The Job of Stage Directions in the Play Journey's End

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Job of Stage Directions
What do I think is the purpose of stage directions in general? I think the purpose of stage direction in general show the mood and how the character feels to make the audience understand what situation the character. It also tells the audience part of the story, it tell about the atmosphere and the setting, like where they are, in what kind of town. It also leads to the theme of the play and when it was set. Like for the play “Journey’s End”, it leads to the harsh reality of the war as it is set during the end of “The Great War”. What do I think stage direction does?

I think what stage directions do is to give the audience the mood. If the audience knows how the character feels they would know how to feel. In the stage directions, they show the setting and the atmosphere. They let the audience to know if it is scary or a happy scene. For the stage directions of Act 1 of the play “Journey’s End”, the setting of this act is a dark quiet misty scene. You can see the moonlight from the trench or bunker. In the trench, it is very messy. There are a lot of things lying around, very unkempt. Makes the audience see it as a place for the officers to relax and drink. It also might be the camp base or where they keep their equipment. The soldier in charge of tidying up might have forgotten. The atmosphere of this setting is very quiet, peaceful, suggesting that is might be a refuge. It is also very eerie and strange, there’s a sense that some chaos had occurred but now it is still. The atmosphere of the play has two ends to it that the audience might not get, which the actors will know so they might show it better. This is a good thing to show in a play.
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