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Teaching Practice Reflection

Reflection in Teaching Teachers, it is thought, benefit from the practice of reflection, the conscious act of thinking deeply about and carefully examining the interactions and events within their own classrooms. Educators T. Wildman and J Niles (1987) describe a scheme for developing reflective practice in experienced teachers. This was justified by the view that reflective practice could help teachers to feel more intellectually involved in their role and work in teaching and enable them to...

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Reflection on Practice

NPCG1011: Principles of Nursing Practice Module leader: Kay Townsend Assignment title: A critical reflection on practice Word Count: 1850 words The following essay will show the importance of reflection on practice in order to explore nursing skills for a patient well-being. For this reason, it will explain in more detail that understanding the evidence base which underpins nursing/patient care is an integral part of nursing practice. Also it will show the significance...

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Reflection on Teaching

theories (I) have about the teaching of science” 2. “consider … the possible learning outcomes of an ‘enquiry’ approach to teaching science compared to ‘direct’ teaching” 3. include reference to underlying theory 4. refer to specific teaching situations 5. engage in critical reflective thinking My theory In order to challenge my theory of teaching I first need very briefly to define it. When I was taught science it was mostly through direct teaching. Any experiments performed...

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what makes a good teacher and good teaching has resulted in an endless steam of ideas, opinions, and theories. This research work in The good teachers and good teaching will bring light to what is and when can we have good teaching as well as being good teacher. Also it will provide methodologies that can be used to have a good teaching environment in the classroom. In addiction, there will be mentioned qualities of a good teacher as well as methods or teaching techniques in the class. Besides the...

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Article: Teaching and Practices

Roselyn C. Oppus 01-07-13 Prof. Pedrito Castillo/GED 223 11:00-12:00 “TEACHING PRACTICES” As many years have past, education is the life line bases form of school based in the basic qualification in a teacher education. In preparing such profession to become an educator it must have many trainings that you must have to meet. And also you must have to try many experiences before you go through to that certain profession. That’s why you must have a prior pedagogical theory...

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Reflection: Education and Reflective Practice

What? Model of Structured Reflection’ (Driscoll 2007) to analyse the experience of using a group designed assessment tool to assess my peers and the experience of being peer assessed. Additionally, experience of completing a group presentation would be reflected upon. A personal action plan which identifies areas for personal development and the designed assessment tool is attached as appendix 1 and 2 respectively. Reflection entails reviewing experience from practice so that it may be described...

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Education: Reflective Practice and How It Is Used in Teaching/Instruction

Reflective practice and how it is used in Teaching/Instruction Chontella Young, MA Reflective practice helps people understand the connection between what they do and how they might enhance their effectiveness. Reflective practice plays a crucial role in learning and teaching. Schools encourage reflective practice while teaching and learning. Teachers can reflect on their own or reflect with other educators (Ghaye, 2011). Ghaye has examined reflective practice and identified...

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Johns Reflection And Gibbs Reflection in Nursing Practice

Introduction: In this essay, I will discuss several issues that seem to bind nursing practice with questions of ethics, sociology and management. Reflective practice is an important aspect of nursing management and in this essay we discuss implications of discrimination in nursing care and examine the importance of anti-discriminatory perspectives in nursing. In this paper, the case study I will elaborate is of an elderly woman who was of a non-British ethnic origin and spoke little English. A junior...

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Teaching Practices Reflection

Reflecting on my teaching practices Benefits of critical reflection Research has shown how deliberate and critical reflection on teaching practices contributes to excellence in teaching, and improved educational outcomes for all children. Critically reflective teaching practices encourage teachers to: • • • • • regularly evaluate their approaches to teaching and learning understand more about the positive impacts of high-quality effective pedagogies on children’s learning become more aware of...

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Evaluating Teaching Practice

YEAR ONE CERTIFICATE OF EDUCATION ALAN DAVISON ASSESSING LEARNING AND ACHIEVEMENT AND SUPPORTING LEARNING Evaluate teaching LEARNING B.WHILES The teaching practice I would like to critically evaluate is a lesson on the function of gears and bearing’s, the group consisted of six students who had all completed a prior introductory course on the same subject. The session took place in the workshop and was the practical side of the theory, which was...

