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Strategy Of Head And Shoulder Shampoo

INTRODUCTION: Head & Shoulders is a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo produced by Procter & Gamble. Head & Shoulders is world's No.1 anti-dandruff shampoo. A power brand from P&G, this brand made its debut in India in 1997. In the highly competitive Indian shampoo market which is estimated to be worth around Rs 1800 crore, Head & Shoulders is a major player in the Anti-Dandruff niche. The entire shampoo market was dominated by HLL with a whopping market share of around 46%...

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Situational Analysis of Head & Shoulders Shampoo

Head and Shoulders is a product of Proctor & Gamble (P & G) P&G is a multinational consumer goods company headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA The company was established by William Procter and James Gamble on October 31, 1837. P&G established its India subsidiary “P&G India” in 1964 serving over 650 million customers in India Currently P&G India is present in the following market segments:-  Beauty and Grooming  Healthcare  Baby care & Family Home care  Fabric care...

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy Assignment 2012 Market Dynamics Competition Model of Shampoo Industry PALLAVI SRIVASTAVA, ROLL NO 55 SIMSR Shampoo Industry in India Types of Shampoos Shampoo market is segmented into: * Cosmetic (shine, health, strength) * Anti dandruff * Herbal Shampoo Market in India * Size of Shampoo market is Rs 9000 mn * Anti dandruff shampoo is approximately 20% * Sachet Sales is approximately 70% The top three brands of shampoo are: 1. Clinic...

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The Shampoo to Beat All Shampoos

Angelo A. Martinez EN 11 R-49 On the 1st of July 2007, Unilever launched its new shampoo brand: Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It claims to rid the hair of men and women alike of all dandruff, and nourish the scalp at the same time. Once it was launched, there was immediately alot of buzz over the product. Maybe it was because the product contained Zinc Vitanol, an ingredient not used in any other anti-dandruff shampoo. Or maybe it was just because it was marketed well, having high-quality television...

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Head and Shoulders Market Analysis in Indian Context

candle. It marketed a new soap named Ivory that floats on water during 1880s. * Proctor & Gamble diversified its portfolio by introducing Crisco, a shortening made of vegetable oils rather than animal fats. Afterward they forayed into detergent, shampoo, toothpaste, toilet paper, disposable diapers etc. * They acquired many companies which help diversify their portfolio. In 1930 they acquired Thomas Hedley Co. in England which made them a global organization. Gradually they acquired Folgers Coffee...

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Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders Abstract Recently, P&G, especially its product Head & Shoulders confronted with a problem that its product had a link to forest destruction. After this event, P&G was under high public pressure and consumers changed their image of Head & Shoulders. Based on this current situation, by doing some maketing analysis of Head & Shoulders, I provide a marketing plan for Head & Shoulders in the next five years. Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G, NYSE: PG) is an American multinational ...

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Marketing Concept of Garnier Shampoo

REPOSITIONING Garnier Ultra Doux Shampoo Ultra doux to Garnier Fructis- Ayurveda and natural Garnier Synergie to Garnieringredients Skin naturals Competitive pricing devoid of The prices were set at a slightany differentiation premium over mass brands Garnier Fructis Shampoo + Oil which eliminated the need of two separate hair-care routines. 5. STRATEGY ADOPTED Distribution Segmentation Sales Promotion Advertisement 6. STRATEGY ADOPTEDADVERTISEMENT STRATEGY TV Commercials Radio Promotions...

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SHAMPOO BY MANEESHA .R BSC PHYSICS DEFINTION: Shampoo is a hair care product used for the removal of oils,...

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head shoulder

 Project Report on Head&Shoulders Shampoo MiniProject (2009-11) Bach Submitted By Melbin Maria Noble Under the guidance of Prof. Dr.K.Gopalakrishanan Nair  DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING TRIVANDRUM DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING...

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This report based on 4Ps theory analysis Head & Shoulders products and promotion. Firstly, this report will introduce the research and methods

researchers started making a new anti-dandruff shampoo in 1950. (Procter & Gamble, 2010) the new anti-dandruff shampoo is Head & Shoulders. Head & Shoulders is an old brand. In 1961 for the first time it entered the US market, but now it is a modern product, because “Head & Shoulders shampoo is a high-tech product, mainly focused on clearing dandruff. The active ingredient is pyrithione zinc, and this ingredient can effectively remove dandruff.”(Head & Shoulders, 2013) Today, the main competition in the...

