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Tonicity In Potato Strips

Effects of Tonicity on Cell Membrane Abstract The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effects of tonicity on a cell membrane using red blood cells, potato strips and three unknown solutions (A, B, C). First three slides were prepared containing RBC’s and unknown solutions A, B and C. A control slide was prepared only using RBC’s. After observing each slide under the microscope it was determined that unknown solution A was hypertonic because the RBC appeared to have shrunk. The...

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Determing the Osmolarity of a Potato

of a Potato Mishal Hasan Abstract Students in Biology find it difficult to understand the concept of tonicity and osmolarity in a real time situation. In this investigation, several concentrations of sucrose were used to determine the osmolarity of a potato. It was found that the concentration of sucrose was close to 3.6 in the potato used showing that it was isotonic. Anything above caused the potato to gain weight showing that it was a hypotonic solution and anything below caused the potato to lose...

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Experiment to Shoew the Effect of Different Concentration of Glucose on Potato Strips

EXPERIMENT TO SHOW THE EFFECT OF DIFFERENT CONCENTRATION OF GLUCOSE ON POTATO STRIPS INTRODUCTION: Molecules of liquid and gas are constantly in motion, they move randomly in all directions and bounce around in all directions and bounce around and into each other. As they move, they tend to spread out moving from areas with many molecules to areas with fewer molecules . This process of spreading out is called Diffusion, for example smell of cooking travelling around the house from the kitchen...

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Pre-Feasibility Study Potato Flakes & Flour 1 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7 8. 9. 10. 11. Objective Products Process Global Export Markets Global Import Markets Local Market Target Markets Raw Material Plant & Equipments Conclusion Role of PAMCO 3 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 2 OBJECTIVE: • To provide marketable and value added dehydrated potato products from raw potatoes for the use of food processing industry in Pakistan and abroad as well as end products for the consumer...

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Research Project: Potato The potato originated in the South American Andes, but its heartland of wild genetic diversity reaches from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, southern Brazil, northward into Central America, Mexico, and the southwestern United States. Potato was first cultivated between 3 and 7 thousand years ago, some scientists believe they may have grown wild in the region as long as 13,000 years ago. Potato is the third most important...

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Osmosis in Potato (Incomplete)

OSMOSIS IN POTATO TISSUES Vanessa Tsao, Lovette To, Wang Yeyun, Zhang Shenjia, Alicia Mak Class 101, Nanyang Girls’ High School, 2 Linden Drive, Singapore 288683 ABSTRACT In this project, the relationship between the concentration of salt solution and the length of the potato strip that was immersed in it was investigated. Five strips of potato of the same length were placed in different Petri dishes that contained water of different salt concentration. They were left for twenty minutes and the length...

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Osmosis and Potato Cube

Diffusion and Osmosis Introduction Tonicity refers to the concentration of solutes in a solution (Lab 6-7). There are three stages of tonicity: Isotonic, hypertonic and hypotonic. Four unknown solutions were given and labeled as followed: Solution A, Solution B, Solution C, and Solution D. Since potato cells were used for this type of experiment, in an Isotonic solution the solute and water concentration are the same as inside the cell in which the isotonic solution contains 0.9% NaCl. In other...

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Osmosis: Concentration and Potato Tissue

area of low concentration of water molecules (high concentration of dissolved particles). It is difficult to observe osmosis at the cellular level since cells are very tiny and can only be seen with a microscope, so you are going to use sticks of potato tissue in solutions that have different concentrations of dissolved substances to observe the effects of osmosis on living tissue. There are three basic relative concentrations of solutions. An isotonic solution has a concentration of dissolved particles...

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Potato osmosis lab

because the high amount of salt causes more dehydration. Variables: Independent- Salt Solution Dependent- Mass of Potato Control- Tap Water Materials: •Tap Water (50 ml for each cup) •Salt •Beaker •3 cups •3 pieces of potato •Scale Procedure: Step 1: Gather Materials. Step 2: Weigh each potato separately on the scale and record weight in grams on table. Step 3: Put each potato in a separate cup and add 50 ml of water to each cup, measure with beaker. Step 4: To create the 40% salt solution...

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Tonicity and the Plant Cell

Lab 7, Experiment 2: Tonicity and the Plant Cell 1. What is measured when looking at the net change in displacement of the potato sample? The net change of displacement shows us how much the potato sample weighs. The heavier the sample, the more water it will displace. 2. Different types of potatoes have varying natural sugar concentrations. Explain how this may influence the experiment. In sample A, potatoes with higher sugar concentration will have more water diffuse into them, because the...