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Reflection on Teaching Methodology

Assignment on Personal Teaching Methodology Since the advent of language learning as an academic discipline, there have been gradual shifts in language teaching methodology from Grammar Translation, to Audiolingualism, and those applied in more recent and well known Communicative Language Teaching. However, ELT practitioners have put forward an array of opinions, arguments and concerns over the issue that which of the suggested methodologies works best in language teaching. But, a variety of factors...

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discuss the contribution of reflective practice for clinical nursing. Reflection has been defined as a way for individuals to “capture their experience, think about it, mull it over and evaluate” (Boud et al 1985: 19) Argyris and Schon (1974) suggest that practitioners often practice at less than effective levels because they follow routine. Johns (1995) implies that action can be taken through reflection to increase effectiveness in practice as reflection provides opportunities for self development...

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Reflection: Surgery and Reflective Practice

assignment critically discusses a reflective practice with regards to a clinical placement I undertook. In the following critical incident that I encountered I will utilize the Gibbs Reflective Model. Gibbs reflective model is fairly straightforward and encourage a clear description of the situation. Analysis of feelings, evaluation of the experience, analysis to make sense of the experience, conclusion and action plan where other options are considered and reflection upon experience to examine what you would...

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Teaching as Clincal Practice

and Complexities in Teaching and Teacher Education While there is much debate by academics, practitioners and the popular press around the quality of teachers, teacher education and what constitutes ‘good’ teaching, there is no argument that teaching is one of the most challenging and complex professions. Over the last two decades, researchers have increasingly debated the topics of what the most effective way to educate teachers is and what teachers need to know about teaching. Levine (2006) describes...

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 SALEEM BADALOO ID# 1001080439 TEACHING PHILOSOPHY AND PRACTICE I, as a beginner teacher want to try my best to be a role model for the students. I feel it is a privilege to be a teacher and hope to present myself that way, both for the students and my own benefit. My role is to touch many lives with the gift of knowledge, and help students develop not only socially, but also emotionally and cognitively. Berk defined child development as "a field of study devoted to understanding all...

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This reflection is divided into two parts: the importance of critical reflection and an evaluation of self. The first part will be drawing upon through the appropriate literature, and there are four points to prove the importance of critical reflection in personal development. It will be expounded and distinguish Reflection in action and Reflection on action. Then, the theory of Single and double loop learning will be introduced. Moreover, the reflection also includes the difficulties and challenges...

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Assignment 4 Childrearing practices reflection

Assignment #4: Childrearing practices reflection To what extent does Annette Lareau’s characterization of class-based childrearing practices reflect your own experiences growing up? ¿En qué medida contribuye la caracterización de Annette Lareau de prácticas de crianza basados en clases reflejan tus propias experiencias al crecer? Write a two-page (600-750 words) paper analyzing your family’s class background and your parents’ childrearing methods, answering the following questions:` -According...

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Student Teaching Reflection

Student Teaching Reflection My student teaching provided me with was an experience that will best benefit me into my future teaching career.  I had the opportunity to teach in a 1stgrade classroom.  The class started out with 17 students, 5 girls and 12 boys, but one student moved away and the class size dropped to 16 students, leaving the class with 4 girls and 12 boys.  My cooperating teacher and the students accepted me into their classroom and were excited to have another teacher in the room...

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Self Reflection Report of Teaching Practicum

Many have also suggested that these experiences are very powerful in shaping teachers as they are real in contrast to the artificial environment of the tertiary education courses. Hence, the purpose of this paper is to address the experience of my teaching practicum (TSL -507) course under BRAC Institute of languages. This author is indebted to a lot of personnel for helping him putting up this report in one piece. I would like to thank Dr. Sayeedur Rahman and Prof. Dil Afroze Quader for their support...

