"Society Does Place Too Much Emphasis On Physical Beauty" Essays and Research Papers

Society Does Place Too Much Emphasis On Physical Beauty

Beauty and Vibrancy        It is important to take care of yourself and try to look your best. Letting your looks go or becoming unhealthy and sloppy is unappealing and disrespectful to yourself and those you love. On the other hand, when people focus exclusively on how they look in a vain effort to seek validation, they lose a certain vibrancy that comes from depth and self-confidence.        In today’s society of never-ending nips and tucks, we forget that the essence of beauty stems from a...

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Far Too Much Attention Is Given to Beauty Products and Treatments. Dya?

Far too much attention is given to beauty products and treatments. Do you agree? Male or female, everyone desires to be well presented to others. Hence, beauty products and treatments are used and done respectively to enhance the beauty of a person regardless of the gender. The attention given to these skin-deep goods such as cosmetics, manicure, Botox or liposuction is becoming more and more prominent in recent times. It is not uncommon to find people applying beauty products whenever they have...

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Beauty and Important Role

Question 10 How important is beauty? Question Analysis Consider interpretation of key words, assumptions (if any), special considerations etc. Beauty: General term that refers to a nice appearance and pleasing looks Important: Why is beauty considered important? Synonyms of “important”: significance / value / role it plays in society How important: need to address the extent / degree of importance Full Introduction Beauty is a general term that often refers to a nice appearance...

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Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology.docx uploaded successfully

in today's society. The have adopted the view that technology is the panacea to all of human kind's problems. While it is true that technology has helped us in a few aspects such as in the medical sector, it certainly does not mean that it will do the same in other aspects. Therefore, I stand with those who believe that people in today's society is placing excessive reliance on technology to solve the myriad of problems that exist today. Those in today's society seem to place too much faith on technology...

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The Pursuit of Physical Beauty in Hong Kong

because of this, cosmetic surgery is now a multi-million dollar industry. Write a letter to the editor of the Hong Kong Express about the obsession with physical beauty. Dear Editor, I am writing to express my grave concern towards the obsession with physical beauty in the territory. Seeing that a deluge of advertisements and billboards concerning beauty parlors and slimming centres show up on magazines, the TV and even public transport, it cannot be denied that people taking part in this multi-million...

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Does the Modern World Place Too Much Reliance on Technology?

Research Essay 1 Qn: Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology? The modern world has placed too much reliance on technology. A breakdown in technology, such as a loss of electricity, would bring societies and economies to a standstill. Excessive use of technology depletes many natural resources that are not easily replaced and results in a wider technological gap between developed and poorer countries. While technology has improved our standard of living and made our lives...

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Defining Beauty

Defining Beauty Many people would agree with this statement ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. Beauty is subjective to each individual person. You can see beauty in an obvious way, like a person’s physical attractiveness, you can see beauty within a person; their inner beauty, and you can see beauty out in the world like a beautiful painting or mesmerizing sunset. The Merriam- Webster Dictionary defines “beauty” as “the qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses...

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Human Physical Appearance and Beauty

November 29, 2012 Beauty is what society likes to set, so everyone could have something to compare to each other. Given time, money and pain, what we call beauty, could be defined by cosmetics and surgeries. Females often worry more about beauty. Beauty is both a physical and mental kind of subject. Beauty can be defined differently through different people and culture. It is perceived as important as we grow up, influenced by the medias. Because of this, girls grow up thinking of beauty in the most distorted...

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Interpersonal Relationship and Beauty

Beauty is not something we can measure, it something that we judge on a person. We can see a face for less than a second and rate whether that person is beautiful or not. Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. An "ideal beauty" is an entity which is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty...

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Beauty: Human Physical Appearance and Women

Beauty Throughout these moments in time, the term beauty has slipped out of control and become something utterly dissimilar. The significance of beauty has developed into something so unappealing, so unpleasant, so repugnant, that even now society is coming to the apprehension that the way they are portraying the description of beauty is erroneous. Over time, ‘beauty’ has evolved to something rather peripheral. Being beautiful is turning...

