• Types of Reports
    TYPES OF REPORTS SHORT INFORMAL REPORTS 1. Incident reports 2. Investigative reports 3. Trip reports 4. Progress reports 5. Lab reports 6. Feasibility/Recommendation reports 7. Meeting minutes (Gerson & Gerson, 2006:437) LONG FORMAL REPORTS
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  • Formal Report Format
    Chem 28.1 FORMAL REPORT FORMAT Reference: IUPUI Depertment of Chemistry and Chemical Biology. C125 Experimental Chemistry 1.Formal Reports. URL:http://www.iupui.edu/~chem125/formal%20report.html. (Accessed 05 November 2009) The keys to effective technical writing are organization, brevity, coherenc
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  • Content of Formal Report
    Contents of formal reports Major three parts of a report: 1. The Prefatory parts: ■ Title fly ( Title of the Report ) ■ Title page (Title of the Report, Submitted to, Submitted by, Date of Submission) ■ Letter of transmittal(formal submission of the report by the w
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  • Sample Detailed Lesson Plan in English for First Year
    Evaluation of learning objects and instruction using learning objects David D. Williams Evaluation is integral to every aspect of designing instruction with learning objects. Evaluation helps in clarifying audiences and their values, identifying needs, considering alternative ways to mee
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  • Sample Implementation Plan
    REPUBLIC of the PHILIPPINES Nueva ECIJA UNIVERSITY of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY CABANATUAN CITY APSmith Solutions Corporation Payroll System Development PART III IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Submitted by: Ronnel Carlo F. Santiago Haideelyn C. Santos BSIT IV - A Submitted to: Mrs. Gloria M.
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  • Sample Management Reports on Effectiveness of Internal Control over Financial Reporting
    Sample Management Reports on Effectiveness of Internal Control over Financial Reporting Purpose Guidance on the preparation of management’s reports on the effectiveness of internal control over financial reporting is provided by the following. * Item 308(a) of Regulation S-B and S-K, 17 C.F
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  • Business Reports
    Overview of business report writing for Business Studies Because it so closely mirrors the real commercial world, business actually has a language of its own. The language of business is known either as the report format or as report style writing. In this tutorial the two terms are used interchang
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  • Content and Formal Schemata in Esl Reading
    Content and Formal Schemata in ESL Reading PATRICIA L. CARRELL Southern Illinois University Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc. (TESOL) Content and Formal Schemata in ESL Reading Author(s): Patricia L. Carrell Source: TESOL Quarterly, Vol. 21, No. 3 (Sep., 1987), pp. 461-4
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  • Sample
    U.S. Department of Transportation Training Evaluation Guide U.S. Department of Transportation Table of Contents How to Use this Guide Is Training the Answer? Evaluating Performance Gaps If Training is the Answer, Determine Its Objectives Four Levels of Training Evaluation What level of train
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  • A Comparative Analysis of Tenses in Newspapers Headlines and Reports
    A Comparative Analysis of Tenses in Newspapers Headlines and Reports Introduction. The aim of this course paper is to compare tenses used in newspapers headlines and reports on the analytical basis, and to find out for what particular reasons the usage of tenses in headlines and newspaper artic
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  • Sample
    WB/CS/02 Evidence-Based Governance in the Electronic Age Case Study Personnel and Payroll Records and Information Systems in Burkina Faso This case study has been prepared by the International Records Management Trust and does not reflect the views of the World Bank nor the Government of Bu
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  • User Perception of Annual Reports in Sri Lanka
    The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available at www.emeraldinsight.com/1746-8809.htm An investigation of perceptions of company annual report users in Sri Lanka Anura De Zoysa and Kathy Rudkin School of Accounting and Finance, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Austra
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  • Sample Cover Letter and Resume
    Cover Letter February 1, 2010 Ahmed Zainah 45 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 47000 Selangor Mrs Janet Lee Director of Human Resources NextGen Sdn Bhd Menara Healthcare Jalan Ampang 50200 Kuala Lumpur Dear Mrs Lee APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF MANAGEMENT TRAINEE In reading NextGen’s ho
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  • Formal Report Format
    A formal report is a methodical presentation of a subject or an action which includes summaries of important points as well as appendices of tangential and secondary points. In simple words, a formal report is used to formally document the outcomes of an experiment, a design or an information which
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  • Sample Guide for Project Proposal Report
    FINAL YEAR PROJECT PRIMER By Steve Teoh Sample Guide for Project Proposal Report The following is a sample outline that contains vital elements in a student’s project proposal. Note that all questions for a section may not apply to all students, and should be used as a general guide only. Y
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  • Sample Bizplan
    This is a fictitious business plan designed only to be an example. Portions of this business plan are modeled on real business plans, but actual plans should be based on identified community needs and strong planning. The service delivery design and budgets in this business plan are intended to be g
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  • Reports Bi in School
    EFFECTIVE READING PROGRAMS FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS A Best-Evidence Synthesis Robert E. Slavin Johns Hopkins University Alan Cheung Success for All Foundation Report No. 66 December 2003 This report was published by the Center for Research on the Education of Students Placed At Risk (C
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  • Sample of Reflection Report
    The Diaoyu / Senkaku Islands Dispute Questions of Sovereignty and Suggestions for Resolving the Dispute By Martin Lohmeyer A thesis in fulfilment of the requirements of the Degree of Master of Laws in the Faculty of Law, University of Canterbury 2008 Content Content ......................
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  • A Study on the Product Designing of Formal Apparels
    A Study on the Product Designing of Formal Apparels BIRLA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY [pic] Submitted By: GROUP 2 Manmeet Walia (084)
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  • Create Android Sample App
    contributed articles doi: 10.1145/ 1743546.1743580 by sergio de cesare, mark Lycett, robert d. macredie, chaitaLi PateL, and ray PauL examining Perceptions of agility in software development Practice OrganizatiOns undertaking sOftware develOpment are often reminded that successful practic
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