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Sunrise Over Fallujah

is saying that the fourth marines and third infantry lead the invasion into Iraq. Walter Dean Myers wrote the book and it is called “Sunrise over Fallujah.” It is about a military unit before, during, and after the battle of Fallujah, the Iraqi war included the genocide of Saddam Hussein, invasion of Kuwait, WMD’s, the battle of Baghdad, and the battle for Fallujah. The war in Iraq all started because the Iraqi army went into Kuwait because the Iraqi government had thought they took oil that supposedly...

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Literary Analysis of Sunrise over Fallujah

Marshall Graper Mrs. DiPaolo-Smit ENG 2D1 May 21st, 2013 Literary Analysis of Sunrise over Fallujah The novel Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers is a historical fiction novel that retells the memories of Robin Perry’s experience in Iraqi civil war. He was in a civil affairs unit, which is dedicated to protecting by standers in the war. Robin encounters various setbacks that try to slow down the progress of his unit such as the death of his close friend Jonsey. Walter Dean Myers portrayed...

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Sunrise over Fallujeh

Robin Perry chooses the military over going to college in 2003. He finds himself near the border of Iraq, struggling to understand who he is and what he is doing there. Robin a young man waiting to join the army, figures since the war is pretty much over he can go there come back with a problem. His mother scared and wishing he never went writing letters to his mother and Uncle Richie. He leaves and goes to a place he soon wishes he never went to, the war, it’s not over and death is all around him. ...

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picks you up more than the sunrise the next morning. The sunrise is saying that it is a new day, and is giving you an opportunity to either put the previous day behind you, or keep it with you and make the most out of your past experiences. Even though we look at the sunrise as just the sun rising above the horizon, there is much more to this action that not only affects us day to day, but for a lifetime. There are many times where you are not looking forward to the sunrise the next morning. It could...

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 Medicare was the primary insurance program, and  other in surers often followed Medicare’s lead. Medicare limited reimbursements,  which kept a lid on the price of standard and lightweight standard chairs. More  expensive chairs were not fully cove SUNRISE MEDICAL INC.’S WHEELCHAIR PRODUCTS A GLANCE AT THE WHEELCHAIR INDUSTRY IN 1993 Despite being a young industry, the wheelchair business showed a large amount of growth in a ten year span in terms of sales. By 1992, worldwide sales were approximately...

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of goodness filling up the cup, I could not wait to have that first sip, anticipating the flavors exploding in my mouth and waking my taste buds. I glide over and grab the cream, carefully pouring until I have the right consistency. The anticipation has come to an end you could hear a pin drop as the combination of taste and smell just over power my senses. It makes its journey down my throat, skyrockets and does a dance in my stomach saying thank you so much for this wonderful pleasure that I...

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The First Battle of Fallujah

The First Battle of Fallujah LCpl Horsley, Roy D. II MEF G1, Manpower Manpower NCOIC 10 Aug 2010 “President George W. Bush is reaching out to Fallujah, the major foreign policy initiative of the second Bush administration. The name: Operation Phantom Fury. The strategy: Precision-strike democracy. The message: kill them all, and let God sort them out.”(Asia Times, Nov 10) After insurgents made an atrocious attack on Americans, the U.S forces launched...

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2nd Battle of Fallujah

2nd Battle of Fallujah (Phantom Fury), LTG Natonski An Assignment Submitted by MME 2nd Battle of Fallujah (Phantom Fury), LTG Natonski Operation Al-Fajr in Arabic, Operation Phantom Fury was the code name given to the second battle of Fallujah, considered the hottest point of conflict of all the military campaign in Iraq. Led by the US Marine Corp against the Iraqi combatants, who had held the city under their control, some consider it was the most difficult battle...

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A Sunrise on the Veld

Lessing's stories were based on humanity or a struggle to understand the world, this fits in with the story "A Sunrise on the Veld" because the boy learned that there are some things that he can't control, such as death, he couldn't alter the death of the buck, and that realization worried him. This is a picture of Southern Africa [pic] Allusions in the title •The title "A Sunrise on the Veld," creates an allusion of a golden sun rising upon open grassland. •The purpose on the story is...

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Sunrise Model

Sunrise Model: East Indian Tracie Hang University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh Abstract Understanding a patient’s culture plays an important role in nursing care. To preserve a patient’s cultural belief, accommodate the practice and develop new patterns at the same time respecting their values, can sometimes be challenging. However, this process needs to be understood and acknowledged for the patient’s well-being. Sunrise Model:...

