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Company Name| Sony Corporation|
Founded | May 7, 1946|
Headquarters| 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0075, Japan| Representative Corporate Executive Officers| Chairman and CEOHoward StringerPresident and Electronics CEORyoji ChubachiExecutive Deputy President Officer in charge of Consumer Products GroupKatsumi Ihara | Major Products| Audio, Video, TelevisionsInformation and communications systemsSemiconductorsElectronic components| Affiliates| Japan: 42Outside Japan: 32|

Global Affiliated Companies

Outside Japan
Sony Deutschland G.m.b.H.
Sony Korea Corp.
Sony Taiwan Limited.
Sony Thai Co., Ltd.
Sony United Kingdom Ltd.
Shanghai Suoguang Electronics Co., Ltd
Sony Australia Ltd.
Sony Brasil Ltda.

The Japanese consumer electronics giant, of the Universal film studios (us) combine even more complex layers of risk. It involved not only the cultural differences between a Japanese and an American company, but also the very different industry knowledge and traditions of Japanese electronics and American creative “movie”content, with their very different management styles, attitudes to risk and financial investment molds. Sony Europa is the European arm of the Japanese electronics giant, sony corporation. The company has been active in Europe since 1960, and has enjoyed success across the continent due to the famed high quality of sony products. However, the company’s involvement in Europe developed in an unplanned way, with marketing offices and manufacturing plants growing up in many different countries. Country managers, by default, became leaders of mini-emprise, and there was little cross European coordination. The weaknesses of this approach could be overlooked while sony was growing, but as the company faced stiffer competition on both price and quality from the 199os, company leaders realized a more strategic and coordinated approach to organizational...
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