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Race and Beauty in a Media Contrived Society

Race and Beauty in a Media Contrived Society Throughout Toni Morrison's novel The Bluest Eye, she captures, with vivid insight, the plight of a young African American girl and what she would be subjected to in a media contrived society that places its ideal of beauty on the e quintessential blue-eyed, blonde woman. The idea of what is beautiful has been stereotyped in the mass media since the beginning and creates a mental and emotional damage to self and soul. This oppression to the soul creates...

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society depend too much on technology

Does our society depend too much on technology? Yes, I think the society is really dependent on technology nowadays. Since the technologies are very developed and popular, people are more relying on computers, laptops and Internet. In today's world, people use computers in business, education and in the entertainment world. There are lots of mordern gadgets coming out these days. All people like to use mobile phones, computers and Internet. People cannot live without these things. It's like everyone...

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how much is too much

How much is too much? With gas prices soaring, the housing market crumbling, poverty rates rising, and the country sinking into more debt by the day, money is on a lot of people’s minds right now. Millions of people are struggling to put food on the table while celebrities are signing multi-million dollar contracts for movies and sports. Many entertainment and sports personalities have very high incomes, while most people in "ordinary" professions like nurses, doctors and teachers earn only...

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Does the Modern World Place Too Emphasis on Modern Technology?

Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology? Technology has changed from a luxury to a necessity in the modern world of the 21st century today. 50 years ago, the television sets were unheard of in many countries. Whereas, in the modern world of today, even the poorest homes own them. In the past, cars were symbols of affluence and only the rich own them. However, it has become a mode of transportation today. The development of materials and machines has undoubtedly brought...

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Child Beauty Pageants

the world of beauty pageants where they have been forced to behave as young adults rather than the five year olds that they actually are. Young children spend numerous hours every day practicing speeches and model walks for upcoming pageants rather than focusing on schoolwork and playing with friends. With an emphasis placed on appearance in beauty contests, children become devastatingly concerned with the way that they look before many of them can walk. The lifestyle of child beauty pageant participants...

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Inner Beauty to Physical Beauty

Edwin Turner Inner Beauty to Physical Beauty There are two categories of beauty: inner beauty and physical beauty. Physical beauty is exterior beauty, which is pleasing to the eye. Inner beauty relates to an individual's personality and character traits, which are pleasing to the heart. Usually, you can spot a person who has a deep inner beauty by the bright shine coming from their eyes. They are usually truthful people, without being arrogant or rude. A person with inner beauty is always happy to...

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Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

January 23, 2014 “Dove: Real Beauty Sketches” by Ogilvy & Mather Ad Agency, April 14, 2013 < http://realbeautysketches.dove.us/ > In April 2013, Dove launched a “Real Beauty” campaign after performing marketing research and discovering that only 2% of all women consider themselves to be “beautiful”. In an effort to boost self-esteem and moral, Dove introduced a television ad in the form, which incorporated a powerful and touching social experiment. In this commercial, several different...

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Changes in Beauty

redefined the definition of physical beauty, particularly for women.  The digital media's main focus for women is external beauty. The fashion, cosmetics, diet, and plastic surgery industries have thrived by using the digital media as a pathway to foster preoccupations with physical appearance in young women. New definitions of human physical beauty have been constructed in terms of outward appearance and sexual attractiveness that are much different from the past. In Beauty In History, Arthur Marwick...

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Size Is Not Beauty

is Not Beauty How does one define beauty? Billboards, posters and pictures of models that reflect what society defines as flawless surround us. We see tall, thin girls and tall, thin, muscular men. As we look at them, their beauty is only on the outside. Behind the majority of models’ poses are people who suffer greatly with their image. There needs to be a balance between health and beauty. The drastic measures that people take to be thin are astonishing. There is more beauty in confidence...

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Physical Beauty Affected Malcolm X?

Composition 20 December 2012 Physical beauty is a way people tend to classify other; young or old, men or women, there is simply no exceptions. People tend to choose what characteristics of a person they like or not. Color, race, sex, or ethnicity does not matter. Society has taught people to accept or deny others based on their appearance. A person is either classified beautiful/handsome or simply ugly based upon society point of view (Dollinger, Stephen, Physical attractiveness, social connectedness...

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Beauty Pageants

May 2012 Does competing in beauty pageants adversely affect a child’s development? Pageants are a way of forcing a child to act as an adult – smearing make-up on a child and making her dress up like an adults to “supposedly” build confidence but instead giving that child the wrong message. They are basically beginning to lose their childhood. Overtime, children get very competitive and at that point in their minds all they think about is winning, not about the true purpose of a beauty pageant. Beauty...