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Hul Shampoo

success to 550,000 active distributors, aggressive pricing and advertising, and it plans to double its advertising spends this year to Rs 58 crore from Rs 30 crore in 2011 as it targets double-digit growth to follow 19% rise in sales last year. "The strategy is to gain market share and tell consumers our value story," DeVos says. Industry experts and analysts, however, say scalability is a challenge. "For direct selling firms, achieving scale in the long term for top line and distribution is much more...

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Sunsilk Promotion Strategy

History of Sunsilk Shampoo Sunsilk was launched in 1954, in the UK, Sunsilk had quickly become Unilever’s leading international shampoo brand. By 1959, it was available in eighteen countries world-wide marketable devices that identify and differentiate the brand. Brand Branding Decisions Branding strategy is one of the most vital decisions taking by marketers. It is a strategy, which brings lots of positive feedback for a firm. Indivual name: Unilever follow individual name for setting brand...

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Market Study of Shampoos in India


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Marketing Case Study of "Pamela Shampoo"

Course no: MKT 701 Case Study on Pamela Shampoo 13.1 What alternatives Mr. Alfred Jones have for improving his social position? Was manufacturing a shampoo a right decision? Alfred who engaged in buying and selling of land- a real estate business and brokering deals were known as dalal. When Alfred grew up, he joined his father’s company as a Director in 1980.His father was the Managing Director and Chairperson of the company. Alfred was very successful, growing the business and becoming...

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Head & Shoulder Marketing

get when using Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff (H&S) shampoo include eliminating dandruff, leaving consumer with 100% flake free hair, nourished and healthy scalp and also oiliness control over their hair. Apart from that, consumers using H&S shampoo can solve any scalp itchiness associated with dandruff. Besides that, the menthol content in the shampoo gives consumer a cooling effect and refreshing after washing their hair (The Benefits of H&S 2011). The H&S Anti dandruff shampoo bottle is a white...

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Dandruff and Shampoo

Shampoo Industry 20.11.02 Category : FMCG Product : Shampoo This Presentation Covers • • • • • • • • • • • • • What is FMCG ? Characteristics of FMCG products Hair Care Category in India Types of Shampoos Hair Care Facts Market Size Awareness Shampoo usage details Penetration details Growth in this industry Evolution of shampoo as a product The top brands Ad Spends, and brands on the net What is FMCG ? FMCG refers to consumer non-durable goods required for daily or frequent use. Typically...

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Dry Shampoo

competitive, global environment, new products and innovation are critical to a company’s growth and sustainability. Many companies today focus only on cost reduction. Generating revenue via new, differentiated products should also be part of the corporate strategy. Product development must be done within a strategic context that takes into account emerging market trends, environmental and regulatory rulings and trends, customer and employee needs and wants, and financial considerations. The development and...

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Advertising Strategy for Anti Dandruff Shampoo

makes up 31.95% of the total shampoo market. This anti-dandruff market has experienced steady growth over the last few years, most recently 2009 to 2010 the market grew by 3.60%. Clinic Clear and Head & Shoulders are the two main players in the anti-dandruff shampoo market having market share of 17.7% and 8.8% respectively (as of May 2011). Head & Shoulders is the #1 anti-dandruff shampoo in the world in terms of sales. In Thailand, Head & Shoulders came into the anti-dandruff market...

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marketing strategy of Clear Shampoo in China

Marketing Strategy of CLEAR Shampoo in China Contents 1. Introduction In Chinese shampoo market, many companies are facing the same problem---Homogenization. It is, therefore, significant to adopt effective marketing strategy to attract target and potential customers. As for CLEAR shampoo, it is one of the most distinguished shampoo brands all over the world and belongs to Unilever. Before CLEAR came to China, it has become the top brand in dandruff market in South America, Europe and Southeast...

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Dove Conditioner&Shampoo Varieties 300ml Swot Analysis

DOVE CONDITIONER&SHAMPOO VARIETIES 300ML SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths Dove conditioner shampoo varieties are products of the Dove Company. However, Unilever is the parent company of Dove products. As well know, Unilever is a Anglo-Dutch multinational corporation that owns many of the world's consumer product brands in foods, beverages, cleaning agents and personal care products. Therefore, Dove conditioner shampoo varieties own a strong brand name and image as a part of a wide range of leading brands...

