• Example of Statement of Purpose
    Statement of Purpose I am honored to apply for the Master of Strategic Marketing Management program at Coventry University because I believe this program will help me to fulfill my dream of pursuing my future career in marketing. Since I was graduated from the Assumption University, I had reali
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  • Mba Essay - Statement of Purpose
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “So many of our dreams seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable”, Quotes the famous former film star, Christopher Reeve, bedridden with paralysis, giving hope and a new dimension to people in distress to look up to fulfil their dreams despite the many ro
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  • Statement of Purpose
    Raza P. Beg Statement of purpose Statement of purpose I am writing this statement in support of my application to study towards the Master of Health Administration degree at the University of Memphis. I came to Memphis in September of 2005 because of a work opportunity. I had no idea what
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  • Statement of Purpose
    Statement of Purpose I am Khandaker Rajive-Ul-Islam, son of Mr. Rafiq-Ul-Islam and Mrs. Rahima Akter. I have completed the four year course “Bachelor of Dental Surgery” under Dhaka University in the year 2009. I have got GPA 4.00 out of 5.00 in Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C.) examinatio
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  • Statement of Purpose for Business Studies
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I am entering the most crucial phase in my life; a phase during which I need to make significant academic decisions that will have a bearing on my future life and career. After thorough introspection of my strengths and interests I have concluded that a program that integrates
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  • Statement of Purpose
    Statement of Purpose “Good Food for Better Life”, were the words I used to hear frequently from my father. On numerous occasions while taking food, I used to wonder, What really is a ‘good food’ ?, How is it prepared ?, How does a good food provide better life? My curiosity ac
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  • Statement of Purpose
    Statement of Purpose: If one were to ask my friends to describe me they would describe me as a very pleasant, diverse and an active man. I think one of my most distinguishing characteristics is the diversity of experiences I possess. I am a technical student with a flair for the arts. I am a man
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  • Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement: Applying for Media and Computer Management Program at Xxxxx University
    Statement of Purpose By Abudabi dabi Dabi Applying for Media and Computer Management Program Hello distinguished committee members, my name is Abudabi dabi Dabi, and I am interested in applying for the Media and Computer Management Program. I have had a passion for this industry since I was
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  • Sample Statement of Purpose for Recreation and Leisure Studies
    Sample Statement of Purpose for Recreation and Leisure Studies The Martial Art (wushu) and the Technique of Deep Breathing (qigong) constitute an integral part of Chinese traditional culture and one of the essential cultural legacies of the world civilization. Even now, those two ancient health-bui
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  • Statement of Purpose
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE My strong interest in the project management course originated, when it was first introduced to me through my project manager and mentor during my first year at XXX, the company I joined after my undergraduate studies. Grounded with basic technical and legal knowledge, I had
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  • Statement of Purpose
    Statement of Purpose My name is Jasleen kaur. I have done my schooling from one of the prominent school of India. I joined it in 19.. and passed my schooling in 200... The decade inculcated the bulk of the learning I possess today. There after I joined .a.b.c…. college Barnala and did my gradu
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  • Statement of Purpose for Masters
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Time and effort if put together, definitely leads to success. I still remember that Friday night, I was debugging a hospital management project. I didn’t realize how the night drifted off so quickly, but finally I arrived at the solution. These comprehensive efforts w
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  • Statement of Purpose
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE In the past few years, India has been getting ready to become one of the strongest economies in the world. The current slogan `India Shining’ adopted by one of the country’s political parties, is most apt in business. With liberalization, the country has seen tremendous
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  • Statement of Purpose
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Applicant: xyz Program: MS in Electrical Engineering Living just for existence has never been the objective of my life. I have always looked forward to get the best out of life. The desire to be fully satisfied with my work led me to take admission in one of the best Un
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  • Basic Purpose of Education
    The Basic Purpose of Education One of the basic purposes of education is to pass on the knowledge of the past in order to have a framework with which to evaluate the present and to make proper decisions for the future. I agree with that statement one-hundred percent. Without a proper education the
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  • Sample Statement of Purpose
    HOW TO WRITE A SUCCESSFUL STATEMENT OF PURPOSE FOR GRADUATE SCHOOLS Based on a presentation by PROFESSOR EDWARD HOWER* The personal statement is a difficult piece of writing, maybe the most difficult piece of writing you will ever do, and therefore you have to do it very carefully. It is an opport
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  • Statement of Purpose
    Statement of Purpose (SOP) biasanya memiliki panjang 1-2 halaman. Isinya terutama menerangkan tujuan ingin melanjutkan sekolah ke jurusan dan universitas yang kita tuju. Menulis SOP merupakan salah satu persyaratan untuk mendaftar sekolah. Ada beberapa hal yang harus diperhatikan sebelum mulai m
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  • Public Health Statement of Purpose
    8 March 2010 Statement of Purpose (PUBLIC HEALTH) Since early childhood, I always believed I would choose a career in the medical field. When I was five years old, I was asked: “What do you want to be when you grow up”? I always responded by saying: “I want to become a dentist”. I began
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  • Statement of Purpose for Mba
    STATEMENT OF PURPOSE “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to keep things simple.” Richard Branson Simple is hard, especially when it comes to websites and there are so many aspects which need to be treated with care and attention, that are seen in
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  • Statement of Purpose
    Statement of purpose of joining program of EPBM of IIM Calcutta Before I mention purpose of joining the course of EPBM I would like to mention about myself. I have passed my B.Com and thereafter M.com from Mumbai University and I have also completed diploma in financial management from Welingkar In
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