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Attack on Utopian Society in Brave New World

Attack on Utopian Society in Brave New World Huxley’s Brave New World is an attack on Utopian Society. Having a perfect society seems ideal since it takes away the pains and struggles of the real world. Things such as finding a loved one, heartbreak, deciding on a career path, being successful, and raising a family. This novel focuses on what the world would be like if it were a utopian society, and the reader can see that it is not as perfect as it seems. It shows how technology and engineering...

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Beauty and Beautiful Personality

Beauty Have you ever wondered what could have happened if Sleeping Beauty wasn’t beautiful at all? Would the prince kiss her and fall in love with her the moment they met? Attraction is a stepping stone in finding love and Beauty comes with it. But does it always mean that if you’re not beautiful you can never find your happily ever after? Everyone has different interpretations of Beauty. Every person is beautiful but it is not visible to everyone. According to the Oxford dictionary, Beauty is...

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Beauty Beauty is in the eye of those who appreciate and recognize it. Considered to be an universal language which can be defined in so many ways with a particular candor. What defines beauty? who can set the standards of what is beautiful or not? Media. Society. Religion. Culture. No matter the many centuries that pass, beauty will forever be a threshold of affirmation and identification in terms of individuality and society both on a microscopic level as well as universal. We do have...

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Inner vs. Physical Beauty

In today’s society, physical beauty and appearance is stressed from a very young age. Maybe unknowingly, your parents submitted you to a life of striving to be “beautiful.” Your parents may have given you a faultless, slender, beautiful Barbie doll for you to play with when you were younger, mistakenly cementing you in to a world where beauty is the solution to be happy and successful in life. In many fairy tales, such as “Cinderella,” being beautiful is associated with being a good person, which...

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Based on Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” Can Art Ever Push Social Boundaries Too Far?

Iskra Angelova Assignment #3 Dr. Ferrante Writing 140 10/26/2012 Based on Andres Serrano’s “Piss Christ” can art ever push social boundaries too far? “Anyone who blasphemes the name of the Lord is to be put to death. The entire assembly must stone them. Whether foreigner or native-born, when they blasphemes the Name they are to be put to death.” (Holy Bible. Leviticus 24:16) Religion as believe and institution emerged...

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The Media’s Role in a Woman’s Beauty

Woman’s Beauty For such a long time, for as long as anybody could remember women have consistently been perceived as the inferior and weaker sex. Many may argue and say that this isn’t the case anymore but unfortunately it is considering the fact that although women now have equal rights as men and aren’t necessarily controlled by them anymore, men still are considered the dominant, stronger and more powerful sex. Due to this, women's physical appearance plays a very important role in society. Because...

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Beauty Myth and Media

The Beauty Myth and Media’s Distortion of Beauty October 30, 2012 Semester Project Socy-2112 Shante White, Taylor Sharpless, Caleb McCora swhite47@uncc.edu, tsharple@uncc.edu, cmccora@uncc.edu What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a well-dressed young woman on the street, at work or in class? Most people’s reaction would be that the young lady looks beautiful. However, everyone has a different perception of beauty, especially the media. The media’s distorted view of beauty...

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Beauty Contest

Beauty Contests: Good or Bad? A beauty contest is a competition in which the entrants, usually women, are judged as to physical beauty and sometimes talent, with the winners awarded prizes or titles. There are several disputes over the affects of beauty contests, but in reality beauty contests give negative images to girls of all ages. Beauty contests build up the hopes and dreams of little girls, and even teenagers, only to hurt them later in life. Sure it’s fun to get dressed up and have everyone...

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The World Is Too Much for Us

In William Wordsworth's "The World is Too Much With Us," this poem heeds warning to his generation. This warning is that they are losing sight of what is actually important in this world: nature and God. To some people both of these are the same thing "...as if lacking appreciation for the natural gifts of God is not sin enough, we add to it the insult of pride for our rape of His land" (Wordsworth). With his words, Wordsworth makes this message perpetual and everlasting. William Wordsworth...

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Why Does Marx's Social Theory Place so Much Emphasis on Class Conflict and Economic Processes?