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Head & Shoulder

Olay, Head & Shoulders, Wella, Gillette, and Braun. The P&G community consists of almost 140,000 employees working in over 80 countries worldwide. Our History in PakistanProcter & Gamble Pakistan, headquartered in Karachi, commence operations in Pakistan in 1991.The goal was to become the finest global consumer goods company operating locally in Pakistan. To fulfill this goal, P&G are serving Pakistani consumers with premium quality brands including Head & Shoulders, Pantene...

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Head and Shoulders, a Procter and Gamble Brand

Head & shoulder a brand owned by Proctor & Gamble was established in the 1950’s and has strived to create a formula for a shampoo that can get rid of dandruff (Headandshoulders 2011). Head & Shoulders differentiate from other brands because it does not only just help eliminate dandruff it also helps maintain the basic needs of people’s hair such as fighting of dryness, relieving of irritation, control of oil and maintenance of silky hair. Head & Shoulders was recommended by 82% of its members of...

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shoulder joint

medication, physical theraphy and self-help strategies Nutrition gentle exercise and stretching-helps maintain muscle tone and reduces pain and stiffness. Meditate Non-narcotic pain relievers (e.g. tramadol) low doses of antidepressants – help improve sleep and relieve pain SHOULDER JOINT INTRODUCTION it is a type of synovial joint (ball and socket) it is freely moveable, nearly in all directions it is unstable joint (easily dislocate), as the head of humerus articulate with glenoid cavity...

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Consumer bahaviour in buying shampoo

8. Introduction Do consumers have a connection with their shampoo brand? To find out, we interviewed four individuals on their choices, associations, and purchasing decisions when it came to shampoo. The aim of this research was to learn how consumer-product relationships develop and relate to future purchasing decisions with mundane products less than five pounds. From the interviewers, we discovered how consumers relate to shampoo, their purchasing habits, price sensitivity, influences, brand...

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Shoulder Essay

The Shoulder Joint.The Shoulder is an enarthrodial or ball-and-socket joint. The bones entering into its formation, are the large globular head of the humerus, received into the shallow glenoid cavity of the scapula, an arrangement which permits of very considerable movement, whilst the joint itself is protected against displacement by the strong ligaments and tendons which surround it, and above by an arched vault, formed by the under surface of the coracoid and acromion processes, and the coraco-acromial...

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SHOULDER DYSTOCIA Presented by Dr . E . G. Migwi • -an uncommon obstetric complication of cephalic vaginal deliveries • -the fetal shoulders do not deliver after the head has emerged from the mother’s introitus. • -One or both shoulders become impacted against the bones of the maternal pelvis (mechanical reasons).size or positional discrepancy, thus almost always after 34 weeks. Anterior shoulder impacted behind the symphysis pubis and also posterior shoulder impacted behind the sacral promontory...

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La Shampoo Case

La Shampoo It was almost 11 P.M. when Caroline Portal left the office. She was exhausted. The day had been filled with one meeting after another, and she wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and get some sleep. But she couldn't head home before stopping by the local 24-hour supermarket. The store was enormous -18 aisles of food, pharmaceuticals, stationery, and books, even small appliances. Squinting in the bright lights, Caroline made her way to the health-andbeauty aisle and stood, staring...

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Shoulder Dislocations

because of it being a large head of the humerus going into a relatively small socket. Almost ninety five percent of dislocations in the glenohumeral joint are anterior.(2) Anatomy The shoulders dynamic joint components provide the shoulder with the stability. The muscles and tendons form a cuff like arrangement around the joint.(2) The glenohumeral joint relies on support from a group of four muscles know as the rotator cuff. These muscles allow the shoulder to function, while maintaining...

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Biomechanics of the Shoulder

BIOMECHANICS OF THE SHOULDER Hand and Upper Extremity Certification SHOULDER BIOMECHANICS * MOTION (Kinematics) * STABILITY (Constraint) * STRENGTH (Force Transmission) OBJECTIVES * -Introduction * -Review of bone and joints * -Scapulo-humeral rhythm * -Review of muscles and force couples * -Biomechanical applications What does the shoulder do? Shoulder Movement SHOULDER VS. ARM ELEVATION * Note difference in terminology Normal Shoulder AROM Activity...

