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Sony Sbu

Case study: Can Sony Regain Its Innovative Edge? The OLED Project 1. Why did Sony push back introduction of the OLED television? What was the advantage in waiting? What were the drawbacks? Was there a threat of moving to market with new technology too fast? How might the delayed introduction affect Sony’s reputation among consumers, enthusiasts, and Sony’s own R&D personnel? Sony holds the view that the OLED technology provides a markedly improved picture and it will be the basis for the next...

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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Our companies are known for creating products that enrich people's lives.  Through Sony Corporation of America and its operating companies, we’re equally dedicated to improving people's lives.  Our commitment extends to helping local communities, fostering better educational systems, supporting the arts and culture, helping disadvantaged youth, protecting and improving the environment and encouraging employee volunteerism. Our strategic philanthropy and corporate...

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Sony Pestle

people all over the world, Sony is one of those companies, which speeded up its growth and become one of the best companies in the world. Sony was founded in capital of japan Tokyo in 1946; it was the idea of two men engineer masaru ibuka and akio morita a physicist. They decided to make the company of the repairing the electronic equipment’s at very beginning the company had no machinery and had little scientific equipment’s “ In 1955, the company decided to use the SONY logo on Totsuko products and...

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most popular volunteer programs among Sony Electronics Inc. employees is Habitat for Humanity, which provides and builds low-cost housing for needy families. In the area of Education, Sony is responsive to grant-seekers and institutions who bring commitment and innovation to the task of strengthening education at the primary and secondary school levels, with consideration also given to selected higher education initiatives. In the area of Health and Welfare, Sony continues to support local United Way...

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Video and Sony

Introduction Sony was founded in 1945 by partners Masaru Ibuka, (an engineer), and Akio Morita, (a physicist),and was originally named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo (Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering). The firm was launched in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Four years later the company developed and produced Japans’ first magnetite-coated, paper-based recording tape, called Soni-Tape. In 1955, the firm began using Sony logo on Totsuko products. The group also launched Japan's first transistor radio, the TR-55, during...

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 “SONY VAIO” CASE ANALYSIS Name: Kinney Rucker Cohort: North End Date: 24th Jan 2015 Main Issues and objectives of the report: The main issue is: The product manager is having a difficult time to create a finalized marketing plan for Sony’s new VAIO laptops. The heart of the issue is the manager can doesn’t know which segment to target for the VAIO; due to, too much information. In December Sony encourage to all product managers to use a new corporate study that segmented consumers...

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sony business

SONY Introduction Sony is founded in May7, 1946. It is located in Tokyo. Sony major products involves Televisions, Digital imaging, Audio/Video, Semiconductors, Electronic components, Professional solutions, Medical. It has 140,900(as of March 31, 2014) headcount work for Sony. Sony consolidated sales and operating revenue(2013) 7,767,300 million yen. Characteristics and Purpose of sony and its environment The establishment of the organization in order to its target, the establishment of the...

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Sony Vaio

analysis of the Brand: Sony Vaio The paper analyses the brand SONY VAIO under the following category: * Total market size (current and future) * Market growth rate * Market share of own brand * Competitors * Pricing of own and competitor brands * Market profitability * Industry cost structure * Distribution channels * Market trends * Key success factors Executive Summary: In short, this assignment deals with market analysis of the brand ‘SONY VAIO’. It covers...

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Case Sony

 Individual Case: Sony Targets Laptop Consumer in China China Marketing GSB5138 Spring 2014, MP4 Professor: Caleb H. Tse Name: Jorge Eduardo Cortés E-mail: jecortes@skku.edu Sony Targets Laptop Consumer in China 1. Compare the consumer interview results with the CLUES report data. Why is there so much redundancy between the two studies? How are the four key consumer goals identified in the consumer interviews related to the CLUES segments...

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Sustainability: Sony Group

Sustainability: Sony Group Abstract Sustainability is everything we need for survival that is directly or indirectly affects the world’s environment. Sony Group is the child company of Sony Corporation; they work with electronics, games, and entertainment. We will explore to steps Sony Group took to become more sustainable and influences drove them to go down this path. One-step that they took was creating and implementing a program called Green Management 2010, which would reduce their sustainability...