Whilst social theories vary greatly between different schools of thought they all have the same purpose; to aid scholars in analysing society through the use of theoretical frameworks. Karl Marx’s social theory is today known as Marxist historical materialism, though throughout his life Marx referred to it as ‘the materialist conception of history.’ Born in 1818, in a small town in the south of the German Rhineland, to a middle class Jewish family, Marx had a comfortable start to his life. Home...

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The Effect of Physical Attractiveness on Job Success

Abstract: Although both intelligence and competence are vital to success, a person’s physical appearance can help or hinder their ability to succeed. This paper divides physical appearance into height, weight, and facial attractiveness, which are examined based on their differing effects in men and women and how society’s perception of each factor shapes their effect on success. This paper then goes on to explain how appearance can actually have a deeper, more profound impact on the...

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Disneyfication of the Beauty and the Beast Folklore

The Disneyfication of Beauty and the Beast Folklore SUBJECT: Theatre SUBJECT TEACHER: Pak Tim Sutomo Kendra Sabina 9L The later Disney revisions follow this same formula, even though young adult women’s values have changed. Modern values override the archetypal storyline in Beauty and the Beast as well. Madame Gabrielle de Villenueve wrote the first version of Beauty and the Beast in 1740. Disney has made many changes...

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Critical Response to "The Ugly Truth About Beauty" by Dave Barry

The main idea of Dave Barry's essay is the media puts too much emphasis on beauty. Women are lead to believe that they need to look like something that is not physically impossible, because we're not all born to be super models. I agree with the points Barry is trying to get across. I remember grew up playing with my Barbie doll and it being made physically out of proportion. It distorted my self image on how my body should be. I agree with Barry's claim, " [most] women grow up thinking they need...

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Beauty in the Eyes of Society

Xavian Arnold Dr. Patterson EN 112 27 April 2012 Beauty: Beheld in the Eyes of Society There is an old saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." However, there are definite social concepts of physical beauty. Most of the time, people associate beauty with something that is seen, instead of tasted, or smelt. Therefore, a more precise definition of beauty would sound like, beauty is the quality or set of qualities that give pleasure to eyesight. Many things may not be as beautiful to...

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too much tv

August 2014 Too Much T.V? Television is good for a lot of things. It is a great place to watch the news and be kept up to date on what is going on in the world. It is also a great way to be entertained and have a laugh watching the new episode of “The Big Bang Theory.” In addition, it is great to watch your favorite team play and hangout with your friends while you have a barbeque. It is also a way to distract your children while you get some time for yourself to relax. However, it does not make you...

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Beauty for Me

Beauty For Me Beauty. We’ve heard that word repeatedly through our lives but what does it really mean? Majority of people find beauty to be something dealing with physical attributes, when in fact it can also deal with the inner self as well. What one person might find to beautiful maybe completely different from what another person finds beautiful. We then must wonder how an individual came about to defining what is beautiful according to them. Now we can’t simply say that beauty is the eye of...

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The World Is Too Much with Us

The World Is Too Much With Us By William Wordsworth "The World Is Too Much With Us" is a poem written by William Wordsworth in 1807. This poem reads to the tune of social commentary. As society changes, its values change as well. Within every society there are plenty of artists ready to critisize and point out the negative changes. Wordsworth was a poet who commonly wrote poetry alluding to the dramatic shift in people themselvs. This poem speaks of how, as we evolve, humans become...

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Does Plastic Surgery Make a Beauty or a Beast?

Does Plastic Surgery Make a Beauty or a Beast? Alaa Al-koubeitri Advanced English Composition, Group 1 Miss Hanouf Al-alawi January 12, 2009 Abstract People are becoming more concerned about their physical appearance as a result of society’s role in changing and idealizing the beauty standards. So in recent years, plastic surgeries were vastly increasing among people. Procedures and effects of such surgeries gained an increased attention in the medical and psychological fields. This paper...

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Beauty And Beast Notes

1)educated guesses about the values and/or ideology your hero/heroine represents - the idea of “transformation” in a very literal sense in order to prove the value and power of being virtuous more so than anything else. - Throughout the story Beauty is often called good and kind and virtuous. When describing the character of her and her sisters it is said that she “spent most of her time reading good books” and politely rejected several marriage invitations in order to stay with her aging Father...