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Potato battery graph

Potato Batteries: Veggie power! Data and Analysis Background The battery was invented around 1800 by Alessandro Volta in Italy. It has become an indispensable part of modern life. Why are batteries so useful? Because they convert chemical energy into electrical energy. You can use this electrical energy to light a flashlight, to start a car, or to listen to your favorite music. We made a simple battery out of a potato by placing in it a zinc strip and a copper strip. At the zinc strip, the...

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Effect of Different Concentrations of Salt on Potato Cell Mass

 Aim To investigate the effects of increasing salinity on potato cell mass. Background Information This experiment is based upon osmosis. Osmosis can be defined as the net movement of water molecules from a region with high concentration to a region with low concentration. This movement must take place across a partially permeable membrane such as a cell wall, which lets smaller molecules such as water through but does not allow bigger molecules to...

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Osmosis and Potato Tuber

into osmosis in plants cell, and how to indirectly measure osmolarity in potato tuber tissue. Osmosis is the diffusion specifically of water across a membrane. Diffusion occurs when certain substance, such as an ion, is more concentrated on one side of membrane. If the membrane allows this ion through, the ions will move from the more concentrated side to the less concentrated side until reaching equilibrium. A cell’s tonicity indicates in which direction is the net flow of water and is based on...

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Potato Lab

Keegan Bauman Potato Lab Dr. Peano Block 1 Introduction: Potatoes are just your average food; they have been around for as long as the human race can remember. In this lab we will make them be a prime example of osmosis, which is a transport mechanism. In this lab the problem being tested was what environment affects the mass of the potatoes the most. The independent variable is the environments used salt, water and iodine solution. The dependent variable is the mass of the potato after being...

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potato lab

Potato Cell Cytoplasm Composition PURPOSE: To determine the concentration of salt in the cytoplasm of potato cells HYPOTHESIS: Increase in salt concentration results in a hypotonic solution where the mass of the potato increases due to the movement of water into the cell. On the other hand, decrease in salt concentration results in a hypertonic solution where the mass of the potato decreases due to the movement of water outside the cell. MATERIALS: Potato Forceps Stopwatch Scalpel Test...

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Potato chips

Global Variations in the Potato Crisps and Potato Chips Market It’s fair to assume that consumer snacking habits are likely to differ from country to country, particularly across different regions and cultures. A clear example is the consumption of potato crisps / potato chips which can be seen in the bar chart below. 86% of consumers throughout the USA and France consume potato crisps / potato chips closely followed by 84% of GB consumers. On the other end of the scale is the Chinese market...

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potato battery

A potato battery is a type of electrochemical cell. An electrochemical cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy. In the potato battery, there is a transfer of electrons between the zinc coating the galvanized nail that will be inserted into the potato and the copper wire that will be inserted another part of the potato. The potato conducts electricity, yet keeps the zinc ions and copper ions separate, so that the electrons in the copper wire are forced to move (generate current). It's...

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Potato Batteries

supports the evaluation and explains the importance and advantages in using the potato-powered battery. Many questions about potato-powered battery are explained in this study. Thus, this study is a complete overview about potato-powered battery. Literature a) Foreign Two metals – an anode, which is the negative electrode, such as zinc, and a cathode, the positively charged electrode, such as copper. The acid inside the potato forms a chemical reaction with the zinc and copper, and when the electrons...

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Potato Research

land of Bangladesh. In last few decades, the demand of potato is increasing rapidly. As a developing country, the people of Bangladesh are not so affluent. That’s why they prefer potato to rice or wheat. The demand of potato is thus increasing as it is cheaper than the other two horticultural product rice and wheat. Last year, the production of potato is massive. But, that huge production makes a little impact on the price level of potato. The price at the point of production is relevantly low...

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Potato Questionnaire

tQUESTIONNAIRE 1) Do you like to eat potato chips? Yes No 2) Which brands of potato chips are you aware of? ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ if anymore please mention____________________________ 3) Which Brand in potato chips do you eat? Lays Balaji Wafers Bingo Pringles Uncle chips 4) What do you like in the brand of potato chips which you eat? _________...