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Before Sunrise

When we first see Jesse in Before Sunrise, he is brash and open, but also freshly wounded by love. Despite winning Celine over with the story of his grandmother's ghost, the younger Jesse is sceptical to the point of cynicism at times, blithely dismissing the inexplicable or the uncertain. However, in Before Sunset Jesse appears, in contrast to Celine, happy enough, married with a child and a modestly successful novel under his belt. There is something more upward-looking in the Jesse of Before Sunset...

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Chief Sunrise

Chief sunrise, John Mcgraw, And Me By Timothy Tocher Book Report By: Yuvi Narang Catalog Entries Chief Sunrise, John McGraw, and Me By: Timothy Tocher Book Report By: Yuvi Narang PLOT SUMMARY 15 year old Hank Cobb meets Chief Sunrise “the greatest Indian baseball player on a baseball diamond. Chief Sunrise is trying to meet John McGraw, (the manager of the New York Giants) so he could play with the Giants. Then Hank decided he would come with Chief Sunrise. ...

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Claude Monet- Impression, Sunrise. Essay

Claude Monet’s Impression, Sunrise has been celebrated as the quintessential symbol of the Impressionist Movement.  This renowned work of art which illustrates a view of the port of Le Havre in north-western France is considered to be one of Monet’s “most poetic expressions” of his engagement with France’s revitalization efforts after the Franco-Prussian War.[1] Unlike other artworks of the time, the subject matter and specific painting techniques evident in Impression, Sunrise seek to transcribe the...

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Sunrise on the Veld

27/02/2007 What is Doris LessingÕs purpose in the following extract and how effectively does she achieve it? Comment on her point of view, tone and language and any other important aspects of style. By Adam van Sant The extract from Sunrise on the Veld was written by Doris Lessing. He purpose is to make us feel like we are inside the head of the main character. The main character has come across a dying buck in a field and is contemplating whether to put the buck out of itÕs suffering. Lessing...

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Copper Sunrise Notes

in with their orders. One trader told of the news of savages causing trouble everywhere Jamie received a copper flute as a gift from overseas Jamie sees a spiral of smoke coming from the hills Jamie finds his pet seal shot Chapter 4 Jamie clamours over rocks to find Robert because he was out with Andrew hunting Jamie sees a snow goose and follows it into the woods Jamie meets a native boy by a creek Jamie gives the boy his copper flute; the boy gives Jamie his copper necklace and a salmon Chapter...

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Compare and Contrast Essay about "Sunrise" by Claude Monet and other impressionists

Contrast Essay For my compare and contrast essay I have chosen the painting "Sunrise" by Claude Monet. Claude Monet is an impressionist who painted with stress on color and light. Monet painted the "Sunrise" in 1872. This is during the time where impressionism was at its most potent. The scene is of a body of water possibly a river, with row boats on it. The time of day seems to be dawn when the sun is just rising over the horizon. Monet uses brush strokes to make shapes but in contrast there are...

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Before Sunrise and Before Sunset

The films Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are said to represent the so-called slacker genre. Slackers are individuals in society who have no direction and no reasonable expectation or realistic goals in life. This term is mainly used with Generation X’ers (people born between 1961 and 1981) (Casto, “What’s A Slacker Movie?”). Slacker movies are films that deal with the ordinary day-to-day life of these people. In Before Sunrise and Before Sunset the characters sense of wandering and the feel of...

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Sunrise Medical's Wheelchair Products

price of standard and lightweight standard chairs. More expensive chairs were not fully covered, which could dampen demand for those products. • Rivalry Among Existing Competitors: The American market for wheelchairs was dominated by three firms – Sunrise Medical, Invacare, and Everest & Jennings. With perhaps the exception of some hi-tech power models, wheelchairs are essentially commodity products, so there is little room for differentiation. And since manufacturers set prices to conform to Medicare...

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Over Population

Over Population The world's population is approximately 5.9 billion, and it is still growing. It has just about doubled in the past forty years. We are now faced with the issue of over population. The problem is very severe, and important. It is controversial how many people this planet can hold. Some are arguing that we have plenty of room, and we could fit everyone on the state of Alaska, if we just put 10,000 people on each square mile. Alaska only makes up about one...