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Sony v IPod 102314

Sony Versus IPod  Case Preparation and Discussion for MKTG505  2015 NIU MBA FastTrak    Ronald Kollman and Wang Weixun  October 27th, 2014        1.  What are the advantages of proprietary products like Sony and Apple employ versus  open source products like IBM or Dell advocate?         The advantages of proprietary products is that they have a captive market with regard to  accessories and deliverable content.  For example, music for the iPod is mostly deliverable  through the iTunes application...

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Sony Aibo Case Analysis

Marketing Mid-Term Sony AIBO: Case Analysis Prepared by: 1. a. What was Sony’s positioning strategy for AIBO? The AIBO is a robot. In its most simplistic form it is an amalgamation of steel, circuitry, and software. Sony, however, did not position the AIBO as a robot. Instead they positioned the AIBO as a pet with no utility or usefulness, but rather as a source of entertainment and companionship. Takeshi Yazawa, Vice President of Sony Entertainment Robot America, succinctly...

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Case Analysis for SONY VAIO target consumers in China KULDIP MEDHE NORTHEND CORE ISSUE Which segments of population should Mr. Richard Lopez, the product manager for Sony corporation target for positioning of its new brand of laptops “VAIO” in the Chinese market. CONCERNS AND OBJECTIVE Mr. Lopez had too much data to analyze and draft his marketing plan. He was working on three market research reports, a study on consumer values, qualitative interview data, a segmentation study completed...

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Innovation: Marketing and Sony

Leading the digital revolution through innovation A Sony case study Page 1: Introduction [pic]Throughout the 20th century, the pace of technological advancement has increased dramatically. The digital revolution, now upon us, will see further massive steps forward. This case study looks at the ways in which Sony has been able to stay at the leading edge of the new technologies. Sony Corporation is the leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products...

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What is the value proposition? AIBO was not only a lovable toy but also an intelligent functional product that Sony programmed to respond with affection to creatures that ask for people’s nurturance. Sony made it have “brain” and motor skills by artificial intelligence software, made it have “emotion” and “personality” which made customers take it as real pet, or companion. People give care to it and get reaction as well. This kind of feedback loop is an area where people are really emotionally...

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Sony Porter's Five Forces

In this paper, we will examine the video game console industry and apply Porter’s Five Force model to SONY. Sony is a big media conglomerate with businesses in the gaming, music, movies/entertainment and electronics industries. It has a strong brand image, a wide product range and had over $75 billion in sales in 2010. For the purposes of doing this analysis, we will concentrate on Sony’s performance in the video game industry, understand its current position with respect to its competitors and recommend...

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Sony China Market Segmentation

Sony China Market Segmentation Memorandum Date: To: From: Subject: October 27, 2014 Richard Lopez Hernan Alvarez Sony Targets Laptop Consumers In China Sony VAIO is the best computer that serves the needs of every customer and is not comparable at all. From the conducted 760 surveys, 18 percent are grouped in the segment of entertainment lovers. Then 88 percent of all the entertainment lovers plan to by a laptop within the next 12 months, according to Exhibit 8. Therefore, there are approximately...

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Sony Vaio Case

case study of: “Sony Targets Laptop Consumers in China” -By: Kellogg School of Management, Sachin Waikar PROBLEM DEFINITION BACKGROUND AND DATA ANALYSIS In China 74% of the people own a desktop and about half the population owns a laptop, considering that half of the country has broadband internet connection, and of the households that own a laptop almost 80% have internet at home, the market for laptop in China is very interesting for Sony. Howeve, in the past years, Sony has been facing...

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Strategic Management and Sony

Introduction Purpose As the world knows, Sony has been fighting a losing battle for many years against rivals such as Samsung and Apple. The purpose of writing this report is to provide solutions, implementations and recommendations and at the same time form a recovery plan for Sony to boost up its sales and reputation. The background of Sony will be illustrated in the next section. Background Sony Corporation is originated from Tokyo, Japan. Their name Sony is derived from a Greek word Sonus which...

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Sony- Digital Media Convergence

Sony: Company Background What better company to select that one that possesses all forms of media, and even technology that converge all media types into a single device (multi-media devices). Sony is the world’s fifth largest media provider, standing at USD 78.88 billion in 2008. An amazing feat considering that the company had only originated as a radio manufacturer in WWII Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, and is now pioneering some of the most advanced technology in the world. Sony currently...