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Potato Battery

Science Research Paper: “Potato Battery” I. Problem a. Main Problem This study aims to prove whether fruits and vegetables are good reserves of electricity. The potato, known for its high Phosphoric Acid and Sulfuric Acid, has been as our chosen fruit to prove and conduct our answers upon the accessibility of fruits and vegetables as an effective renewable energy source. b. Sub-Problems To further provide extra and specific information, the researchers have decided to add the following...

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Investigating the Water Potential of Potato Cells

Investigating the Water Potential Of Potato Cells Aims 1. To test how water potential, in a solution, affects the movement of water in and out of a cell by osmosis Prediction I predict that by increasing the water potential around the outside of the potato cell, (i.e. so that the water potential is greater outside the cell compared to the inside of the cell e.g. 0m sucrose) that the net movement of water into the cell will increase. This is due to the water potential being greater outside the cell...

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concerned with Irish history. Looming over the scene depicted is the spectre of the potato famine that afflicted Ireland from 1845-49. The potato crop, staple for the Irish, failed, and with cataclysmic results. About half the population of three million died, while a million people emigrated – many to America. The first section of the poem is written in alternately rhymed quatrains that describe a rural scene of potato digging that is clearly in progress much later than a similar scene around the time...

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 POTATO INTO BATTERY Abstract a.Purpose To lessen the consume of electric charge b. Procedure We insert copper and zinc electrodes in to the potato, close but not touching each other. We use Clip leads to connect our electrodes to the Multimeter to measure voltage between two electrodes or current passing through the multimeter. For this experiment we used a galvanized nail for our Zinc electrode. c. Result It did go well and the potato did give voltage to the equipment (clock) However,...

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Potato Battery

POTATO BATTERY Abstract a. Purpose To lessen the consume of electric charge b. Procedure We insert copper and zinc electrodes in to the potato, close but not touching each other. We use Clip leads to connect our electrodes to the Multimeter to measure voltage between two electrodes or current passing through the multimeter. For this experiment we removed the shell of a broken AA battery for our Zinc electrode. (Make sure to test your multimeter by connecting its Positive and Negative...

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Potato Battery

Investigatory Project In Science & Technology IV (Potato Battery) Submitted by : Eloisa Umali Chelsea Jayne D. Diaz Pia Angela Valencia Acknowledgement The researchers would like to acknowledge with sincerest gratitude the following persons for the support they gave to them in the accomplishment of this investigatory project. Mrs. Rosie Castillo, who guide us and helped us in making this project. Who gave us the opportunity...

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Potato Ravioli

Morondoz, Martin Eric Plaza, Allisther Section: CLCA 103 Topic: Potato Ravioli with a Twist Output 1: Research Problem, Thesis Statement and Tentative Research Problem The project “Potato Ravioli with a Twist” aspired primarily to create a new recipe using vegetables that will encourage everyone especially kids who hate eating veggies to have it without even knowing it. The project addressed this question: 1. How can “Potato Ravioli with a Twist” capture the taste of people especially the...

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Cell Membrane Transport

diffusion The higher the temp the quicker the diffusion Exercise 3: Tonicity and Diffusion Observations Data Table 4: Potato Dimensions. | Potato | Before Osmosis(L × W) cm | After Osmosis(L × W) cm | TonicityHypertonic, Isotonic, orHypotonic | Distilled water | 7cm x 0.5cm | | hypertonic | 10% Sodium Chloride | 7cm x 0.5cm | | hypotonic | Questions A. What is the condition of each potato strip after soaking in the test tubes for an hour? Which one is limp and which...

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Lab Paq Biology Lab 7

Cell Structure and Function: Tonicity and pH Justin HeshizerBIOL 1107K (80561) 50 Experiment Number 5 10/02/14 Margaret E. Vorndam, M.S. Version 42-0038-00-01 Lab Report Assistant This document is not meant to be a substitute for a formal laboratory report. The Lab Report Assistant is simply a summary of the experiment’s questions, diagrams if needed, and data tables that should be addressed in...

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Potato Battery

Pg1Pg1 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS ON FILE ™? Revised Edition 5.40-1 Potato Battery Lois Fruen and Chelen Johnson Topic Construction of a battery Time 45 minutes to 1 hour Safety ! Please click on the safety icon to view the safety precautions. Adult supervision is necessary for the soldering of the alligator...

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tuberosum crop that is derived from a perennial plants called “Solanum” which produces some of the world’s most known and consumed vegetables such as the potato itself and also tomatoes. The potato has many physical forms because of its various perennials plants that grow in different colors through which after the pollination and growth process the potato creates pink or white skin. Some of the first findings of potatoes were in South America and through the process of the Columbian Exchange and world-wide...

