing unit (CPU) where arithmetic and logic operations are carried out. In the early days of computing, emphasis was on pure processing power for mathematical and statistical purposes, and at this time the impact on medicine was minimal. Things changed however when the focus of attention shifted to the relationship between the human and the computer and the ways in which a human can become more productive and...

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Computer and Technology

It’s amazing how so much developments in technology came over the decades so fast. Technology has changed over the years. At one point and time everyone had to use type writers, but now they are able to use computers. Technology has now become a part of everyday life. Because technology has changed over the years, there are now computers, which can be used to travel the world instead of viewing post cards or actually having to go to these places. You can just get online search for any place in the...

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Computers and the Many Benefits

Computers and the Many Benefits Computers play a huge part in many all of our lives in one way or another. They have many purposes and are used in various types of environments, such as medical facilities, government offices, and many households. They also are the reason we are able to surf the internet, watch animated television shows and see movies with special graphics. Computers have impacted our lives in many ways. You may not notice it but they did make life a lot easier. Without computers...

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History of the Medical Use of Marijuana

outlines the many and varied uses of marihuana through history, and deals with its use in medicine and its use as an intoxicant. The experience of the 1960's might lead one to surmise that marihuana use spreads explosively. The chronicle of its 3,000 year history, however, shows that this "explosion" has been characteristic only of the contemporary scene. The plant has been grown for fiber and as a source of medicine for several thousand years, but until 500 A.D. its use as a mind-altering drug was...

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Medical Issues Today

There are many legal and medical issues today that relate to patient safety in this paper I will be addressing Medical errors, how they can be improved by today’s technological advances, and problems that occur in making these improvements. A study done by Kaiser indicates that medication errors have doubled in the last 10 years and that serious injuries have gone from 35,000 in 1998 to 90,000 in 2005. Those errors occur by a breakdown in one of the many steps that go into the giving of those...

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Medical Marijuana and Its Uses and Effects

 Medical Marijuana The effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana is a topic that has been vigorously debated for years. The lack of scientific evidence has prevented medical marijuana from being verified as a treatment for illnesses, like other FDA approved drug. This text will discuss six different scholarly journals and effectiveness of their rhetoric. The main purpose of this text is to inform people of the effects of using medical marijuana. Cohen, P. J. (2006). Medical marijuana...

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Birth Control for Medical Use

Birth Control Pills for Medical Use Birth control pills can be prescribed to treat a variety of medical conditions. More than half, 58%, of all pill users rely on the method for purposes other than pregnancy prevention—meaning that only 42% use the pill exclusively for contraceptive reasons (Hospital). When a person pays for his or her own medical care, the decision whether to use birth control is individual and private. When medical care is paid for by an employee’s health insurance, however...

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Medical Informatics

Introduction Healthcare is a large, complicated field facing many issues in America today. The medical profession is becoming ever so complex that it is consistently pushing information technology tools and techniques to newer heights. Knowledge management in healthcare or medical informatics, is one step towards organizing this complex field. Medical Informatics is the sharing and use of information in the delivery of healthcare. It is a growing and exciting field of study with an incredible demand that...

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Medical Assisting & the Ever Changing Medical Field

Medical Assisting & the Ever Changing Medical Field Thomas Edison once said “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” The Medical field as a whole is rapidly growing and changing on a daily basis due to new laws and research being conducted. In my chosen profession, Medical Assistants are the key to the relationship between the doctors and the patients. The basic job skills...

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MEDICAL BILLING AND CODING 1100 HOW MIGHT THE COMPUTER-ASSISTED CODING BENEFIT MEDICAL PRACTICES? Amy L. Herzog-Farrens Florida Technical College Professor K. Ramsey February 17, 2015 Abstract: How might the computer-assisted coding benefit medical practices? Computer assisted coding is a practice that automatically develops medical codes in the clinical documentation. A computer assisted coding system (CACS) is a computer software application that analyzes the health care...