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Sony Case Analysis

Consumer Behavior Sony Case Analysis 1. Through years of innovation, Sony has developed high-quality products that consumers desire and established a number of cultural meanings for itself. Consumers see Sony as a manufacturer that produces high-quality products that are innovative and push the marketplace forward. Motivated and creative, Sony brings cutting-edge technology from Japan to America. They are mostly responsible for Americans perceiving products made in Japan as high-quality (Peter...

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Sony vs Samsung

strategy to beat Samsung so samsung should bring some innovations to maintain no.1 position TOKYO: Sony Corp., struggling to return its television business to profit, may pass Samsung Electronics Co. this year as the top seller of flat-screen TVs in India, the fastest-growing major market, researcher DisplaySearch said. In a shift from an earlier strategy that focused on India's wealthiest shoppers, Sony has gained market share by offering cheaper models and expanding its distribution network, Hisakazu...

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Sony Swot

Strengths Substantial Brand Identity Sony is a corporate brand whose identity is deeply rooted and very well established in the minds of potential customers. The brand remains healthy despite dropping from 25th to 29 in name recognition according to InterBrands 2009 ranking. Interbrand valued Sony brand at $11 million Global Diversification Sony products and services are available throughout the world in approximately 200 countries and territories. The United States market accounted for 17.9%...

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Brand Rejuvenation - a Case Study of Sony

Brand Rejuvenation - A case study of Sony After a long time, a brand other than Apple is creating a global buzz about the impending launch of one its product. Sony with the launch of PlayStation 3 seems to have stuck a chord with consumers once again after a long hiatus. It was high time that one of the world’s iconic brands started reclaiming its rightful position as the leader of the consumer electronics market. Even though PlayStation 3 seems to have brought back some energy and zest for the...

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Sony Branding Strategy

1 Sony Sony is the kind of company that constantly launches so many great products that engineers and designers for competing companies must get little rest at night. The Sony is primarily focused on the Electronics (such as AV/IT products & components) and Game (such as PlayStation) and Entertainment (such as motion pictures and music). 2 Sony History Sony was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. The two complemented each other with a unique blend of product innovation and marketing...

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Csr Activities of Sony, Dell and Apple

CSR Activities in Electronic Industry Table of Contents Executive Summary……………………………………...………2 1. Introduction……………………………………………………2 2. CSR activities of Sony, Dell and Apple……………………….3 1. Employees………………………………………...…...……4 2. Environment ………………………………………………..5 3. Consumers…………………………………………………..6 3. Evaluation on CSR activities………………………………….6 3.1 Employees………………………………………………...6 3.2 Environment……………………………………...………7 3.3 Consumers ……………………………………………….8 4. Conclusion……………………………………………………...

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The creative invention of the Sony Walkman

can listening some music everywhere. It seems very easy and practicable now, but throwback in time this wasn’t possible; the Sony Walkman, was the first product where you can take music with you, using a cassette and without disturbing others. Who was this creative person? Masuru Ibuka was born in Japan in April 11 of 1908 and died in December 19 of 1997. He co-founded Sony and his friends known him as “genius inventor”. He had many personality traits that make him the person that he was. He was...

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Sony Ericsson

The formation and evolution of Sony Ericsson alliance Creativity and flexibility is required in order to succeed in the mobile-phone industry. No other industry changes faster, or experiences more sudden and rapid changes to fortunes (Bowman 2006, pg 1). The industry was shaken by the alliance of two consumer electronic giants in October 2001, Sony Corporations and Ericsson AB. Sony Ericsson mobile communications is a fifty-fifty joint venture between Japan’s Sony Corp. and Sweden’s Ericsson AB...

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Sony vs. Universal

Sony Corp of America vs. Universal City Studios In a 1984 Supreme Court hearing, defendant, Sony Corporation of America was being sued by Universal City Studios, Inc. The case was known as the "Betamax" case and ruled that the creation of copied television shows for purposes of time-shifting is in fact fair use. This included the manufacturers of home video recording equipment such as Betamax and other video tape recorders to not be held liable for any infringement. The courts came to this...

