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  • Fate Worse Than Death

    (death) to literally translate to “good or easy death” (Merriam-Webster). Through the examples such as the poignant short story “Terminal” by...

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  • The Clash of Both Worlds

    THE CLASH OF BOTH WORLDS It is plausible that a writer desires to convey not only a single aspect in his or her writings. Nadine Gordimer, in...

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  • Creative Writing

    this idea. 49 This page intentionally left blank Video 4 Character – Setting – Plot Chinua Achebe J G Ballard Raymond Briggs Maggie Gee Nadine...

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  • Abrahams Glossary of Literary Terms

    is "incunabulum") signifies all books that were produced in the infancy of printing. (The word "incunabula" is Latin for "swaddling clothes.") The...

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  • Traces of Magma

    as portrayed in a surrealistic account of a Donald Trump-like wedding which is to be held in the temporarily refurbished N.Y.C. Port Authority bus...

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  • Oxford Dictionary of Allusions

    potential traitors here in this place where we meet to put our minds and hearts in the struggle . . . are we to sit with Judas in our midst? NADINE...

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