• The Job of Stage Directions in the Play Journey's End
    Job of Stage Directions What do I think is the purpose of stage directions in general? I think the purpose of stage direction in general show the mood and how the character feels to make the audience understand what situation the character. It also tells the audience part of the story, it tell abo
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  • Millers Use of Stage Directions
    Explore Millers use of stage directions, setting and props in Act one; language analysis and conventions of tragedy. Plan: * Stage directions – opening stage directions, set the scene for the audience, and give background information on a few of the characters present. * They are des
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  • Stage Directions in Macbeth
    Essay – Stage Directions in Macbeth Shakespeare gives very few stage directions to guide directors and actors in the staging of the play, Macbeth. How does the text of the play give us indications of the way it is to be performed? Support you answer with examples form Act 1. William Shakespear
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  • What Do the Visual Images Present in the Stage Directions and Dialogue Reveal About the Theme of Social Class in Miss Julie?”
    “What do the visual images present in the stage directions and dialogue reveal about the theme of social class in Miss Julie?” The theme of social class is prevalent throughout “Miss Julie” by underscoring the disparity between the classes of Jean, Christine and Miss Julie. Through visual i
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  • Analysis of "Death of a Salesman" opening stage directions
    Death of a Salesman Act I - opening stage directions analysis Arthur Miller’s ‘Death of a Salesman’ (1949) opens with an extensive description of the Loman house. Miller uses extremely precise and detailed stage directions, including prop placement, sound and lighting, giving heavy...
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  • The Crucible – Sample Essay on Playing Elizabeth Proctor
    GCSE Drama Mock Examination – The Crucible – sample essay on playing Elizabeth Proctor I am using the Heinemann edition of the text and I will be discussing how I would play the part of Elizabeth Proctor in the given scene. This scene is taken from Act Four, the final act of the play and the
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  • Discuss the Importance of Female Characters in the Crucible and Snow Falling on Cedars. Compare the Ways They Are Presented.
    Assignment1: Discuss the importance of female characters in ‘Snow Falling on Cedars,' and ‘The Crucible.' Compare the ways in which they are presented. In both, the novel, ‘Snow Falling On Cedars,' and the play of ‘The Crucible,' the strength of the female characters is detailed by their port
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  • The Crucible
    In this act I will be examining the dramatic importance of Act 3. Act 3 takes place in court. In acts 1 and 2 the puritan New England town of Salem, Massachusetts had been turned upside down by the accusations made by a group of young girls who consistently claim that certain people in the village
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  • Audience and Critics Have Said the Crucible Is Deeply Moving and Exciting. Discuss How Millers Stagecraft in Particular at the Begining and Ends of the Acts Contributes to the Overall Drama of the Texts
    Drama; Secrets; Scandal. Three simple words, all of which describe ‘the Crucible’ perfectly. Arthur Miller’s clever use of universal themes and hidden techniques throughout the tragedy are what makes ‘the Crucible’ the well known play that it is today. With its gripping storyline of love,
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  • Analysis of the Crucible
    The Crucible The Crucible is defined as a place of extreme heat or a test, which perfectly describes the concept of the play. The characters are thrust into a place of “extreme heat”, and are forced to fight for their very survival against such harsh surroundings. We find that each of the char
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  • The Crucible
    The Crucible Essay In The Crucible, explore how Miller shapes the audience’s response towards Proctor throughout the play. The name of the play is The Crucible and it was written by a man called Arthur Miller. In the play Miller used America’s past to make comments about its present. Throu
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  • Everything on the Crucible and in the Park
    IN THE PARK –GWEN HARWOOD She sits in the park. Her clothes are out of date. Two children whine and bicker, tug her skirt. A third draws aimless patterns in the dirt Someone she loved once passed by – too late to feign indifference to that casual nod. “How nice” et cetera. “Time ho
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  • "The Crucible" Movie vs Book
    In the movie version of “The Crucible”, I believe that the final scene in Act III was better portrayed in the movie. The movie version is based on the book, written by Arthur Miller. The movie version gives the view more sympathy for John, Goody Nurse, and Martha Corey. It also tells the full an
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  • Crucible Essay
    “Because it is my name. Because I cannot have another in my life. Because I lie and sign my name to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of those that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!!” - Explore the importance of name and reputat
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  • Belonging: the Crucible
    Belonging is a far-reaching yet complex idea that is powerfully explored in Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. It illustrates a variety of aspects of belonging, where it can be compared and contrasted with ideas in other texts such as Oliver Parker’s film Dorian Gray and Oodgeroo Noonuccal’s poem W
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  • The Crucible - Theme of Revenge
    A dramatist who explores the theme of revenge throughout his play is Arthur Miller in ‘The Crucible. There are different characters in this play that carry this theme of revenge, Abigail being one in particular, as she seeks revenge against Goody Proctor. This is due to Goody Proctor firing Abiga
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  • Belonging -the Crucible
    Compare and contrast the ideas about belonging conveyed by your chosen texts and your core text, The Crucible. There are a substantial amount of aspects that correlate and contrast with the theme of belonging in various texts. The Crucible by Arthur Miller (1953) is a text that communicates belongi
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  • Belonging Essay - the Crucible
    Some people will go to extraordinary lengths to achieve a sense of belonging; whether it to be a group, culture or city, some people will try anything. Techniques such as stage directions, hamartia, and dialogue are used in the set text Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” to display belonging and
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  • Crucible
    ‘We can choose to belong or not belong. To what extent do the experiences of individuals and their place in society influence their decisions about belonging?’ Belonging reflects on our personal values; depending on our personal values, the groups we are attracted to, and hence wish to belong t
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  • The Crucible
    Untraditional Drama Conventions Does an author always have to stick to conventions in writing? A dramatic convention is an unrealistic element in a literary work that is accepted by readers or viewers because it is traditional. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller deviates from traditional drama con
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