Reading Reflection on Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer

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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Country Lover’s: Nadine Gordimer
April Simon
Journey into Literature: ENG 125
Professor Louise Becker

The literary writing that caught my attention is Country Lover’s by Nadine Gordimer. This short story attracted my attention because I have read about her before and I like the way she draws you into her story with her plot and meanings. Her stories are so realistic and the ending leaves you wanting more. I will be using the formalist approach to analyze this short story.

The story was so memorable because it was about two forbidden lovers in South Africa. This is a author that write about racial lovers that are forbidden to see one another in South Africa. She writes about the challenges that was faced in South Arica and there country towards racial relationships. In this story it was about a black female (Thebedi) that sneaked around with a white male (Eysendyck) but had a baby and married a man ( Njabulo) from her tribe. The outcome was what stuck in my head as the black female pointed the finger the white male as being the one who killed her baby and the outcome for him was not guilty. That was the best ending.

The plot was intriguing because the author (Gordimer) had it set up where you would think that she would eventually get with (Ersendyck) but that is not how it happens the story turns and she marries someone in her tribe because it is the right thing for her to do. The biggest surprise for me was the fact that she accused the guy that she was sneaking with of poisoning her child.

The characters
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