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Over Fishing

International problem: Over fishing Fishing once thought of as a leisure activity is now causing serious issues on the marine environment. Fishing, when taken to the extreme can cause species to deplete in numbers and over turn the natural food chain. Many people are involved in over fishing all over the world. The reasons they take part in the practise are also altering. However many of the fisherman are from poorer countries and they see it as, the more fish they return home with the more they...

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Sunrise at Philadelphia + a New Kind of Revolution

N. Degler In his article "A New Kind of Revolution", author Carl N. Degler explains how government institutions had evolved in colonial America before 1763, and how it was threatened by new English actions and Britain's desire to re-gain control over the colonies. English policies and practices were the structure that helped shape colonial government, but the original policies of mother England had many differences to that of colonial policy that can be seen in many way both micro and macro. ...

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over population

OVER POPULATION “Whether we accept it or not, this will likely be the century that determines what the optimal human population is for our planet. It will come about in one of two ways: Either we decide to manage our own numbers, to avoid a collision of every line on civilization’s graph – or nature will do it for us, in the form of famines, thirst, climate chaos, crashing ecosystems, opportunistic disease and wars over dwindling resources that finally cut us down to size” – Alan Weisman ...

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Over the border

Over the Border In life, there are different opportunities and different ways to live. Different countries suffer in their own unique way, depending on how society has put them to be. People who don’t have the same opportunities as people beyond middle-class, seek for an alternative to their lifestyles, what their looking for is the famous American Dream. This dream may take many different forms for many different people, yet is the same concept. The American Dream is the concept that gives out...

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Starting over

Starting Over In a battle between light and darkness, which would win? Where light is, darkness cannot exist. In her novel The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver proves this point through the eyes of three women who persevere through hardships. As the journals of Orleanna, Leah, and Adah unfold, three separate meanings of "walk forward into the light" are found. Kingsolver uses her excellent sense of diction to weave heavy-hearted words throughout Orleanna's journals...

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Comparing Before Sunrise with Before Sunset

What really happens Before Sunrise and Before Sunset? By: David Pickett (209048489) Postmodern condition in cinema implies a deviation from the mean in terms of conventional narratives. Before Sunrise doesn’t end with both Jesse and Celine staying together in love. Sunrise ends on a cliffhanger leaving the audience caught in suspense with the desire to know if they both come back and meet six months later at the train station. Most of the conventional love stories end happily with the...

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Over Population

Is Overpopulation the Cause of Poverty? There are many people who argue that the biggest problem in South Asia is overpopulation. This assertion has been repeated so often over the years that it has almost become common wisdom. Its adherents include a lot of well-educated individuals and one often hears the argument from government officials as an explanation for the inability to reduce poverty. There are a number of problems with this simple proposition. First of all, population is not a very...

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Over Medication

FDA approved it there were almost two hundred thousand children taking the drug. The short-term physical side effects of Ritalin are easily found in any book or web page. Those side effects such as insomnia, loss of appetite, nausea, are found all over the place. Ritalin can Davis 3 also affect the normal growth in children and can kill or permanently damage their brains. Considering Ritalin is a pretty new drug the long-term side effects are completely known. The younger children...

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"Impression, Sunrise" By Claude Monet

Claude Monet's "Impression, soleil levant"� (sunrise) Oil on canvas [48 x 63 cm] The impressionist era lasted from 1872-1880 and when Monet painted "Impression, sunrise"� in 1873, the period had just begun. "Impression, sunrise"� epitomizes impressionistic artwork with its defining style of light playing with objects. Claude Monet's "Impression, Sunrise"� epitomizes impressionistic artwork with its defining style of fluttery brush strokes and a blurry portrayal of an actual image. The quick, indistinct...

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A Sunrise on the Veld - Life’s Uncontrollable Aspects in Lessing’s

Life’s Uncontrollable Aspects in Lessing’s By: Michael S “A Sunrise on the Veld” As kids we all experience important moments in our lives, whether they’re times of grieving or celebration. It is those moments that may alter or influence the dreams we once had. “A Sunrise on the Veld” by Doris Lessing, portrays the human experience of a young man that changes his perspective of life and its purpose. He comes to realize that there are some things in life we cannot control...