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Reflective teaching

modes of thought including reflection. He saw reflection as an aspect of thought, a rational and purposeful act that is more then mere thinking. Dewey contrasted routine action with reflective action, laying the roots of reflective practice in teaching (Zwozdiak-Myers, 2012, p. 5). In his notion of reflective action he described a willingness to engage in self-assessment, which required flexibility, analysis and social awareness (Pollard, 2005, p. 13). His reflection described a willingness to...

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Teaching Reflection

teachers is that their practice is the result of careful reflection . . . They themselves learn lessons each time they teach, evaluating what they do and using these self-critical evaluations to adjust what they do next time. (Why Colleges Succeed, Ofsted 2004, para. 19) What this chapter is about . . . . . . . Reflective practice ± what is it? Why and how should we do it? Reflection `in' and `on' action Some models of reflective practice Using reflection as a basis for improving...

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Teaching in Nursing Practice

will reflect upon what he or she could have done better in her role of assisting the RSI. The nurse will also try to assimilate with what they have just learned during the MTRC and real life situations. Think a.k.a Abstract Conceptualization – Reflection of the experience and expanding current understanding of the situation will bring about new understanding, ideas or modification of an existing knowledge. For example: The nurse will read the notes that was give during the MTRC with regards to assisting...

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Teaching Reflection Paper

Sam Rall Foundations of Education Prof. Yaw October 12, 2011 Sittser: Changing the View on Society’s Students Teaching is a unique profession in today’s workplace. It is an occupation that will not give you a promotion very easily based on performance. It is also an occupation that can be seen as something that is not highly enough reimbursed for the impact it has on the lives of young people. A teacher needs an incredible passion for children/adolescents in order to be an effective educator. The...

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Celta Reflective Account - Teaching Practice

My assessment of my strengths and weaknesses I had been teaching workers in the children and young people’s workforce for a number of years when I started the CELTA course. I already had experience of planning lessons, staging, timing and classroom management. I knew nothing about setting appropriate language aims. One of my main weaknesses was anticipating problems that students would have with particular lessons and in incorporating activities to suit the stronger students. This is partly...

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Reflection on Practice 3

The reflection essay will focus on my experience and feelings about how I related with a patient who complained of severe pain in the surgical ward during my placement in the hospital as a student nurse.I will use Gibbs (1998) Reflective Cycle which is one of the most popular models of thought consists of six stages: Description which describes as the situation and what happened during the event . In my case, the management of this patient was admitted and was administered preoperatively...

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Good Teaching

Conceptions of Good Teaching by Good Teachers: Case Studies from an Australian University Fernanda P. Duarte University of Western Sydney, f.duarte@uws.edu.au INTRO: What is the article about? This article refers to what constitutes good teaching in early 21st Century higher education, through an examination of the experience of five outstanding lecturers from a business school in an Australian university. It is based on a qualitative study that explored their perceptions on what constitutes...

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Learning and Reflection

 OUTLINE OF REFLECTION There are many definitions in the literature of reflection, most however agree that it is an active, conscious process Reflection is often initiated when the individual practitioner encounters some problematic aspect of practice and attempts to make sense of it. Dewey Dewey (1933) defined reflection as: An active persistent and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it and the further conclusion to...

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peer teaching reflection

words has the potential for much more exploration than we used in our peer teaching. We intend to explore each of Laban’s movement elements including “body awareness; space awareness; the awareness of weight, time, and flow; and the adaptation to partners and groups” (Bergmann, 1995, p.157). We chose to begin the development of our dance with an introduction to shapes. As Mary Joyce wrote in her book ‘First Steps in Teaching Creative Dance to Children,’ “shapes are done first because they become...

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What is reflection? Reflection is the examination of personal thoughts and actions. For practitioners this means focusing on how they interact with their colleagues and with the environment to obtain a clearer picture of their own behaviour. It is therefore a process by which practitioners can better understand themselves in order to be able to build on existing strengths and take appropriate future action. And the word ‘action’ is vital. Reflection is not ‘navel-gazing’. Its aim is to develop...

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Personal Growth from Teaching Practice

Fatma yehia zakaria 900082064 Linguistics 268 Reflection paper 3 Personal Growth The purpose of education is to increase the person's knowledge, and more importantly to enhance the personal abilities and skills and make them more capable to meet the life challenges. Our university is one of the few educational foundations in Egypt which focuses mainly on improving the abilities and skills of students and preparing them properly for the real life. it was successful to achieve its aim through...