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Swot Analysis for Sony

Strength Electronics - Sony is a well-recognized and respected brand with consumers, and its products cover a wide spectrum of the entertainment and industrial markets Threats Electronics - new entrants are threatening sony’s position due to the industry shift from analog to digital technology. In the analog era, complicated functionality of electronics products was made possible through the combination of several complex parts, and Sony held a competitive advantage in the design...

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Strategic Planning, Facilitation and Sony Corp.

Introduction The article that I chose for this assignment is "Sony: Playing a long game" (The Economist, 2006). This article talks about the complex problems that Sony had been having during the last months and how their "star" product, Playstation3 (PS3) could help the company, despite some problems with its introduction in the market last November 2006. Sony, the Japanese multinational corporation, is one of the world's largest media conglomerates. Sony Corporation recorded consolidated annual sales of approximately...

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Sony Corporation

 Sony Corporation’s full name is Sonī Kabushiki Gaisha, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Its diversified business is primarily focused on the electronics, game, entertainment and financial services sectors. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets. Sony is ranked 87th on the 2012 list of Fortune Global 500. Sony Corporation is the...

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Sony Strategic Analysis, Executive Summary

Sony Corporation Strategic Analysis Executive Summary Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate consisting of a number of business units (consumer electronics, gaming, movie production, music and financial services) making it one of the most comprehensive entertainment companies in the world. However, the start of the 21st Century has been a difficult period for Sony resulting in a decline in operating profits and share prices. A SWOT and PEST analysis indicates that economic...

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An Experiential Marketing Case Study of Sony

Introduction This paper is attempted to study Sony Corporation as a live brand in terms of experiential marketing concept. It contents true experience and observation of mine from an opening exhibition of Sony Corporation (see appendix 1) to be formed the primary sources of data. As an observer of the exhibition, I will use my own experience from it to combinative with experiential marketing concept theories to indicate the factors within Sony’s experiential marketing performance. This report will...

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Nintendo, Sony, Video Game case

Sony’s Future Focus in the Video Game Industry The video game industry has gone through six generations of consoles, and the seventh is now underway with new consoles from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. Atari led the first generation of the video game industry. They were able to create the first home video game Pong in 1972, and they were the first to develop the interchangeable cartridge and the joystick. The creation of the interchangeable cartridges allowed for third party independent video...

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Sony Bravia

Introduction ‘SONY CORPORATION’ or ‘SONY’, a leading Japanese electronic brand was founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in the year 1946. Starting from scratch after the World War II the owners with the support their employers lead the company to immense success and they have retained this tend ever since. SONY’s first product was the transistor based radio which evolved to be the first ever radio commercially sold by any electronics company to the general people. After works as technology...

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The Sony U-Series and Its Interesting Facts

Sony U-series From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search The Sony U-series of subnotebook computers refers to two series of Sony products the PCG-U and the VGN-U . The later VGN-U were, at their release, the smallest independent computers running Windows XP and the most powerful high-end subnotebooks at the time. The VGN-U50 and VGN-U70P models are roughly the size of two DVD cases stacked on top of each other. The first models of the series to come out were the VGN-U50 and...

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Branding of Sony

• History Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Sony is one of the leading manufacturers of electronics, products for the consumer and professional markets. its founders Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka derived the name from sonus, the Latin word for sound, and also from the English slang word "sonny", since they considered themselves to be "sonny boys". In late 1945, after the end of World War II, Masaru Ibuka started a radio repair shop...

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Sony Ericsson

Ericsson announced [7] that it would absorb the former joint venture and adopt a licensing agreement with Microsoft instead. That same month, Ericsson announced the launch[8] of Sony Ericsson, a joint venture mobile-phone business, together with Sony Corporation. Sony Ericsson remained in operation until February 2012, when Sony bought out Ericsson's share, Ericsson stating that it wanted to focus on the global wireless market as a whole.[9][10] Tumbling stock prices and huge job losses struck telecommunications...

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Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security: Security Breach Faced by Sony Corporation

Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security: Security Breach Faced by Sony Corporation BUS 508: Contemporary Business Assignment 4 Strayer University November 25, 2011 Introduction In the global marketplace, to attract the customers and provide relevant information to the customers, internet is used by most of firms as a promotional tool. In this, web-sites, social networking sites, etc. are used by the firms to communicate with the customers. Although, many security tools and techniques...