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Power of Youth and Beauty

of Youth and Beauty Some say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Others say that it(beauty) is only skin deep. A person that is considered to have overwhelming beauty can commit a heinous crime and be forgiven because they have such beauty. In a society that puts beauty on a pedestal, youth and physical attractiveness become valuable possessions. Oscar Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, prove all of these things to be true. Throughout this novel beauty reigns, it revitalizes...

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True Beauty

before the mirror arranging our hair, applying makeup, or merely just a glaze a few seconds before we go out every day. Beauty is all around us. We are bombarded with model search like American Next Top Model and beauty contests like Miss Universe, as well as fashion magazine People, Cleo, and Cosmopolitan, all trying to answer the question "What is the meaning of beauty?”. Beauty is a quality or features that provide a perceptual experience of pleasure, telling or gratifying. The ideal of the perfect...

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Child Beauty Pageants

dream often turns into a horrible nightmare. The popularity of child beauty pageants seems to be rising every year causing more and more controversy. There are many different views and concerns that people seem to have on these types of pageants. Many of them do not agree with children being forced to fulfill their parents dream by taking place in a beauty pageant. The history of beauty pageants became part of the American society around the 1920’s. They originated as a marketing tool in 1921 by...

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Physical Beauty is Unimportant: A Myth

Is physical beauty subjective? In writings on beauty, it is often argued that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and that we "Shouldn't judge a book by its cover." The idea that its misguided to make assumptions or judgments about people based on their physical appearance. Both of these sayings are much more myth than fact. Beauty is, in fact, quite objective and measurable. Trends and small changes in preferences come and go, but core aspects have remained the same throughout the world and...

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Beauty in "The Bluest Eye"

THE BLUEST EYE The Bluest Eye is a brilliantly written novel revealing the fictional trauma of an eleven-year-old black girl named Pecola Breedlove. This story takes place in the town of Lorain, Ohio during the 1940’s. It is told from the perspective of a young girl named Claudia MacTeer. She and her sister, Frieda, become witness to the terrible plights Pecola is unintentionally put through. Pecola chooses to hide from her disabling life behind her clouded dream of possessing the ever so cherished...

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Social Commentary on Physical Attractiveness in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House

Social Commentary on Physical Attractiveness in Charles Dickens’ Bleak House Across cultures and across time, surface beauty has been idealized and integrated into societies to the extent to which it is almost necessary to determine one’s societal rank or role. In many cases, those who are considered more beautiful are given luxuries that those who are less fortunate are kept from. In a time when both looks and money ruled the social scene, Charles Dickens in his novel Bleak House makes an opposing...

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Beauty Pageants

6 percent of beauty pageant girls have suffered from depression. This does not seem like a lot, but 2.5 million girls compete in a beauty pageant. (“Women’s news Columbus dispatch”) People say child beauty pageants make children grow up faster before their time. Others say that all little girls like to dress up and experiment with make-up. That they are curious and want to learn what it is and why should they use it. (Malmsio Helene) I believe that child beauty pageants do make children...

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beauty definition essay

Beauty Beauty is one of the most prevalent themes in the world. But what is beauty exactly? According to the Oxford Dictionary beauty is A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Based on the definition, one would assume that beauty is only on outward appearance but that statement is false. Beauty is not only appearance but it is also what people cannot see. Beauty is about being beautiful on the inside not just the outside...

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Is the Emphasis on a Color-Blind Society an Answer to Racism

Is the emphasis on a Color-Blind Society an Answer to Racism? Racism is a word that sparks a nerve in many individuals today. As hard as it is to believe, racism is still a big factor in what we as a society know as a unified America. Although, it is not as obvious as it was in the past, it still goes on, just in ways that are less noticeable. We ask the question, is the emphasis on a color-blind society an answer to racism. Ward Connerly claims it is a way to stop the segregation and make America...

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Article - Is Reaching for the Stars Too Much Too Ask?

Bryan Leininger SOC 210: Race and Ethnic Relations 01 September 2012 Is Reaching For the Stars Too Much Too Ask? Throughout this course we have learned about as well as discussed the challenges that we face when dealing with overcoming inequality. This class along with reading the text helped me in opening my eyes and realizing that even though we may not care about the color of a person’s skin we still face an uphill battle in absolving inequality. After reading the text my views have...