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Its over

know if they started off that color. But because I was so worn out and tired It looked like the most comfortable place I would ever lay my head. "How have I made it through today?" As Im laying on the bottom bunk with my new battle buddy directly over me , I can't help but wonder what the days ahead will hold. So many different thoughts are runing through my mind. Am i strong enough mentally or physically to succeed . I am so scared but at the same time curious for the next day to begin. This is...

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Turn over

And lastly, you must learn to be contented sometimes but grow most of the time. It is always right to be contented but this will sometimes hinder you from growing, from progressing. You only live once, so live your life to the fullest. It is not yet over so never make this as an excuse for you to be contented; there are many more fishes in the sea, waiting for you to discover them. Just be grateful for all your achievements and be thankful to the One who is the first and the last thing we must...

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Sunrise on the Veld

“There is nothing I can’t do!” exclaimed Doris Lessing’s protagonist in her short story, Sunrise on the Veld. In this story, Lessing illustratrates the vanity and invincibility of adolescence. This story accurately depicts how youth sometimes fail to recognize the reality that humans cannot change the future or natural order of things. In this essay, we will demonstrate how several authors attempt to portray death, and what comes after it. The fifteen-year-old boy in Lessing’s story shouts to the...

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Mind over Matter, Money over Mind

present in one of the main characters in Push, who is a “watcher.” She has the ability to see things before they happen and feel others’ pain. The movie Push made $44,411,527 at the box office and $16,878,589 in DVD sales, while in the past few years over a billion dollars has been cut from mental health services. I believe that the film industry should not be objectifying and commodifying people with mental illnesses and their traits at the same place time that the government is cutting massive amounts...

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Sunrise Industry

has expanded by 30-40 percent since last year. So what’s really happening out there and what kind of jobs are up for grabs? Well the sunrise industries do speak it all for them. Yes the sunrise industry is the future industry and they will offer immense job opportunities for skilled as well as unskilled persons. The biggest sectors where there in expected sunrise are in biotechnology and the I.T enabled services. Apart from these the others are telecom, retail business, insurance, housing finance...

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Bros over Hoes

should boys be able to say Bros over Hoes? boys should not.. we are not hoes, we have feelings.Daphne should boys be able to say Bros over Hoes? boys should not.. we are not hoes, we have feelings.Daphne over Hoes? boys should not.. we are not hoes, we have feelings.Daphne should boys be able to say Bros over Hoes? boys should not.. we are not hoes,...

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Organized and over-the-counter securities

Organized and over-the-counter securities exchanges are similar in that they both deal with the trading of securities such as stocks and bonds. However, they are different in many ways. An organized securities exchange is defined as "A securities marketplace where purchasers and sellers regularly gather to trade securities according to the formal rules adopted by the exchange."(www.trading-glossary.com) On the other hand, a security is traded over-the-counter (OTC) if it trades in some context other...

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Haleakala Sunrise

visible attractions is the Haleakala National Park. It is one of the most outstanding places to watch a sunrise. It’s a two hour drive up the very curvy and steep road to the top of Mt. Haleakala. It gets very cold and often gusty at the summit. The temperature drops 3º for every 1000 feet of elevation, so at the Haleakala Visitor Center’s 9,740-foot elevation (where most people watch the sunrise) it’s about 30º colder than at sea level, temperatures are often in the 40-degree range. Visitors bundle...

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Company Analysis: Sunrise Senior Living

Sunrise Senior Living Inc. | Company Analysis: Sunrise Senior Living | BADM 2003W | | | 4/29/2011 | Executive Summary Sunrise Senior Living Inc. is one of the top firms in the rapidly growing long-term care industry. They provided a number of services for senior citizens including assisted living, meals, transportation, housekeeping, and licensed and highly skilled nurses for certain residents who require 24 hour care. The company was started in 1981 in Fairfax, Virginia by married...

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Foot over Bridge.

foot over bridge. Foot Over Bridge Introduction: Before me & my group members start our presentation I would like to share the reason of selecting this topic as our presentation topic. There are many reasons behind that but the main reason is the student of EEE department of our university who died in a road accident while crossing the road in mohakhali a few months ago. Why he was crossing the road while there is a foot over bridge...