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reflect on an incident that occurred during my shift to develop positive attitude towards nursing informatics. In this reflection, I am going to use Gibbs (1988) Reflective cycle. This model is a recognized framework for my reflection. Gibbs (1988) consist of six stages to complete one cycle which is able to improve my nursing informatics and learning from the experience for better practice in future. The cycle starts with description of the situation, analysis of the feelings, evaluation of experience...

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Reflection of Values in Practice

Reflection of Values in Practice Introduction Nursing always attracted me as a profession because of the need for caring and helping each other. To me nursing is a profession that allows a person to develop strong ethical and moral values. It also instills a sense of responsibility and accountability for an individual as they provide effective delivery of health care services (Donovan 55, 1983). Personal Values Being a mental health nurse, I have my own personal values which have included respect...

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Similarities and Differences Betweeen Evidence Based Practice and Reflective Practice

methods and practices which have been implemented by professionals, in order to improve the provision for learners. Some of the methods adopted may be due to government legislation. An example of this is the National Curriculum. It was introduced to establish a consistent approach to the teaching of all children, in maintained schools. It gives guidance on what should be taught for particular age groups and a set of level descriptors are also included to assess children by. Other practices are developed...

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Reflection in Practice

making Practice-Based Learning work Reflection on PRACTICE A resource commissioned by the Making Practice Based Learning Work project, an educational development project funded through FDTL Phase 4 Project Number 174/02 and produced by staff from the University of Ulster. www.practicebasedlearning.org Author Patricia McClure School of Health Sciences, University of Ulster www.practicebasedlearning.org contents Reflection on Practice 02 The Role of Reflective...

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Psychology and Teaching Assistant

1.1 Describe the duties and responsibilities of own work role. The teaching assistant role includes working under the guidance of the teacher, supporting teaching and learning in the school nursery through group activities. I am able to devise learning activity plans also and also spontaneous learning activities which occur through play and other immediate learning activities. The learning assistant role also includes administration, wall displays, food preparation, leading activities with smaller...

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Reflective Practice in the Classroom

Reflective practice – A tool for learning Introduction/Rationale When something goes wrong or something unexpected happens during a lesson or activity, we ask ourselves questions such as, could I have done something to avoid it? These experiences usually make us grow and we learn from experience, and we will be better prepared to face the situation if it happened again. This introspection is generally called “reflection”, and all professionals have adopted it in order to improve their practice, but...

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Reflection on Stewardship in Business Practices

God’s Business: A Reflection on Stewardship as a Christian Stewardship is by definition an ethic that embodies responsible planning and management of resources. Christian stewardship couples the first definition with the firm foundations of the Christian beliefs. Bringing the two together, one can surmise that Christian stewardship is the embodiment of responsible planning and management of the world’s resources using Christian beliefs as the criteria for the decision making process. For one...

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Nursing Experiencing Mentorship & Reflection of Practice

Experiencing Mentorship & Reflection of Practice – Applying Research in Practice Description of Mentorship Through out the years the nursing profession has changed, through evidence based practice, and nursing research the profession has elevated. Nurses have the tremendous responsibility of human lives in their hands, and as such the demand for clinical competence is essential. Academic education is a part of the journey however, as nursing is a practical profession there is also...

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SPE 480 Self-Reflection and Learning Agenda Paper BACKGROUND: Describe your professional Identity: I am a dedicated person to the game of many sports and teaching. I have taught several different sports and also have been well trained in a classroom setting. Working with children of all ages, I have 8 years of coaching football, 4 years of basketball, 12 years of softball with private lessons as well and 3 years’ experience working with special needs students in a classroom. I have a bachelor’s...

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This essay will reflect upon an incident in practice when I administered a drug to a child. I will use Gibbs reflective model (Gibbs 1988)(see appendix 1). This model of reflection will be applied to the essay to facilitate critical thought and relating theory to practice where the model allows. Discussion on the incident will include the knowledge underpinning practice and the evidence base for the administration of the drug. A conclusion to the essay will then be given which will discuss my knowledge...