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Comic Strip: a Window Through

Elizha Marie N. Mendros Eng 10 THV2 BSGE. 2012-35076 Mooney, I. Comic Strip: A Window Through Can you remember those humorous stories lay out mainly through attractive drawings and a little of words, that you have seen in media like magazines or newspapers? Can you remember those which come in black and white, and some in colored layout? Maybe you have also known about some greatly popular ones such as Bill Watterson’s “Calvin and Hobbes”, Winsor McCay’s “Little Nemo”, Charles...

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Cell Membrane Transport

Cell Membrane Transport The purposes for these experiments is to be able to understand osmosis and its relationship to tonicity of solutions, and the transportation of molecules across cell membranes. It's also used to understand, and how temperature affects diffusion. You also learn how to test for presences of starches and sugars in solutions. In the first exercise I will be testing for diffusion through an artificial membranes. This one has forty five steps to it. I will not go into...

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Osmotic Pressure Report

occurs whenever there is a semi permeable membrane that acts as a barrier to separate two different concentrations. The higher the concentration between the solutes, the higher the osmotic pressure. Osmotic pressure can be classified into three tonicities, which are Hypotonic, Isotonic and Hypertonic. Hypotonic is a situation when the concentration of water in cells are more than water outside the cell, causing water to flow into the cell until it ruptures and plasmolyse in animal cell and plant...

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Strip Searches in Schools

raging in schools, look at recent cases involving the Fourth Amendment and schools, and give my personal view on the Fourth Amendment in schools. The debate that is currently raging in public schools, is whether or not kids in public schools, can be strip searched or not. This has many parents up in arms, because they feel like this violates their children’s safety, as well as, their Fourth Amendment rights. The issue of the Fourth Amendment in schools was never really an issue, until the shooting...

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Comparison of Heaney's 'at a Potato Digging' and Hardy's 'Autumn Midnight.

Look again at ‘At a Potato Digging’ by Seamus Heaney and at ‘A Sheep Fair’ by Thomas Hardy, which both deal with the theme of the hardship of rural life. With close reference to the ways each poet uses language, compare and contrast what the speakers in the poems say about rural life. You should include relevant contextual material. Which poem do you find more interesting? Give your reasons. Seamus Heaney and Thomas Hardy both depict images of rural life as difficult and uncomfortable. In their...

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Sweet Potato Peels

SWEET POTATO (IPOMOEA BATATAS) AS SOIL ENHANCER Submitted by: Submitted to: Sean Rogers N. Reyes Mr. Andrew Tenorio Kyle Martin A. Villagen Karl Harvie D. Villoso Contents Idea: Sweet Potato Peelings as Soil Enhancers 3 Chapter 1- Introduction 3 Background of the Study: 3 Statement of the problem: 3 Specific: 3 Statement of the hypotheses: 3 Main: 3 Specific: 3 Significance of the Study: 4 Scope...

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Bio Potato Core Osmosis

DCP and CE Potato Core Osmosis #2 ...

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Baking Potato Lab IA

different amounts of 0.1M sugar solution affect the osmolarity of a baking potato compared to a sweet potato? Variables Independent- sugar solution Dependent- osmolarity (mass) Control- Before mass of potato/sweet potato core Controlled- Size of cores, time in solution, Hypothesis I think that the sweet potato will show more osmolarity than the baking potato because the sweet potato has higher sugar content than the baking potato which will cause more pressure and will make the molecules go through...

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Water Potential of a Potato.

Investigating the Water Potential of a Potato. I have been asked to investigate the water potential of a potato. During my investigation I will not actually be able to measure a value for, as it is a pressure value (kPa). Osmosis is a special form of diffusion involving only water molecules. It is defined as "The passage of water from a region of high water potential to a region of low water potential through a partially permeable membrane" Definition of Water Potential. The potential for water...

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Osmosis with Potato Chips

diffusion I will be using potato discs, of the same size and mass, in different concentrations of sugar solution to find out whether the mass of the discs increases or decreases depending on the concentration. I predict that when the sugar solution is 0% the mass will increase as there is less sugar in the water than in the potato. The water will then travel through a partly permeable membrane into the potato from outside. When the sugar solution is 20% the mass of the potato will decrease as there...