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Sony Incorporation

1.0 Introduction 1.1 Company Overview Sony Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of any information technology products for consumer and professional markets. It typically named as Sony, is a Japanese multinational corporation that is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It founded at 7th May 1946 and their co-founders of the company are Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita. Sony have hired over 146,300 employees in 2013 and its diversified business is mainly paying attention on portable audio, digital...

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Usps and Sony Struggle to Create Lasting Organizational Change

services, but the threats that were looming as far back as 1994 are still as real as ever. Sony's need for change Perhaps Sony, another organization currently in such a predicament, could learn a few lessons from USPS's mistakes. Although the electronics giant is not suffering from turnaround trauma, it is in the process of transforming itself in order to survive. However Sony may also be running the risk of shortsightedness. Why? The business is currently in limbo. Aware that there is little mileage...

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The War of the Gaming Titans Sony Playstation 3 vs Microsoft Xbox 360

nonexistence. The major video gaming titans of today are Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, and Sony Playstation. These three have been in war with each other the past ten years, and neither show signs of defeat. However the two leading competitors of high sales in the gaming industry are Microsoft Xbox and Sony Playstation. Both developers have been head to head on technological advancements and consumer marketing. Sony uses their advanced design of game console and their secrecy of their project to entice...

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Origin of Sony

THE ORIGIN OF SONY Founded by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita in 1958, the Sony Corporation has come a long way since its first transistor radios. Being innovative thinkers, the founders realized a need for a global brand with mass appeal. Hence, as the company grew, it was simply logical to establish production facilities in their respective regions. Since its inception, very few have been able to match Sony's track record for invention and innovation. These include the first Trinitron color television...

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Microsoft Xbox 360 vs Sony Playstation 3 Marketing

last year just in time for Christmas. Microsofts strategy is unashamedly ambitious — to be the thought leader and biggest hardware player in the next-generation console battle. E3 is the main conference for new game platform announcements. This year Sony will unveil the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo, in classic fashion, may or may not show its "Revolution" console. Microsoft's decision to launch their console prior to Electronic Entertainment Expo represents a deliberate strategic move that accomplishes...

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Sony - an Overview

Report On Title: Sony Corporation From: Prakash Kumar Chaudhary (M00429964) To: Dr. Mark Mcpherson Date: 17th April, 2013 PHASE – 1 Executive Summary: Terms of Reference: Sony Corp. was founded on May 7th, 1946 by Mr. Akio Morita. Sony has categorised its products into 8 Major Fields and they are Television, Digital Imaging, Audio/Video, PC’s and other networked products, Semiconductors, Electronic Components, Professional solutions, and Medical. The head office of Sony Corp. is located...

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Sony Playstation

Sony play-station Vision:To create exciting new digital entertainment experiences for consumers by bringing together cutting-edge products with latest generation content and services. | Mission:Sony is committed to developing a wide range of innovative products and multimedia services that challenge the way consumers access and enjoy digital entertainment. By ensuring synergy between businesses within the organisation, Sony is constantly striving to create exciting new worlds of entertainment...

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Sony Corporation in the New Decade

Words: 2041 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Sony has successfully created an incredible brand name. It is all about high-technology, innovative products and state of the art gadgets. Sony was founded after post-war of Japan 1946 by two innovative thinkers Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita, who wanted to step in the business of electronics. They setup a small facility in the bombed area in Japan by the name of “Tokyo Tsustin Kenkyujo”. Sony has also used innovation and new technology when it comes...

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 Mission Statement Sony Corp: “At Sony, our mission is to be a company that inspires and fulfills your curiosity. Our unlimited passion for technology, content and services, and relentless pursuit of innovation, drives us to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment in ways that only Sony can. Creating unique new cultures and experiences. Everything we do, is to move you emotionally” Team Names (Arwa Kadour – NAM013 )- (Shahad Altallhi –NAM005) – (Samar Albarakati - NAM068)-( Orjwan...

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Sony Ericsson Negotiation Process

creation of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Formal discussions were held between Ericsson and Sony in late 2000 with serious discussions in early 2001. Before the start of reorganising its operations the Ericsson handset division – DCP Division Consumer Products - employed close to 18,000 people, or almost 20 per cent of total Ericsson employment. Between 6,000 and 7,000 were transferred to Flextronics. An estimated roughly 8,000 were released and another 3,500 were transferred to Sony-Ericsson...