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Evil Prevails Over Good

Alissa Moore (H) Multigenre 3B Mrs. Couchman 25 September 2014 Evil Prevails Over Good Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde expresses evil triumphing over good through setting, characterization, and conflict. In the novel, setting portrays the theme of evil triumphing over good. The setting of the city covered in fog conveys this triumph. After positively identifying the victim’s body as Sir Danvers Carew, Utterson immediately suspects the name of Hyde as the...

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Adaptation of the Hyksos over Egypt

This essay will discuss the conquering of Upper Egypt 200 year ruling and adaptation of the Hyksos over Egypt, during the second intermediate period. At the end of the twelfth dynasty after the reign of Sobekkare, there was a short time(period) where Egypt had no ruler because there was no heir to the throne. Unexpectedly from a region East to (of) Egypt, invaders of unknown ethnicity marched into Egypt with confidence.” They easily seized it without striking a blow”(Van Seters p.15). According to...

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Presidents Powers over Polcy

Project PABD200-1202A-06 Jessie Montgomery April 23, 2012 In my presentation I will be discussing the Presidents powers and policies that allow the President to influence and implement public policy and describe how if any these powers have evolved over time. I will also be providing examples of public policies that have been made by the President and the purpose of these policies and if they were the result of a major event. The President has several powers that allow him to influence and implement...

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Power over Ethernet

same time. And so the concept of Power over Ethernet (PoE) was born. This paper provides a research of PoE and its advantages, and the fundamental changes brought about by this technology to commercial and industrial applications. An overview of the advancements on the technology is provided as well. The Story behind the success Power over Ethernet or PoE technology describes a system to safely transfer electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over standard data cables in an Ethernet...

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The Crisis of over-Criminalization

Crisis of Over-Criminalization What is over-criminalization? Over-criminalization generally insinuates that laws regulating public decency and morality is a distraction of sorts to law enforcement officials who could be spending time solving more important crimes rather than dealing in an individual’s personal fixation. Unnecessary reliance upon law enforcement officials to execute task for which it is ill suited has formed serious problems for the administration of criminal justice. (Kadish, 1967)...

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Corporate Control over Media

media content? These are questions that lingers in the minds of media analysists over and over again. Objective of Analysis In this analysis, we intend to treat media as a commodity that is being sold to the audience and the media content as a psychological influence on them. It is intended to throw light upon some of the devastating effects of the “business” of media, due to the influence of the corporate control over it. Analysis In the past few days, a brilliant Bollywood film, based exactly...

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Over Abundance and Waste

Over Abundance Imagine saving everything; from pieces of string, tin foil, and old clothing. Fifty years ago not much was being thrown away. In addition, almost everything had a considerably longer life span. According to Joshua Becker he states from his blog “from the moment we are born, we are told to pursue more”. Today, our lives are inundated with advertisements on television, radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard, and websites that encourage us that more is better. As a result, we toil...

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People over 50 in the Workforce

Topic: Does the age impact on working people? What has caused this change? The aim of this task is to demonstrate an understanding of current issues affecting the workplace. In this report I will be focusing on the over 50 age group. Specifically I will be looking at whether or not age impacts on working people and if it has improved or worsened. Work plays a very large role in people’s lives. It has several definitions. Paid employment is considered to be the...

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Over Reliance on Technology

and artificial intelligence the sky is the limit to our advancement of faster and more integrated technology. We as a society have embraced all of the new technological advancements and have integrated it throughout all aspects of human life. This over reliance on technology has taken away an aspect of human interaction that is vital to the way we have conducted ourselves in the past. It brings up many questions about the role technology is playing in our everyday lives. We seem to be on the constant...

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Copper Sunrise

he’d leave a gift for me. Chapter Six: What better excuse could Jamie have used to go and visit Tethani again? A better excuse Jamie could have used to go and visit Tethani again was that he would like to have some time to relax and ponder over what had happened with the “filthy scum.” His mother would have understood and encouraged this she probably would have taken it as a sign of Jamie ‘growing up.’ Also, she would hope Jamie would understand the dangers of the “filthy scum” if he thought...

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fork over knives

Sherlon Hunt Fork over Knives Review 4/21/13 Is a plant based diet really betters than having a meat based diet? It is hard to believe the average person today is twenty five pounds overweight. While doctors are persisting that we pay attention to the amount of our food intake. We are facing 1/ 5 children being obese. While spending more on health care than our defense budget, and cancer and heart disease cause over a billion deaths per year. The movie “Forks over Knives” shows us how...

