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Topics: Hamlet, Theatre, William Shakespeare Pages: 3 (1034 words) Published: April 17, 2013
A Selected Annotated Bibliography on the Theatres and Audiences during Shakespeare’s Life
William Shakespeare, one of the most well known authors of literature, wrote the tragic play called Hamlet. In the play Hamlet, Hamlet tries to seek revenge on his father’s murderer committed by his uncle and now King, Claudius. Old Hamlet’s ghost instructs Hamlet to seek revenge on Claudius. This further angers Hamlet who is already distraught at the fact that his mother has married Claudius. The pressure causes Hamlet to go crazy and not be able to think straight. King Claudius and the Queen send multiple spies in order to see if Hamlet is really crazy. Hamlet causes Claudius to feel guilty when Hamlet makes a play that resembles the murder of Old Hamlet. Gertrude was concerned about Hamlet’s health and during the toast accidently drinks the poisoned wine that was part of Claudius plan to kill Hamlet. As a result of the fencing match Hamlet is injured from the poisoned the tip of Laertes’ sword. Before Hamlet dies he makes Claudius drink the poisoned wine to get revenge for his father’s death. The topic of my annotated bibliography is the theatres and the audiences during the Shakespearean era. Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, captures the audience’s attention and uses the physical theater to make the play more entertaining. Allison, Amy. Shakespeare's Globe. San Diego: Lucent, 2000. Print. Amy Allison is considered one of the most well written authors today. She has written many books and poetry such as Jack & Jill and Gargoyles on Guard, as well as enjoying seeing remakes on Shakespeare’s plays. Allison informs the general public of the theatres during Shakespeare’s life and the audiences that attended his plays. Amy Allison states that theatres was consistently changing in order to attract more viewers to the play, But the Theatre that was liked by the Shakespearean people was one that had a large wooden frame surrounding a raised platform that had a stage which...
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