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Sony 4p

Place Sony has an online presence in several formats, for example http://pro.sony.com/bbsc/home.do provides information on products and their prices. The site also has information on corporate applications for its offerings. Sony Product distributors that sell selling to VARs + System Integrators include: ASI Corp, Avnet Inc. and Bell Microproducts, Microland Electronics Corp. Wholesale distributors of Sony Products include but are not limited to : Best wholesale co. Ltd, Dongsheng...

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to design and create innovative products which would benefit the people. Sony company make all the products base en technology they have products like televisions, video games, mp3 players, computers, DVD players etc….a new product that they are madding is a robot is going to be sell to the public. Sony plan includes reducing headcount by 10,000 in the 2012 financial year, a number that also reflects jobs leaving Sony as businesses are sold or otherwise reorganized, and will cost it 75 billion...

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Sony vs Microsoft - Strategies and Business Model

ability to conciliate the interests of both developers and gamers. From a strategic point of view, core competencies are closely related with market performance. Today, Sony's and Microsoft's business models are quite similar. However, Microsoft and Sony remain far behind Nintendo and its Wii, which suggests that core competencies do not discriminate on performance as much as the positioning choices made upstream when the strategy is crafted. The link between core competencies, economic model and strategy...

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Sony Ethics

SonySony. Like no other.”, is Sony Corporations slogan and one could not describe it better. Sony is a multinational conglomerate that is a leading manufacturer of electronics, video, communications, and information technology. Sony is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders. However Sony is just like its slogan states, “Like no other”. In 2005 Sony incorporated the Extended Copy Protection and MediaMax CD-3 on a total of 102 different titles of music CDs. This company that seemed...

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Porter’s Five Forces Sony

Porter’s Five Forces Sony Threat of New Entrants Sony exists since 1946 and it has a strong brand image. Not only does Sony have high customer loyalty, but it also invest in emerging markets, one of which is called BRICs, to extend the range of customers (Sony Corporation, 2009a) which can contribute to customer loyalty as well. Besides, costs of R&D as well as manufacturing are largely needed when companies are in the electronic industry. It means that new entrants have to be equipped with...

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Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation Introduction In an economy that thrives thoroughly on technology and progression itself, there are many companies that have taken advantage of the opportunities that have been offered to them through science. Due to continuous development in technology, companies are being able to find their path in success through competitive products and service. And one of the Company that would strike on peoples mind in no time while talking about information technological...

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Market Analysis - Sony Bravia

Sony Bravia In the Australian Marketplace “Colour like No Other” Executive Summary Introduction Summary: This report will articulate purchases of the Sony Bravia Television in the Australian marketplace. It will illustrate information to develop an in-depth understanding of the consumers buying habits. The research for this report includes information sourced from the Sony website itself, interpreted and applied to the Australian Marketplace. Body Summary: The major findings...

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Sony and Philips

Philips vs. Matsushita Case Greg Tensa 1. How did Philips become the leading consumer electronics company in the world post war era? What distinctive competencies did they build? What incompetancies did they build? Prior to World War II, Philips had created a culture of embracing technical innovation. On the production side, Philips was a leader in industrial research, and scrapped old plants in favor of new machines or factories whenever advances were made. On the product side, strong...

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Sony-Ericsson Case

on Assignment questions for Sony-Ericsson Case Antoine Welter 1) What was the rationale behind the formation of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications? The official date of the creation of the SEMC was on April 24, 2001. This was a time were the mobile market was in the phase of changing to the 3G phones and mobile internet, experts were sure, was going to be the next big thing. The rationale behind this formation can be explained in simple words: It was the only way these two companies...

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Sony Threats and Opportunities

there are few substitutes from other industries (if any); and most of them are seemed to be obsolete or have on foot out of the door, e.g. digit camera in the place of film camera and fax machines in place of overnight mail delivery. Consider that Sony has built a good reputation and strong customer loyalty, it effectively position the company’s products against product substitute to some extent; this is a surplus for the company. 2. Bargaining Power of Buyers (HIGH) The power of buyer is high...

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