• E-Servqual- a Multiple-Item Scale for Assessing Electronic Service Quality
    E-S-QUAL A Multiple-Item Scale for Assessing Electronic Service Quality A. Parasuraman University of Miami Valarie A. Zeithaml Arvind Malhotra University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Using the means-end framework as a theoretical founda- tion, this article conceptualizes, constructs, re
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  • A Study of Service Quality of the Singapore Book Industry
    The University of Bradford A Study of Service Quality of the Singapore Book Industry Being a Final Year Project Paper submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Business and Management Studies (Marketing) In the University of B
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  • Factor Affecting on Service Quality
    AN EXPLORATORY STUDY OF INFLUENCES ON RETAIL SERVICE QUALITY: A FOCUS ON KUWAIT AND LEBANO Abstract: The Middle East is a growing and lucrative marketplace. This exploratory study examines retail service in Kuwait and Lebanon, regions with long histories of trade. Retail service, however, has
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  • Service Quality Dimensions
    Service Quality Dimension of SriLankan Airlines Service Marketing (MKT 3113) Individual Assignment Department of Marketing Management Faculty of Commerce & Management Eastern University, Sri Lanka B.Sarangan EU/IS/2007/MS/65 Index No: - MS 885 Contents Introduction to S
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  • Service Quality of Banks
    Measuring the Service Quality of Service Sector - A Case of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia R.Renjith Kumar, Asst. Prof and Head of the Department, Ilahia School of Management Studies, Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology, Muvattupuzha, Kerala Abstract Service sector is growing in Ethiopi
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  • Service Quality
    History of Quality: In the late 13th century, craftsmen in medieval Europe began organizing unions called guilds that are responsible for assuring quality in manufacturing. Manufacturers in the industrial world didn’t adopt the craftsmanship model until the early 19th century. The emphasis
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  • Service Quality for School Medical Services, Philippine Setting
    INTRODUCTION Clinic is one of the services of a school that most of the students go to avail. The students doesn’t actually pay for them when they go there but the clinic fee is included in the miscellaneous of their tuition fees, so, technically speaking it is a profitable organization inside
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  • Service Quality Dimension
    IBEJ Vol.2 Issue No.1 (2009)01-18 ISSN 1985 - 7918 SERVICE QUALITY DIMENSIONS, PERCEIVE VALUE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: ABC RELATIONSHIP MODEL TESTING 1 Nek Kamal Yeop Yunus, 2Azman Ismail, 3Zubrina Ranee Juga, 4 Salomawati Ishak 1 Faculty of Business and Economics Universiti Pendidikan Sul
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  • Service Quality
    IJMMR                     Volume 1, Issue 1 (December, 2010)          ISSN 2229‐6883  SERVICE QUALITY IN TELECOM SECTOR - A STUDY OF TELECOM SERVICE PROVIDERS OF CHANDIGARH, PANCHKULA AND MOHALI Dr Sandhya Joshi, Assistant Professor, Graphic Era University
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  • Service Quality
    Use of SERVQUAL Model for Pilot Testing the Quality of Rural Tourism Abstract. According to the SWOT analysis regarding the Romanian tourism, published by Business Monitor International in the Romania Tourism Report Q1 2009, the main Romanian Tourism Industry weakness are the: low quali
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  • Service Quality
    1.0 INTRODUCTION 1. The importance of Service Quality During the last two decades, service quality has become a very popular issue for both academics and service providers and it has been increasingly identified as a key factor in differentiating service products and building competitive advantage
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  • Analysis of E-Tailing Service Quality
    European Journal of Social Sciences ISSN 1450-2267 Vol.29 No.3 (2012), pp. 355-365 © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2012 http://www.europeanjournalofsocialsciences.com Analysis of E-Tailing Service Quality in Rural Market: A Comparative Study P. Kannan Head, Department of Management Studies, N.P
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  • Goldilocks Service Quality
    HISTORY Goldilocks traces its roots to the collaboration and complementary talents of the women, whose collective love for good food fueled what has been transformed into the global enterprise today. In 1966, two sisters Milagros and Clarita, and their sister-in-law, Doris, decided to open a sma
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  • Service Quality Perception at Kfc Pakistan
    SERVICE QUALITY PERCEPTIONS IN FAST-FOOD RESTAURANTS IN PAKISTAN Abstract People spend regularly on food items throughout the world and they prefer different tastes as in their cultures, the people of south Asia usually love spicy foods but many fast food and Chinese restaurants have also dev
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  • The Gap Model in Service
     Quality of the service is the degree of conformance of all the relevant features and characteristics of service to all the aspects of the consumers’ needs limited by the price and delivery s/he will accept. Quality can be viewed from two perspectives:  Internal quality based on co
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  • Customer Perceptions of Bank Service Quality
    Customer Perceptions of Bank Service Quality in a Developing Country: Some Evidence from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Hüseyin ARASLI - Salih KATIRCIOĞLU - Salime Mehtap SMADI Eastern Mediterranean University, TRNC Hüseyin Araslı is an Assistant Profesor of Management at Eastern Medi
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  • Service Quality
    SERVICE QUALITY Quality Dimension Samples of questions to ask Tangibles: Appearance of physical facilities, equipment, personnel, printed and visual materials • Are facilities attractive? • Are staff dressed appropriately? • Are written materials easy to understand? • Does te
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  • Which Comparison Standard Should Be Used for Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction?
    Although use of a comparison standard is central to the measurement of service quality and customer satisfaction, relevant literature reveals that the choice of standard is an issue customer expectation. Desires, equity and experiences are some of the standards most frequently employed (Woodruffet,
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  • Service Quality - Banyan Tree Group
    Service Quality Group Project 1. What are the main factors that contributed to Banyan Tree’s success? Great experience & expertise of founder Extensive travel experiences, sharp observation and superior foresight of Ho Kwon Ping, founder of Banyan Tree, inspired him to bridge the price g
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  • Service Quality on Postal Service
    1.1 Introduction In this chapter, the introduction of the thesis was discussed. As opening, the chapter begins with a background discussion concerning the research area, the importance of the study followed by the problem statement, research questions, research objectives and the research h
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