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Reseach on Shampoo

Study the buying behavior of consumers regarding branded shampoos in Ludhiana Research Project Report Masters in Business Administration By Jasdeep kaur Table of Contents |Chapter No. |Particulars |Page no. | |1 |Introduction |8-16 | |2 |Research Methodology...

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Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder Impingement Just like the hip our shoulder is one of the most used joints in our body. When you think about how much our shoulders do on an everyday basis just the wear and tear alone, you can see why shoulder injuries are common. The glenohumeral joint is a very complex joint; it has more range of motion than any other joint which is not always a good thing if the joint is not stable. The muscles of this joint are required to stabilize the joint as well a work together to help in raising...

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someone must lose. In uncontested markets, there is only a winner, you. No one else is fighting for the business because either they don’t know about it, or they don’t know how. They will try, of course, but if you have done things the Blue Ocean Strategy way, they will not be successful for a very long time. Take Cirque du Soleil, for example. I read where there have been about 150 companies trying to compete with them, everyone went out of business. And after [yellowtail] wine came out, many wineries...

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Marketing Mix of Shampoo

Product BaWang Man’s Anit-hair Fall Shampoo Introduction The BaWang Man’s Anti-hair Fall Shampoo combines ancient Chinese wisdom with modern pharmacology and biotechnology to bring optimum hair care results to consumers. And this is effective to prevent the hair fall problem. Market Segmentation 1. Demographic segmentation Age: Over 30 years old Gender: Male Income: Middle income level Race: Chinese??? 2. Psychographic segmentation - Lifestyle The people who trust Chinese...

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Brand and Shampoo

Learnings 10 9. References 10 THE PRODUCT Shampoo is a hair care product used for the removal of oils, dirt, skin particles, environmental pollutants and/or other contaminant particles that gradually build up in hair. Shampoo, when lathered with water, is a surfactant, which, while cleaning the hair and scalp, can remove the natural oils (sebum) which lubricate the hair shaft Because of the function it serves, shampoo seems to be a favorite product for all class of customers....

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Intrduction for New Product of Shampoo

Introduction Shampoo is English word come from Hindi word “Champi” in 1762. The mean of this word consigned to head massage with several hair oil. It is recent shampoo was primarily forwarded in 1930s by mean of “Drean”, containing artificial surfactant. Generally shampoo is the mixture of surfactant, co-surfactant which makes the thick and viscous solution for shampoo and water. Shampoo also contains salt (Sodium chloride), preservative as well as fragrance. Features of Standard Shampoo 1. Shampoo...

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The Marketing Plan of Niften Shampoo

Marketing plan for Niften Shampoo Liu Ye(Jack) Table of content Executive summary 3 1. Research of the product and brand 4 1.1Consumer analysis 4 1.1Market analysis 6 1.3Organization SWOT analysis 9 1.4Niften product analysis 11 ...

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Head & Sholder

chemical shampoo . The product has been traditionally made by our ancestors and was widely used before the advent of chemical / synthetics and is not a totally new product for Bangladeshi customers . Since the herbal shampoo industry is not fully developed in the country and over  periods of time consumers have become aware of advantages of using shampoo made from herbals . Alovera Herbals Unlike synthetic chemical shampoo there are absolutely no side effects from using herbal shampoo and Herbal...

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Dy Shampoo Report

Dry Herbal Shampoo Spray Marketing Plan The hair care market is weathering the global recession but as Emma Reinhold reports, brands need to be mindful of consumer spending habits and adapt accordingly. You are never too young or too old to start taking care of your hair. In fact, hair care and protection should be an essential part of your health, fitness, and beauty regime. If you take care of your hair, your skin will take care of you! However, with all of the shampoos, creams, and potions...

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Positioning Strategy

consistent, and recognized customer perception about a firm’s offering and image. Products in the same category can be positioned in many different ways. Below are three examples of different positioning strategies for hair care products. Advertisement (1): ASIENCE Deep Nourish ASIENCE Shampoo Deep Nourish is specially formulated for Asian hair that is prone to damage from chemical treatment, UV rays, braiding, blow drying and frequent perming and styling (SGBox.com, 2009). In this advertisement...

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Super Shampoo

Jhalani 2011233 Yugmala Singh 2011238 Aditya Vikram 2011248 [SUPER SHAMPOO] Formulating an effective value delivery process to tap into an existing and prospective consumer market. Introduction The case analyzes the response of the non-users of shampoo in an emerging environment, India. The non-users belong to the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum and they respond with their perceptions about the category of shampoo and well-known brands. The entrepreneur's challenge is to obtain the...

