• Teenage Pregnancy
    BACKGROUND AND STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Teenage pregnancy is a common social problem in both Western and Eastern cultures. In United States, the statistics show that more than 3,000 teens get pregnant every day and the half them give births (McCoullough & Scherman(1991), cited in Yucel, 2003).
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  • Teenage Pregnancy Research Paper
    Teenage pregnancy is a serious issue in our society today where people become pregnant because they are not informed. The United States had the greatest amount of pregnancies. Teenage pregnancy affects not only females but males as well; it causes serious health and education problems. “Nearly 4
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  • Nursing Research Teenage Pregnancy Trend
    Bicol University College of Nursing Legazpi City TEENAGE PREGNANCY TREND IN POBLACION BACON, SORSOGON CITY Submitted by: Sheena Angela B. Diolata BSN II-B Submitted to: Professor Emee I. Tomenio Biostatistics Professor The Problem Introduction "HUMAYO KAYO AT MAGPAKA
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  • Issues of Scoial Exclusion and Teenage Pregnancy
    ISSUES OF SOCIAL EXCLUSION IN RELATION TO TEENAGE PREGNANCY By DAVID PLUMTREE U0967580 31/01/11 INTRODUCTION The UK is widely quoted as having the highest levels of Teen Pregnancy in Western Europe (EPPI, 2006). The topic of teenage pregnancy has been high on the agenda throughout the Labou
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  • Teenage Pregnancy and Prevention
    Teenage Pregnancy and a Way to Prevent It Teenage pregnancy – it can't happen to me. This is the mindset that most teenagers have these days. Teenagers feel that they are invincible and that things, such as pregnancy, happens to others, but that they are immune to it. A lot of teenagers believ
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  • Teenage Pregnancy and Female Educational Underachievement
    TEENAGE PREGNANCY AND FEMALE EDUCATIONAL UNDERACHIEVEMENT This article discusses how teenage pregnancy and its effects on woman and their offspring has become a growing concern over the last few years. Studies have shown that teenage pregnancies are more common amongst school dropouts, because
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    Teenage pregnancy is a universal problem that accompanies the beginning of sexual activity at increasingly younger ages. Surprisingly, only one in 5 youth do not have intercourse before the age of 20, and in the United States alone, annually, almost one million teenagers between the ages of 15 – 19
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  • The Determinants of Teenage Pregnancy Using the Seedhouse Grid Diagram (1986).
    Introduction The main determinant of teenage pregnancy is commonly seen to be poor or lack of sexual education, but this essay will outline and explore further options such as social and economic issues including the involvement of education via both schooling and the media on sexual attitudes infl
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  • Causes of Teenage Pregnancy
    The Causes of Teenage pregnancy from: Obviously, the reason at the base of any pregnancy is sexual intercourse. But many researchers would like to know why the phenomenon of teenage pregnancy is so widespread. The easiest answer is that teens want to become pregnant; while this is not untrue i
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    Allen, J. P., Kupermine, G., Philliber, S., & Herre, K. (1994). Programmatic prevention of adolescent problem behaviors: The role of autonomy, relatedness and volunteer service in the Teen Outreach Program. American Journal of Community Psychology, 22(5), 617-638. One of several studies of the Tee
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  • Choose a Social Issue Addressed in the Module and Critically Discuss Its Impact on Young People: Teenage Pregnancy
    The term social issue relates to matters which affect many or all members of a society either directly or indirectly. It includes violence, pollution, injustice, poverty, abortion, crime and discrimination. There are many different social issues which today’s society has to contend with, such a
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  • Teenage Pregnancy in the Philippines
    This addresses unplanned teenage pregnancy from a human-rights-based perspective. Many programs focus only on the negative aspects of young people's sexual and reproductive health; putting rights at the centre of teenage sexual health avoids treating adolescents as a homogeneous collection of discre
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    Teenage pregnancy is considered a public issue because it is a matter that not only involves the pregnant teen herself but also the parents, those related to the parents, the school for example as well the country’s image. Teenage pregnancy became a public issue right after the numbers of unwanted
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    Klondé Lawson/ Group 9 English 191/ Mr. Morgan September 11, 2005 Teenage Pregnancy According to numerous surveys, an American female who was born at the time of the First World War, was very likely to reach her wedding night without previously experiencing sexual intercourse; approximately
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    Teenage pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is formally defined as a pregnancy in a young woman who has not reached her 20th birthday when the pregnancy ends, regardless of whether the woman is married or is legally an adult (age 14 to 21, depending on the country). In everyday speech, the speaker is usu
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    niesha santiago Growing up in today’s urban environment teenage girls are more likely to lack financial, physical and emotional support to prosper in society. It’s simply not easy to grow up with no dreams, no love and no support. So when looking for love in all the wrong places ends up down
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    Teenage Pregnancy April 14, 2011 Dawn Finn   Teen Pregnancy A teenager is still a child, yet every year 750,000 teenagers will become pregnant in the United States. Teenage pregnancy is obvi
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    Sindy Calhoun March 28, 2011 SOC490: Social Science Capstone Instructor: Peter Conis TEENAGE PRE
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    Teenage pregnancy has become a standard in today’s society. It is also beginning to affect younger age groups. One way to prevent teenage pregnancy is the persistence of abstinence programs, better sexual education for junior high students, and the acceptance of preventative measures. With all of
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  • Teenage Pregnancy
    THREE WAYS TO REDUCE TEEN PREGNANCY IN SOUTH AFRICA David Harrison 1. NAILING MY COLOURS TO THE MAST I believe that we need to substantially reduce the rate of pregnancy among 16-19 year olds and that there are ways to achieve this goal within five to ten years. For some, this assertion should go
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