Sunrise over Fallujah

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  • Published : August 26, 2012
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“If we actually get to the combat phase the third infantry division and fourth marine[sic] division would spearhead the attack” (Myers 6). This quote is saying that the fourth marines and third infantry lead the invasion into Iraq. Walter Dean Myers wrote the book and it is called “Sunrise over Fallujah.” It is about a military unit before, during, and after the battle of Fallujah, the Iraqi war included the genocide of Saddam Hussein, invasion of Kuwait, WMD’s, the battle of Baghdad, and the battle for Fallujah.

The war in Iraq all started because the Iraqi army went into Kuwait because the Iraqi government had thought they took oil that supposedly belonged to Iraq. This ended bad for the Iraqi army because the U.S. coalition forces forced out the Saddam lead army out of Kuwait in the (1990-1991) Gulf War. The U.S. coalition then enforced a no-fly zone in northern and southern Iraq which is mainly Kurdish areas of land. When the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 happened, the ( United Nations) had a new urgent issue to disarm Iraq and enter Iraq, (Iraq War).

Sunrise over Fallujah is about Robin, a young boy from Harlem he enlists in the army after 9/11, but his father disapproves. He is sent to Iraq as part of a Civilian Affairs unit, which is supposed to follow the fighting troops and help win over the Iraqi people, but in the confusion of this difficult situation, Robin finds himself in combat very often. The book took place between 2001- 2005. The unit encountered tough combat and difficult situations. This book concludes with medics attending to all the soldiers who were wounded in a recent attack.  It is a very sad day on the base as the soldiers are sent to hospitals, home, or new assignments. They say their goodbyes for as long as they can then they are on their way to their destination (myers 307).

Saddam Hussein was a evil Dictator who ruled with little to no compassion. Saddam Hussein was the leader of Iraq...
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