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computer and pharmacy

imagine how the world would function without computer system as every profession is in one way or another facilitated by the use of computer. Computer is an electronic device with sets of programs and application installed to facilitate users. Computer is used in almost every field that needed accuracy, advance administration, time saving and computer could accomplish many tasks easily within a short period of time. Computers are being used in almost every medical institute, hospitals and are vastly used...

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Health Effects of Computer Use

Health Effects of Computer Use Introduction Over the years, there has been a large increase in the use of computers as the world is evolving. In my study, the objective is to emphasize on the health effects of computer use in working environments and domestic homes. The speed and effectiveness of computers has made a good number organization and businesses depend on the equipment. When the computer was first introduced it was mostly used by adults. In the present day, there have been an increasing...

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Health Problems Associated with Computer Use

The health problems associated with daily computer use. This paper represents a general summary of some of the health issues associated with computer use. The number of computers users is growing rapidly. Growing as rapidly are the health problems associated with computer use. Dry and irritated eyes, visual fatigue, and back pain, are among the symptoms most frequently related to computer use. Adolescents are also experiencing problems related to computer use, such as emotional and psychiatric symptoms...

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Unethical use of computers

3.2Unethical use of computers 1. Have you copied materials from the internet and claims that it is your own andsubmit them as an assignment? If you have, you are reaching the computer code of conducts (manners). In other word, you are breaking the law of intellectual property by stealing someone else’s idea. Intellectual propertyrefers to any products of human intellect that is unique and has a value in themarket place. This covers ideas, inventions, unique names, computer program codes and many...

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Advances in Computer Science

The field of Computer Science has made tremendous innovative advances since its inception. The first digital computer, the ENIAC, was used by the Army to provide calculations in designing the hydrogen bomb. It weighed more than twenty-seven tons and measured approximately six-hundred and eighty square feet. Developments in Computer Science are occurring at a very fast rate. An example of this can be found in the area of wireless information systems. Today, Computer Science, with regard to wireless...

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Application of Ultrasound in Medical and Industrial Field

Application of Ultrasound In Medical And Industrial field The term ultrasound defines sound waves of frequencies above the threshold of human hearing, 20 kHz. Ultrasound may be propagated in a variety of modes through different materials and offers a wide range of both medical and industrial applications. In the medical field, the development of a foetus is routinely monitored by ultrasound; cardiac irregularities, along with kidney stones and osteoporosis may all be identified. Ultrasound also...

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Computer Use and Its Impact on Children

------------------------------------------------- Business Communication ------------------------------------------------- Assignment No.1 Linh Huynh Full Name: HUYNH THI TRUC LINH Lecturer: Jerry Cruz Due Day: June 6, 2011 Topic: Computer Use and Its Impacts on Children TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction1 II. Reasons3 A. Helping children study 3 B. Having parents’ approval 3 III.TRANSITION………………………………………………………….…4 IV. IMPACTS……………………………………………………………..…..4 A. PHYSICAL PROBLEMS……………………………………………………...

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Increase Use of Medical Marijuana

Increasing use of Medical Marijuana ENGL103 Colorado Technical University March 18, 2013 In the United States of America, marijuana is a Schedule 1 controlled substance; but 17 states and Washington D.C. have legalized medical marijuana. Even though marijuana is legal within those states, it is still a federal offense which is punishable by incarceration and fines. There are many sick people who benefit from using medical marijuana. Medical marijuana helps cancer patients...

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medical assistant relatives

 Medical Assistant Relatives Medical Assistant Relatives Medical assistants work closely with others in related fields. In the healthcare industry many different job must work together to achieve the same goal. Medical transcriptionist, health information technicians, and health care administrators will be given a closer look as to how their job duties interact with a medical assistant. The health care field is an enormous scope of employment that...

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The rapid growth of computers in field of technology

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEMS AND ITS BAKGROUND The rapid growth of computers in field of technology is truly remarkable. Computerized software is considered as assets in any working environment. Now we can see computers everywhere, in school, different establishment and also is a field of business. Even doctors, engineers and accountant use computers in their daily routine. It is because computes made the work a lot easier and faster. These are noted for its capacity to store large amount of information...

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