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Reflective Practice

use it in practice” The social work method I could use is that of reflective practice as I believe that coming into a new profession one will be faced with various new challenges and it is from these challenges that one gains experience and becomes a better practitioner. The process of reflection according to Knott, Christine and Scragg, Terry (2010) yields positive results by learning, gaining knowledge and understanding what it is that you need to do. Reflective practice is also...

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Experiential Learning and Reflection

Mairi Turner 2nd Reflection Introduction The following reflection is exploring some of the models that can facilitate the reflective process. The use of reflective practice has enabled me to gain experiential knowledge of teaching and learning. According to Jenny Moon (2005) Reflection is a form of mental processing that we use to fulfill a purpose or to achieve some anticipated outcome. It is applied to gain a better understanding of relatively complicated or unstructured ideas and is...

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Reading Practices

Scott Morton ESP 504 Theories of Reading Best Teaching Practices Dr. Sunday Obi Kentucky State University There are many different ways to affectively exercise best practices for reading and writing. I have researched and discovered that there are many strategies that can be used to promote them. One writing idea is establishing a positive writing atmosphere for learning. By establishing a positive writing atmosphere for learning provides students with the feeling...

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Is teaching a profession?

professions". And Professionalism is exhibited by one of the "professional character, spirit or methods" or the "standing, practice, or methods of a professional as distinguished from an amateur". Now to the question that whether teaching is a profession or not, some people consider it as a profession and some do not. However, I would firmly and in one line statement say that teaching is a profession. How? The following passages would clarify. Although the term 'professional' might at first glance seem...

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Theological Reflection

What is theological reflection? How can I relate life to theology, and theology to life? What is practical theology? In what ways might we connect Christian practice with Christian thinking and writing? These are the questions that Theological Reflection: Methods seeks to address; and through the adoption of a typological approach and engagement with primary sources, it does so very successfully. The authors -- three eminent practical theologians in Britain -- recognize that while such questions...

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A Reflection in Learning

of problems which I had not come across before but some issues were the topics that I was studying at that time. I then tried to apply the knowledge and theories into practice. Not only could the knowledge solve my problems, but also the application of theories had enhanced my learning. I realized that putting theories into practice make the learning and working effective and interesting and vice versa. I felt the sense of satisfaction of learning by then. Advanced academic learning I started...

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Reflection on Action

Reflection on action Introduction Reflection now a days is very important in health practises as it allows the practitioners to gain understandings from their professional and personal experiences .It has proven to be an essential utensil for development in their area. Reflection is seen as an influential resource of seeing accustomed events as fresh and inspiring. It is a way for critical thinking and learning. Thinkers have warned of the dangers of a life spent without reflection, but what...

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creative teaching report

in Art and Design. 5. Evaluation 6. Reflective Practice. 7. Conclusion. 8. References. 9. Appendice This report will evaluate a creative teaching strategy used in the BTEC Extended Diploma in Art and Design Classroom. It looks at creative teaching practice, researching, planning and applying creative ideas to help increase learners’ motivation and self-expression as well as developing my own teaching practice. This report is based on Kolb’s (1984) reflective model as...

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Expert Teaching

concepts that have influenced my thinking in regards to my own teaching career. My personal interest in the two concepts have opened up a window of opportunity for me to critically evaluate the overlapping influences that have impacted my teaching as a new born lecturer in adult education. First; I will evaluate the concept of an “Expert teacher” and secondly; I will compare and contrast the values underpinning “Critial Reflection” and its relation to the notion of expert teacher as held and...

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DC00050206 Professional Practice Two WYP 502 Assignment 2 25thMarch 2013 SWOT/CV Contents Page Reflection P3 – P6 Reference List P7 Appendix List P8 Appendix 1 –Updated CV P9 Appendix 2 –Old CV P10 Appendix 3 – Updated SWOT P11 Appendix 4 – Old SWOT P 12 The purpose of this assignment was to reflect and compare four different documents, before analysing the changes made between an updated CV (curriculum vitae) and a SWOT analysis (strengths...