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among the Egyptians who used crafted combs produced from dried fish bones. By 2000 BC ancient Egyptians were using hair shampoo made from a blend of citrus juice and water. During this time hair conditioning was done using animal fats and plant oils. Babylonian men are recorded to have powdered their hair using gold dust around 1500 BC while kings along with other nobles had their head of hair curled by Assyrian slave stylists using heated iron bars. By 35 BC hair coloring and the use of accessories...

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Competitor Analysis On Shampoo Market

Competitor analysis on shampoo market Industry perspective In industry perspective, a company can define its competitors as other companies offering similar products and services to the same customers at similar prices. Competitive positions on existing brands: Market leader : Rejoice , , Vidal Sassoon, Pantene and Head & Shoulders (P&G is the No. 1 consumer goods company in Hong Kong. It is also the category market leader in Baby care, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Facial Moisturizer.- http://hk-tw...

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shampoo develop strategy

As we know there are a lot of shampoo brands in the Indian market. They try to improve the products every year and searching the new strategies to promote the product. They have developed the product to respond the demand for the customer. Therefore, the companies designed to innovate and survey the target market. Especially, they found that Indian people like to use the natural and herbal products for many years. They believed that the products are useful to health. In traditional, they used the...

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Sustainable Strategy of P&G

The bibliographical information’s of the article. Peter White (2009). Building a sustainability strategy into the business. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, Vol. 9, 386-394. Synopsis Peter White is the Director of Global Sustainability, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Newcastle, UK. In his article is about building a sustainability strategy into the business. He describes efforts to implement sustainability at P&G, a global consumer goods company with over 300 brands marketed in over 180...

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Shoulder Surgery and the Athlete

developed, or even, were born with instable shoulders and have undergone physical therapy, are inevitably plagued with the notion, when therapy fails to work, to either have surgery to fix their shoulder(s) and to continue participating in their sport, or to quit their sport. In this sense, for the athletes who want to carry on in their sport, it appears that an open or arthroscopic Bankart Repair is the most plausible solution in correcting on-going shoulder instability in athletes who have not improved...

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malunggay leaves as shampoo

National Science High School City of Puerto Princesa “ MALUNGGAY LEAVES AS SHAMPOO” A Project Proposal in Partial Fulfillment in the subject Elective Science IV Antonieta C. Miguel Adviser Eden E. Gutierrez The researcher 2011-2012 Background of the Study This research is entitled “Malunggay leaves as Shampoo” this research is all about using malunggay leaves as shampoo. Malunggay leaves once considered a poor man’s vegetables but now it is known...

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Shampoo Product Research

Research A Comprehensive Report [pic] by Product : Shampoo K.ARUN RASIKA Type : FMCG Product Ist MBA sec “A” This report covers • What is a shampoo? • History of Shampoo. • Need for a shampoo. • Types of shampoo. • Major ingredients. • Manufacturing process. ...

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Case Study Super Shampoo 3rd DRAFT

Case Study: Indian Super Shampoo QUESTION 1: What are the category beliefs among non-users of shampoo? (Pages 16 &17 Exhibit 9) Based on analysis of the Indian mass market, it was discovered that among non-users of shampoo, most users washed their hair infrequently. This is against the backdrop that 48% of respondents wash their hair only once per week while 43% twice. The shampoo category questionnaire revealed that most persons did not use Shampoo to wash their hair, but used other products...

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La Shampoo Case Study

Case Study La Shampoo 14/08/2011 Senay Sumercan 23307188 Evandra Tamzil 21215553 Jimmy Adrian Yulianto 21761728 Nuttapong Sungkhawun 21431760 Fastrelia Astrelia 21763038 In 1989 La Shampoo had began a very slow descent, but the company had not really addressed the problem till about two years ago. The problem? La Shampoo’s ability to keep up to date with the demands of the market. La Shampoo failed to comply with...

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distinctive needs of customer. 4. (False) Same needs 5. Brand name can be protected through copyrights. 6. 7. (False) Trade Mark 8. P&G has used brand extension strategy in Pantene ice shine shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, Pampers and Baby Dry. 9. 10. (False) Quality strategy 11. Customer knowledge helps to sharpen strategic focus on key consumer needs and competition. 12. 13. (False) Brand management system 14. The advantage of strong...