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Courier over Postal Service

QUESTION EXPLAIN THE ADVANTAGES OF COURIER SERVICES OVER PUBLIC POSTAL SERVICES “A courier service is an organization which offers special deliveries of packages, money, documents or information. Courier services usually boast faster delivery times than any alternative method of transporting documents, and many services in the modern world rely on them. The idea of couriers and a courier service has been around almost as long as civilization, with rulers in antiquity using couriers as a...

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Cheerleading over Time Essay

level. In reality cheerleading has changed in many ways over time. Cheerleading has changed socially, politically, intellectually, and economically. Religion and technology have even been influenced in ways by the sport of cheerleading. As stated, Cheerleading began in the early 1900’s. Many aspects have changed since then. Cheerleading has always been socially stereotyped and criticized by how people perceive cheerleaders to look and act. Over the years specific movies and television shows such as...

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Austrian Influence over Germany

To what extent did Austrian influence over Germany survive the upheavals of the years 1848-50? The revolutions of 1848-9 impacted Austria’s previously dominant political power significantly. With the Austrian chancellor Metternich fleeing from power in March 1848 and revolutions resulting in chaos that threatened the extinction of any future Austrian influence, the crippling state’s main focus was to supress anything that could jeopardize its weakened power even further, rather than establishing...

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Conflict over Kashmir

Leadership Perspectives September 11, 2012 Conflict over Kashmir In late 1947, the newly created states of India and Pakistan went to war over the valley of Kashmir. The United Nations ordered a ceasefire that divided the state into Indian and Pakistani controlled territories, and the people of Kashmir would be able to choose to join either country. India granted its portion of Kashmir a special status within its constitution, allowing for a great degree of self-government. However, the government...

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Controls over Cash Receipts

14-28 (Controls over cash receipts processing at a church) You have been asked by the board of trustees of a local church to review its accounting procedures. As a part of this review, you have prepared the following comments relating to the collections made at weekly services and recordkeeping for members’ contributions: 1. The church’s board of trustees has delegated responsibility for financial management and audit of the financial records to the finance committee. This group prepares the annual...

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How African American Slaves Sought Control Over Their Lives

How African American slaves sought control over their lives People of the African continent were transported to the New World with a sole purpose: enslavement. Between 1501 and 1866 over 12.5 million Africans were taken from their homeland to be enslaved across the Atlantic.1 The Middle Passage, as the journey is often called, brutally took many lives before ships arrived at their destination, killing approximately 1.8 million slaves-to-be. Of the 10.7 million Africans who survived the dreadful...

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Do Over Scholarship

Do-Over Scholarship 2015 Apply now for the Do-Over Scholarship! ID: 10735 Page 1: Personal Information Applicant's First Name Delana Applicant's Last Name Wilkinson Applicant's Street Address 1 (for postal mail) 3301 State Road 546 East Applicant's Street Address 2 (for postal mail) Applicant's City (for postal mail) Haines City Applicant's State (for postal mail) Florida Applicant's Zip Code (for postal mail) 33844 Applicant's Country (for postal mail) UNITED STATES Applicant's Primary...

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War over Teacher Tenure

Priority Check The fight over teacher tenure is hurting our children’s education. By: Meir S. Zimmerman The war between the Teachers’ Union and various levels of the government over tenure has been raging ever since tenure was first introduced into the American school system in the late 1880’s. Created for a good reason, tenure provided job security for many public school teachers. In no other profession can you find the job security, where it is almost impossible to fire incompetent workers...

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Reign Over Me Evaluation

 Reign Over Me Depression affects all people. Reign Over Me is a movie that deals with a character in a grave state of depression. In Charlie Fineman’s (Adam Sandler) case depression hits hard and leads to a major behavioral change. Fineman blocks out major parts of his life including his college roommate, Alan Johnson (Don Cheadle). After running into him on the street, it takes a while for this encounter to jog his memory of his best friend. We learn later that this depression is due the...

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Over Consumption of Unhelathy Food

The Over Consumption of Fast Foods Fast foods are a quick solution to dinner, but what you are putting into your body can become fatal over time. Most families are rushed with their jobs, school, and families on vacation not wanting to stop in a town and other activities; therefore, fast food relieves stress on the parents because they do not have to take time to cook. Some people just like the taste. The oil that the fast foods are cooked in contains msg, which makes a person crave the items...

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