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‘How to Teach English’ is an excellent book written by Professor Jeremy Harmer. It’s one of my favorite books about language teaching. I took some notes while reading and would like to share my ideas in my blog with others who also love English teaching just like me. Chapter one How to be a good teacher What makes a good teacher? Harmer pointed out that good teachers possess some qualities, such as an ability to give interesting classes, using the full range of their personalities, the desire...

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Learning Teaching Assessment

Assignment 1: Clinical Skill Teaching Plan Aim of Assignment The teaching plan will demonstrate the understanding of the learning theories, learning styles and the role of feedback in enhancing a student’s clinical skill development and learning experience while on clinical practice. The teaching plan will adhere to Edinburgh Napier University guidelines on academic writing and referencing, being completed within a word limit of 2000. Structure Using the online module content for learning...

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Reflections on Practice Plans Submitted for Pre-Class Preparation

Reflections on Practice Plans Submitted for Pre-Class Preparation PREFACE: In Indiana, soccer has long been a popular youth sport and an afterthought at the same time. I am part of a movement that is trying to transition Recreational Soccer leagues from an ultra-non-competitive “everybody wins but very few learn” program. We, as soccer board members, are trying to move the soccer program to a more educational/instructional platform with a competitive travel option added. Part of this transition...

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Diana Thompson Final Reflection Transfer Seminar March 14, 2014             Before transferring to Georgian Court University, I had already attended two other colleges. I lived in a dorm my freshmen year at Ramapo and decided that was not for me. After leaving Ramapo, I decided to take a few semesters at Brookdale Community College in order to fulfill some requirements while deciding where exactly was the right place for myself to continue with my education. After searching through many brochures...

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critical reflection practice

Critical reflection. What do we really mean? Patricia Lucas Auckland University of Technology (and PhD student Deakin University) Do we really know what critical reflection means in the context of work-integrated learning, more specifically cooperative education? Critical reflection, in some form, is located within many higher education programmes, including cooperative education and many educators would say this is important for in-depth student learning. It is a form of reflection that is...

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Reflection essay

 Reflection How do I feel about the course so far? What have I learnt? How do I answer these questions? One way to do this is to think about it regularly, thoroughly and systematically to become a reflective practitioner. Reflective practice is ‘a dialogue of thinking and doing through which I become more skilful’ (Schon 1983 p371) it is an integral part of the learning process. It allows us to assess ourselves and how we learn and it also helps us to improve our academic skills. I will use this...

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Principles and Practice of Assessment

Unit 3 Principles and practice of assessment Kerryann Kelly 1b Research on peer and self assessment was completed to help increase understanding and to obtain further background information on this topic. The method I used to research this topic was through primary and secondary research. Primary research was through my own learning experience. Discussions with my tutor and observation of tutor led power point presentations; gathering of handouts and through the exchange of information with...

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Reflecting on an incident in the minor injuries department of A & E The concept of reflection as a learning tool in workplace education can enable the student to problem solve in practice. By exploring the individuals own unique situations and past experience they can, in order to learn, consider past thoughts and memories to achieve a desired outcome. (Rolfe, 1998). Taylor (2000) suggests that, to reflect on action from an event, we must remember our thoughts and memories. Then we must use the...

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Clinical Practice

Clinical practice is of outmost significance because this is the site where students can turn theory into practice, students can interact with patients and families, and face the real world of medicine. It is significant and useful to reflect upon assessment practices to evaluate students in clinical setting. For this purpose, this paper analyzes three articles relevant to the clinical practices by the nursing students, and the role they should play outside the classroom, and who should evaluate...

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Teaching Competencies

Reflection of my personal development on Professional Practice/ Leadership and Management/Personal Effectiveness It is of importance that we should start building up on our personal development in teaching from the start of the NIE in-service training programme and continue on when we join the teaching fraternity to be a full-fledged teacher and as we advanced further up the education career tracks. For me, professional practice is a set of values, attitude, knowledge, skills and behaviours that...

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