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Garnier Shampoo Project

GARNIER SHAMPOO PROJECT OBJECTIVE: The objective of our project is to comprehensively research on one of the most successful sub-brands of L’Oreal- GARNIER. * Within Garnier, we have incurred a study on the hair care product range of Garnier that is Garnier Fructis and Ultra Doux. We have essentially focused on shampoos and conditioners. * We have researched on the brand perception of the product by the customers and customer loyalty towards the product. * The stress however has been...

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Consumer Behavior Toward Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo Introduction: Dry shampoo is a spray that can be used to “clean” and freshen up the hair when it’s not possible to actually wash it. Dry shampoo works by stripping out all the excess oil–along with leftover sweat and general nastiness–that the hair is producing because you’re not washing it. Dry shampoo can revitalize greasy, limp hair if you don't have time to wash it As research suggests that washing hair too frequently can be really, really bad for it–especially using commercial...

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Shoulder Pain: Lack of Dorsiflexion

How can a lack of dorsiflexion lead to shoulder pain in a person who plays volleyball? I am going to start by imagining a student who would walk into my tennis club for a lesson. This student would tell me about a shoulder discomfort that surfaces especially when performing overhead motions. I would then find out that she has been a volleyball player for quite some time. During my evaluation, which would include walking and light running, I would notice poor ankle dorsiflexion (maybe due to an...

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monopolist. In particular, 4. (20 points) The Q & H Company produces a number of products including shampoo, qS, and toothpaste qT. Suppose the cost functions for these products are given by a) Does the production of shampoo exhibit economies of scale? Explain your reasoning. The production of shampoo exhibits economies of scale up until 2 units of output. After that, the production of shampoo exhibits diseconomies of scale. b) Does the production of toothpaste exhibit economies of scale...

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Managing strategy requires the consideration of a wide range of factors, which change over time. Dell Computers aims to stretch its way of business In an interview with the Financial Times in November 2003, Kevin Rollins, the CEO of Dell Computers, explained how he was putting his job on the line by leading a major strategic change in the company. The US company famous for selling PCs is planning a big push into consumer electronics. If things go according to plan, Michael Dell could...

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John Appleseed 11/21/13 English Prd. 3 SHAMPOO Shampoo- simile, hyperbole, alliteration, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, oxymoron Time out By Jana Ghossein Help how much my heart hurts My mouth is as dry as a desert My throat is sore My voice is a goner My heart is beating as fast as a tiger My hand is a rattling snake My face is a tomato Bye bye, boring life I cannot take it no more I lay my head Upon my knee Now blow the whistle referee The poem,...

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Flea Shampoo

Homemade Flea Shampoo for Dogs ____________________________________________ A Science Investigatory Project Presented to the Faculty of University of St. La Salle Integrated School Bacolod City ____________________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject Science 9 Biology ____________________________________________ Submitted by: Rigel Tan Stephanie Tan Fedee Alisoso Ysa Marie Linas Acknowledgement ...

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PRESCRIPTIVE STRATEGIES Prescriptive strategy is one where the objective has been defined in advance and main elements have been developed before the strategy commences. Prescriptive strategy starts with the analysis of the competitive environments and resources of the organization. Then an agreed purpose is established such as a maximization of return on capital involved in a business. PRESCRITIVE MANAGEMENT PROCESS 1. Develop and define organizations objective 2. Analysis and projection...

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Shampoo Assignment

a.How would you criticize the study in terms of its usefulness to you? In the first impression the product is creates an image as described below All Over Hair & Body Shampoo is a versatile product that works beautifully as a shampoo and body wash, making it extremely convenient for everyday use. The rich, cushiony formula can be used on any hair type, cleans hair in one application, and rinses easily with no build-up or even a hint of dryness! All Over Hair & Body Shampoo's fragrance-free formula...

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Botanical Shampoo

Pasig Catholic College High School Department School Year 2012-2013 Botanical Shampoo In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Science and Technology II Presented by: Arra Garnette Y. Marcelo Jazen M. Pestañas II – Diocese of Kabankalan Presented to: Mrs. Myra C. Reyes Date: March 2013 Chapter 1 Background of the Study Introduction Every day, we humans constantly utilize shampoo and at times some of us make use of conditioner for improved results. By using...

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