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What is Beauty? Everyone looks at beauty differently and everyone has his or her own definition of it. In today’s society beauty is seen as a person’s psychical appearance, what clothes they wear, their hair and make-up, and even the shape of their body. The World English Dictionary’s first definition states beauty as “the combination of all qualities of a person or thing that delights the senses and pleases the mind.”(“Beauty” N. pag.) I agree with this definition because I believe beauty goes deeper...

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Introduction on Beauty Salon Business

In the 21st century, beauty and make up are like the wheels of a cart or the two sides of a coin. Women are beautiful in themselves; but a little make-up does help a lot and it keeps one to make the day better and happier. Every woman wants to be pretty whether she’s young or old so the beauty salon is the place to go. Beauty salons are also like a temple; however, the difference is that we go to worship in the temple and in the beauty salon we go to be worshipped by the beauticians and by the other...

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Americans Place Too Much Empasis on Physical Appearance

Americans place to much emphasis on physical appearance In recent years, Americans have become obsessed with their appearance. Millions of dollars are spent each year on superficial items, such as cosmetics, weight loss programs, and designer wear. There are newspaper ads, television commericials, and magazine advertisements that are in place to entice consumers. Consequently, Americans have fallen victims to the many pressures of being fashionable, thin, and beautiful. In addition, fashion companies...

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Beauty Contest

Do Beauty Pageants Serve a Purpose In Socity?intelligent that you, anyway. (Christopher Reinhold) Beauty contests do not serve a purpose in todays society. The only thing that it is doing is putting in young... Do Beauty Pageants Serve a Purpose In Today's Sociey?women and range from infants to adults in age. Beauty contests do not serve a purpose in todays society. The only thing that it is doing is putting in young girls... Positives Of a Beauty Contestjudging and kind of characteristics to...

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too much or too useless

Too Much or Too Useless? Academies are essential to students so that they can go on to be successful in life. The question is what is needed to be learn and what is just useless information. Students learn information and then after a while the material disappears. Most data that students learn in the present will most likely be used in the future. The fact is that most material learned in schools will be possibly used in the future. Not only will material be used in school, but it can also be...

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Too Much Too Soon

CASE STUDY TOO MUCH TOO SOON NISHANT THAKUR 1775563 MGMT 121/ SM05(1) Synopsis The scenario is about Sara Patel; she has finished college and is working in a company called Maddison for three years. The first two years she had worked in sales department but now she is working as a sales trainer in the sales and development department. For a while everything was going smooth, all the people in the department liked her and there was an air of openness, until the department started expanding...

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Too Much Violence

Thesis topic: Violence in the Movies Thesis statement: Movie violence on television does promote violent crime as well as having a negative overall effect on children. Point #1 - Movie violence decreases individual consideration for ones self and others. Point #1 - children are unable to distinguish between pretend violence and real violent behavior. Point #3 - children come to think that it is acceptable to act and resolve problems in aggressive ways. Studies have recognized a direct...

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Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beholder

DEPICTED IDEALS OF BEAUTY Throughout the decades of time, society has been continuously determining the perception of what it is to be "beautiful." The American standard of beauty is often reflected upon advertisements that convey an unrealistic expectation for most everyday women. Whereas, teenagers have grown to interpret advertisements as a model for how they should appear physically. Marilyn Monroe was perceived as the epitome of beauty in the 1950s. The well-known sex symbol was recognized...

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Beauty Contest Exploits Then Empower Women

exterior beauty than interior beauty. What is beauty one can ask? Beauty is the enlightenment of the inner soul portrait as a mixture of culture, character, custom, intellect and presentation. In the contrast, beauty contest mainly asses at the external beauty only such as looks, style and presentation. This is in line with the general conception that beauty contest does more harm in exploitation to any individuals then empowering them as it can reduce the dignity of womanhood, projects that beauty is...

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Evaluate Beauty: Appearance or Inner Self

What is beauty? There are two ways you can judge beauty, by appearance (external) and inner (internal) qualities. The noticeable beauty is what is visible on the surface; it does not have as much value as the beauty that is unseen which comes from within and glows outward. Therefore, judging people by looking at their appearance is irrelevant because beauty is more than what we look like. Our experiences in life, our self-confidence and our character traits define who we really are as individuals...

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