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Osmosis in Potato Chips

GCSE Biology: Osmosis in a Potato Aim To investigate the effect of placing a piece of potato in a given strength of sugar solution. Prediction I predict that, as the solution becomes more concentrated the more the cell will shrink, as the water, of higher concentration inside the potato cells, flows down a concentration gradient into the solution, which has a lower concentration of water molecules. If we say that the percentage change when the potato is placed in the 1M solution is x%. I predict...

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Osmosis in Potato Tubers

Osmosis in Potato Tubers Andrew Dickson Background When a plant cell is bathed in a solution of the same concentration (isotonic) as its intracellular environment, its mass and volume remain the same. This is because water enters and leaves the cells at the same rate. There is no net loss or gain of water by osmosis. Samples of cells can be placed in a range of solutions of different concentration. The cells will gain water by osmosis when placed in solutions which are more dilute (hypotonic)...

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Potato Battery: the Advent of Technology

Science POTATO BATTERY: THE ADVENT OF TECHNOLOGY TABLE OF CONTENTS RESEARCH……………………………………………………………………...I PURPOSE……………………………………………………………….….……II DISCUSSION………………………………………………………………...…IV MATERIALS AND PROCEDURES……………………………………….......V RESULTS…………………………………………………………………....….VI CONCLUSION……………………………………………………….….….…VII BIBLIOGRPAHY……………………………………………………….….……VIII RESEARCH The potato is a starchy, tuberous crop from the perennial Solanum tuberosum of the Solanaceae...

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Effect of Osmosis on Potato

Effect of Osmosis on Potato Aim: To investigate the effect osmosis has on potato pieces that are placed in different concentrations of sugar solutions in water. Hypothesis: I believe that the more saturated the solution is the lighter the potato will be, and the potato in the clear water will weigh more after being left in the solution over a 24 hour period. This is because the cell membranes in the potato act as semi permeable membranes (meaning that they only allow certain molecules through)...

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sugar solution on potato cells

How sugar solution might affect potato cells Introduction: In this experiment, I am going to investigate the effect of changing the concentration of sucrose solution on the rate of osmosis in potato cells. I am going to find the rate of osmosis out by measuring the weight of the potato after each time the concentration of sucrose solution change. I am going to make 2 sets of data, A and B Hypothesis: I hypothesize that when the concentration of the sucrose solution is higher, the amount of water...

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Impact of Potato in Europe

The potato’s introduction into Europe proves to be one of the most significant examples of a foreign food crop being able to extensively affect the lives of a an Old World Population. Before the assimilation of the potato crop into the majority of Europe’s agricultural landscape, peasant populations constantly faced famines while current food sources provided little nutritional value and were not efficient sources of energy. As Europe adopted the brown tuber, people were provided with a far more...

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Potato as an alternative source of energy

treated potatoes." In short, it's a potato powered battery, and it's as real as you're hoping it is. The simple, sustainable, robust device can potentially provide an immediate inexpensive solution to electricity needs in parts of the world lacking electrical infrastructure, but we're hoping that it can work a similar amount of magic for developed nations as well. Researchers at the Hebrew University discovered that the enhanced salt bridge capability of treated potato tubers can generate electricity...

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Potato Tuber Cells

Water Potential of Potato Tuber Cells Aim: To estimate the water potential of potato tuber cells Results: Data table showing the initial mass and the final mass of potato cylinders that have been inserted into sucrose solutions of different concentrations.(moldm−3) Concentration of sucrose solutions.(moldm−3) | DistilledWater | 0.2(moldm−3) | 0.4(moldm−3) | 0.6(moldm−3) | 0.8(moldm−3) | 1.0(moldm−3) | Students | Mass of potato cylinders (grams) (Initial and Final) (± 0.005 g) | | Initial...

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Potato Osmolarity Lab

Delaney Strange Period 2 Potato Osmolarity Lab Purpose: The purpose of the lab is to discover the osmolarity of the potato tissue. Background Information: Osmolarity is a concept similar to concentration, except it is the total number of solute particles per liter. In this lab we can show osmolarity by using sucrose solutions and potato ores. This experiment displays hypertonic, hypotonic and isotonic solutions. A hypertonic solution is a solution with a relatively higher concentration, hypotonic...

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Potato Catalyst Lab

Potato Catalysis Lab Pre-Lab Assignment Background Information: An enzyme is catalytic protein. It is the most important type of molecule found in living cells. Cells would not be able to function without enzymes. Enzymes speed up or slow down chemical reactions of the cells. It is usually easy to identify the names of enzymes because they end in -ase. The enzyme that acts upon the substrate hydrogen peroxide is usually called catalase. This enzyme is found in both plants and animals...

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How the Potato Changed the World

 How the Potato Changed the World In today’s world the potato is the fifth most vital crop universal, it follows wheat, corn, rice and sugar cane. However in the 18th century the potato was an amazing novelty, part of a global environmental fit started by Christopher Columbus. Roughly 250 million years ago, the world consisted of a single giant landmass now known as Pangaea. Physical forces broke Pangaea separately, creating the continents and hemispheres well-known today. Over the...

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Potato Catalase Lab

foam that can be measured. ANALYSIS QUESTIONS 1. a) Describe the effect of damaging the potato on the catalase activity. With the increased level of damage to the potato, there appeared to be more activity within the reaction between the catalase and the H2O2. b) Explain at the cell level why crushing or macerating the potato has this effect. When you crush or macerate the potato, you are breaking the cell walls of each individual cell. Once this happens, the catalase is...

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Potato Powered Light BUlb

Making a Potato Powered Light Bulb Materials: A large potato Two pennies Two zinc-plated nails or screws Three pieces of copper wire A very small light bulb or LED light 1)  Get a potato and cut it in half.  Then make a small slit in each half just big enough to put a penny into.   2)  Cut two pieces of copper wire and wrap one around one of the pennies a few times, and wrap the other one around the other penny a few times as well.           3)  Take a third piece of copper...

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Ib Biology Potato Lab

IB Biology Potato Lab Table 1: Trial Number | Concentration of Sucrose Solution (M) ±0.2 ml | Initial Mass of Potato Core Slice(g) ±0.1 | Final Mass of Potato Core Slices (g) ±0.1 | 1 | 0.0 | 7.7 | 9.3 | 2 | | 6.0 | 8.1 | 3 | | 6.2 | 7.4 | 4 | | 10.2 | 13.2 | 5 | | 8.7 | 10.3 | 6 | | 4.9 | 6.0 | 7 | | 9.2 | 10.4 | 1 | 0.2 | 5.8 | 6.0 | 2 | | 11.6 | 12.1 | 3 | | 2.5 | 3.1 | 1 | 0.4 | 14.4 | 13.9 | 2 | | 2.6 | 2.8 | 3 | | 8 | 6.5 | 1 | 0.6 | 7.3 | 5.3 | 2...

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Diffusion and Osmosis of a Potato

Diffusion and Osmosis of a Potato Introduction Diffusion labels the spread of molecules throughout unsystematic movement from expanses of higher concentration to areas of lesser concentration. The theory of diffusion is entwined to that of mass transfer propelled by a concentration gradient (Wikipedia). For example, when someone in a room passes gas, the odor will eventually spread out among the room until it has reached equilibrium with the air in the room. Instead of substances moving to...

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Battery from Potato

Battery from Potato Introduction: Batteries generate electricity through a chemical reaction between two different electrodes and one electrolyte. Use of Copper and Zinc electrodes and Sulfuric acid as electrolyte is a proven method for this process. We are wondering if we can use any other liquid as electrolyte? This gave us the idea of using a potato as electrolyte. After all a fresh potato has a lot of juice that may serve our purpose as electrolyte. Problem: Can Potato be used to generate...

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Breathe right strips

Breathe right strips 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages for CNS taking Breathe Right strips into international markets? Advantages: Sports, nasal congestion, and snoring are global issues so the market for the product is needed. Natural products with no side effects that promote wellness such as the non-drug nasal strip addressed this growing global demand in the global market. Free global public relations created a lot of excitement when it was first introduced. The opportunity...

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Irish Potato Famine

 I A. The autumn of 1856 was a time of great starvation for Ireland. B. Many people were affected by the Potato Famine because the potato was their staple crop. C. The population during the famine dropped from 8.1 million to 6.8 million. D. Why was the famine so severe even though it was during the modern age? Thesis: The impact of the Irish Potato Famine would not have been as devastating if England hadn’t controlled Ireland by foreclosing thriving industries, passing...

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Effect of Osmosis on Potato Chips

Effect Of Osmosis On Potato Chips Osmosis is a special kind of diffusion involving the movement of water through a semi permeable membrane, separating solutions of different concentrations. The water passes from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration until the two concentrations are equal in water. Many cell membranes behave as semi permeable membranes, and osmosis is a vital mechanism in the transport of fluids in living organisms for example in the transport of water...

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